Double-Embossed Droplet Earrings

March 1, 2015

By Judi Kauffman 


It’s such fun having a pair of earrings to go with any outfit. Being able to make them in a matter of minutes is even more fun!

The basic instructions for alcohol ink-altering, die cutting, embossing and sanding Shimmer Sheetz are already available in previous blog projects and on the Elizabeth Craft Designs YouTube channel. Review as needed.

Here is how to make the Double-Embossed Droplet Earrings I whipped up yesterday to wear last night:

1.  Use an ink applicator tool to randomly apply alcohol ink in purple and espresso and Metallic Mixatives in Gold to a piece of Amethyst Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz. Allow some of the original color of the Shimmer Sheetz to remain visible.

2.  Adhere a Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive flat sheet between the ink-altered Shimmer Sheetz and a second piece of Amethyst Shimmer Sheetz.

3.  Use the large rounded keystone die shape from the Jewelry Dies 2 – Droplets die set to cut a pair of shapes. (Reminder: when die cutting Shimmer Sheetz, you MUST use the metal adaptor plate inside your machine’s standard cutting sandwich as follows – Metal adaptor plate, Shimmer Sheetz with altered side facing up, die template with cutting side facing down.)

TIP: I always alter at least a half-sheet of Shimmer Sheetz (5” x 6”), sometimes a whole 5” x 12” sheet, so I can cut a LOT of shapes. Even if I only want to make one pair of earrings NOW it gives me plenty for a matching necklace, more earrings, or other projects later.


4. Working one shape at a time, carefully position the die cut and ink-altered shapes inside the Sea Glass embossing folder so that both will have precisely the same pattern. Make sure that the altered side is facing DOWN so the lines are raised and the pattern is de-bossed. (If you don’t care if the earrings aren’t a perfect match, position the shapes at random and de-boss both at once.)

5.  Lightly sand the raised lines in the pattern and the edges of each shape. This will reveal some of the silver color that is the core of the Shimmer Sheetz. It tones down the shine and makes the earrings look more like metal!

6.  If you like the earring shown to the left in the photo above, stop now and add a post back and synthetic suede to complete the earrings. If you like the earring shown to the right in the photo above, proceed to step 7 before completing the earrings. However: Follow step 8 if you want double-embossing as shown in the photo below.

7.  Add Transparent Glitter Dots to both earrings.

8. Emboss a second time as follows: Working one shape at a time, carefully position the shapes inside the Sea Glass folder so that both will have precisely the same pattern. This time, make sure that the altered side is facing UP so the pattern is raised, not de-bossed as in step 4.


9.  Add post back and synthetic suede to complete the earrings.


*Switch to a different embossing folder.

*Emboss or de-boss once rather than twice. (Recommended for more ornate patterns.)

*Skip the sanding block.

*Skip the alcohol inks.

*Change to a different color palette by choosing other inks and/or Shimmer Sheetz.

*Keep in mind when choosing Shimmer Sheetz colors: Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz colors have a silver core, revealed when sanded, while Iridescent colors have a white core and Metallics have a transparent core.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:

955 Jewelry Dies 2 – Droplets

803 Metal Adaptor Plate

E125 Sea Glass Embossing Folder

7018 Transparent Glitter Dots

SS 0216 Shimmer Sheetz in Amethyst Gemstone (or color of choice)

Transparent Double Sided Adhesive flat sheets


Alcohol inks (colors of choice) and Metallic Mixatives (Gold)

ink applicator tool

Fine grit sanding block

Synthetic suede (Black or other color of choice)

Pair of post-back jewelry findings


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  • Mary Prasad March 9, 2015 at 9:59 am

    Another awesome project Judy. Beautiful!

    • Mary Prasad March 9, 2015 at 10:00 am

      Ack! Sorry my fast typing got the best of me… Judi!!

  • Christine Pooler March 1, 2015 at 2:35 pm

    Very pretty and interesting doing the double embossing.

  • Raquel Mason March 1, 2015 at 8:37 am

    Great idea to double emboss to get twice the texture. I like how the patterns overlap each other and of course I love the color purple!

    • judi kauffman March 1, 2015 at 9:02 am

      Thanks, Raquel. Purple is my favorite color, except on days when it’s red or turquoise! By de-bossing and sanding for the first round, the lines remain prominent, even after embossing the second time through the folder. The key is to sand only once.

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