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Black Spider Hair Piece With Veil

October 25, 2015

Hi, everyone! It’s Jackeline here from the Elizabeth Craft Design Team. It’s that time of the year again. Halloween is just around the corner, so let’s get in the spirit. This spooky season inspired me to create a wearable project using some of my favorite dies and Elizabeth Craft Designs supplies

Let’s get started:

1. Die cut 6 Ornament overlays  from Basic Black and Amethyst Shimmer Sheetz using the ornament set 5 using the Metal Adaptor Plate. I recommend to use the overlay with the holly leaves because this one resembles a spider web.IMG_5061

2. Die cut 8 lady bug silhouettes from black velvet and 8 from purple cardstock.

3. Die cut 4 lady bug overlays from purple cardstock. These are going to be used as the spider’s eyes.

Tip: Apply Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape to the back of the cardstock before die cutting.

4. Using a cutting board cut some black velvet strip of 1/16″ approx. These are going to be use as the spider’s legs.IMG_5062

5. Build the base flower. Using double side adhesive tape connect the ornaments overlapping them.




6. Attach the accessory (diamond with black tulle) on top of the Shimmer Sheetz flower, using silicone glue, and let it dry.

7. Attach the hair pin on the back of the Shimmer Sheetz flower, using silicone glue, and let it dry.

8. Cut a piece of Black Veil to be 8″ x 11″ approx.

9. With your fingers, gather the top of the veiling . Once you are happy with your gathering attach it to the back of the Shimmer Sheetz flower using some silicone glue.


10. To finalize the hair piece, let’s build some spiders!

11. Using the black velvet strips, create the spider legs.

12. Remove the backing of  the black lady bug silhouettes and place the strips creating the spider legs. Place this on top of the veil, and with the assistance of the purple lady bug silhouettes secure the spiders onto the veil.

13. Using the little dots from the lady bug overlays, create the eyes of the spiders.


IMG_5075 IMG_5069

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will create your own Black Spider Veil Witch Flowers in time for Halloween!



Elizabeth Craft Designs

1066 Ornament set 5

711 Lady bugs

505 Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape – 3mm

502 Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape Sheet – 8.5″ x 11″

802 Fine Pointed Scissors by Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc

801 Fine Pointed Tweezers by Elizabeth Craft Designs, Inc.

406 Black Velvet Adhesive Sheet

SS 0216 Amethyst Gemstone

SS 0222 Basic Black

803 Metal Adaptor Plate


-Veil pin

-Black Veil

-Hair pin

-Purple cardstock

-Silicone glue

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  • Reply dyeandpigment55 October 26, 2015 at 4:45 pm

    Great project! Wow…..

  • Reply Raquel Mason October 25, 2015 at 10:38 am

    WOW, I love how you’ve transformed lady bugs into spiders!! So creative!

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