Shimmer Sheetz Flower Tin

July 5, 2015


By Judi Kauffman

My guest designer project for today is an inexpensive tin altered and embellished to give it a whole new look!

  1. Start with a solid color tin. (Mine was white, but they are often available in gold and other colors.) Choose alcohol inks and Shimmer Sheetz in your favorite color combination. Shown: Inks in shades of purple, brown and gold, and Amethyst and Fire Opal Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz.
  1. Alter the lid of the tin with three or more alcohol inks, including at least one metallic color. With the exception of metallic inks, which are opaque, alcohol inks are translucent – that’s why it’s important to start with a plain, solid color tin. (Patterns or text on a tin would remain visible.)
  1. Also alter pieces of Shimmer Sheetz to use for wrapping the bottom portion of the tin. The amount needed is determined by the size of the tin. The pail shown is 5” high – a convenient size that matches the width of 5” x 12” pieces of Shimmer Sheetz. You will need to piece strips together if you’re decorating a larger tin, or cut strips to narrower widths for a smaller one. Option: Instead of wrapping the bottom of the tin with altered Shimmer Sheetz, alter the bottom of the tin with the same inks that were used on the lid. And then use ONLY the decorative embossed bands.
  1. Cut 1” strips of Shimmer Sheetz for decorative bands; back them with transparent double-sided adhesive tape. (Amount needed depends on the circumference of the tin.)
  1. Die cut assorted Shimmer Sheetz flowers using dies from Bunch of Flowers and Flower Sets. Also die cut 3 or 4 rings (rings are “reinforcements” from Tags & More 1). REMINDER: The 803 Metal Adaptor Plate is required to die cut Shimmer Sheetz. Review the YouTube video if you are new to this technique.
  1. Emboss the bands and flowers using any all-over pattern embossing folder. I chose 117 Petal Power, a floral design that works well on the decorative bands as well as the die cut flowers. Lightly sand to bring out the core color in the Shimmer Sheetz.


  1. Add the embossed bands to the side of the tin, just below the lid and at the bottom edge.
  1. Layer, arrange and adhere the flowers and rings to the lid using Tombow Power Adhesive Tabs to hold the flowers and transparent double-sided adhesive tape to secure the rings.



Elizabeth Craft Designs –

Shimmer Sheetz in any color or combination of colors

All-over pattern embossing folder (shown: E117 Petal Power)

Transparent double-sided adhesive tape

Any Flower Set and Bunch of Flowers dies

803 Metal Adaptor Plate

Other –

Tombow – Power Adhesive Tabs

Solid color tin or pail with lid

Sanding block

3-4 Alcohol inks, including Metallic Gold (or any other metallic color)



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    Love the Amethyst Shimmer Sheetz!

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    Judi, this is stunning! Love these colors!

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