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Hello Spring

June 6, 2016

Hello Spring 6

Hello Everyone it is Christine here from Susan’s Design Team.  Here in my area of Maine the Forget Me Not and Lily of the Valley are in bloom so of course I wanted to incorporate them into my design.   I am excited to post a card that I have made using one of Susan’s new releases Garden Notes Carnation along with foliage from the new CountryScapes Lavender die. I wanted to show you how to stretch your dies combining and interchanging them to make even more flowers as I have done here for the Forget Me Not and the Lily of the Valley.  I  also wanted to show you how you can create different looks by combining embossing folders.

My card today is an A2 size card.  I have separated the tutorial out into three steps Flowers, Card Base and Building Card.

Here is how the card was created.

Step One – Flowers


  1. Using light pink cardstock cut all petals 4 times (makes 2 flowers).  From green cardstock cut 4 stems.
  2. Distress all petal edges with a darker pink ink.  Hello Spring 7
  3. Lay all petals wrong side up on molding mat and using small end of loop tool ruffle the edges by pressing and pulling loop from edge to center just enough to make the edge curl.  Do this on all petals.  Hello Spring 8
  4. Turn petals over and using magenta PanPastel shade centers of all pieces.  Using the same loop tool as before finish shaping petals by pulling loop tool down through each petal careful not to disturb your ruffle.
  5. Using tweezers pinch stem end of each petal and cup center using smallest ball tool.
  6. Adhere 2 stems together using a quick clear drying adhesive.  Lay stem right side down on leaf mat and using leaf tool draw a stem line down center of stem.  Place on molding mat and using medium ball tool shape the “calyx”  by rubbing the ball around (stirring like motion).
  7. Lay stem on non-stick surface and build your carnation.  Starting with largest petals add a small dot of clear drying adhesive to calyx add your first set of petals, add adhesive to center of petals and add next set of petals offsetting a little.  Continue the process until you have all 8 layers added.  Repeat for second carnation.

Forget Me Not

  1.  Using the foliage die from the new CountryScapes Lavender die set and green cardstock cut foliage.
  2.  Cut florets 4-5 times from light blue cardstock using  the larger florets in Susan’s Garden Notes Hyacinth die.
  3.  Shade centers of each floret on the right side using titanium white PanPastels.  Using a yellow marker add dot to center of each. Hello Spring 5

4.  Lay florets right side down onto hard rubber mat (Speedball Speedy Carve used here) using the smallest ball tool shape each floret by rubbing each tip to cup then place right side up and cup pressing ball tool into center of each.

5.  Attach shaped florets in clusters to foliage using a clear drying glue.


Lily of the Valley

  1. From Leaf and Berry Branch die cut three leaf branches from green cardstock.  Trim off all leaves and stems from top side.  On the underside cut the leaves and stems like seen in photo trimming and shaping small stems on the bottom once they are shaped trim all to same length leaving small stems to attach flowers.  Hello Spring 4
  2. Cut florets from white cardstock using Susan’s Garden Notes Hydrangea cutting them twice.  Lay florets right side up on hard rubber mat and very very lightly mist with water and let set a couple of minutes  (I find that once they are shaped and dried they harden up a bit holding their shape) then using smallest ball tool cup each one – let dry.
  3. Attach flowers to stems using a clear drying adhesive.
  4. From the Garden Notes Tulip die set cut 4 stem leaf pieces (you will be making 2 leaves) cut the stem off and discard.  Take two leaves using clear drying adhesive place adhesive on top of one leaf and place second leaf over it and repeat with remaining two leaves.
  5. Lay leaves right side down on leaf pad take your leaf tool and  make a stem line down center of each leaf.  Turn over and add a couple of accent lines on each side of  stem line.  Using yellow/green PanPastels add a little shading to leaves.  Attach leaves together at the very base offsetting a little using clear drying adhesive.
  6. From green cardstock cut 1 Leafy Branch.

Step  Two – Card Base

  1. From White Soft Finish Cardstock  cut a piece 5-1/2″ X 8-1/2″ score at 4-1/4″ and fold forming an A2 size card.
  2. From Silver Gray Soft Finish Cardstock cut a piece 4″ X 5-1/4″ .
  3. Using 2 embossing folders of your choice ( Elizabeth Craft Designs Lots of Dots and Dancing Leaves used here) partially insert gray cardstock into one embossing folder run through embossing machine.  Turn gray cardstock and using second embossing folder partially insert gray cardstock (where it meets the first embossing) into embossing folder and emboss.  Sand lightly so white shows.Hello Spring 2
  4. Stamp Susan’s Seeds of Thought – All Things of Nature using black ink on white cardstock.  Tear around sentiment leaving a raw edge.
  5. Ink all edges of card base, embossed piece and the sentiment piece (Distress Ink – Vintage Photo used here)
  6. Attach embossed piece of gray cardstock to card front using Double Sided Clear Adhesive.

Step Three – Building Card

  1. Decide how you want your flowers arranged (play around a little until you get the look you like but keep in mind that you have a sentiment at the bottom so you need to stay towards the top of card) then attach to card front using clear drying adhesive.
  2. Cut your leafy branch apart and attach in various places in behind the arrangement.
  3. Add pop dots to back of sentiment and attach at base of flowers.

I really hope that you have enjoyed  this tutorial today and it has inspired you to play with your dies and see what flowers you may come up with. I have been wanting to do lily of the valley and forget me not for a while so when they came into bloom in my yard this year I decided it was time to try it.
Until next time – Happy Scrapping!


Elizabeth Craft Design Supplies:

Garden Notes – Carnation

CountryScapes –  Lavender

Garden Notes – Hydrangea

Susan’s Garden – Tulip

Susan’s Garden – Hyacinth

Els van de Burgt Studio Leaf & Berry Branch

Els van de Burgt Studio Leafy Branch

Els van de Burgt Studio Card Stand / Easel

Embossing Folder – Dancing Leaves

Embossing Folder – Lots of Dots

Susan’s Garden Flower Coloring Kit 1

 Seeds of Thought Stamp – All Things of Nature

Soft Finish Cardstock – Silver Gray

Soft Finish Cardstock – White

Clear Double Sided Adhesive

Susan’s Garden 4 pc. Tool Set

Susan’s Garden Molding Pad

Susan’s Garden Leaf Molding Pad


Other Supplies:

Pink, Green and Light Blue Cardstock

Yellow Marker

Black  & Pink Ink

Distress Ink – Vintage Photo

Small piece sandpaper

Speedball Speedy Carve – used as molding mat






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  • Christine Pooler June 8, 2016 at 2:50 pm

    Thank you Bev so glad that you liked the card and the tutorial!

  • Bev June 8, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    This is so gorgeous Christine! Thank you for sharing your project and such a well written and very detailed tutorial.

  • Christine Pooler June 6, 2016 at 3:33 pm

    Thank you Kathleen I loved making it.

  • Christine Pooler June 6, 2016 at 3:31 pm

    Thank you Burgit I am glad that you liked the card. I love Susan’s dies and I know you will want them all. What part of Maine are you from? I live in Dexter which is Central Maine.

  • Kathleen Adams June 6, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    Christine, this is soooo beautiful that I believe any recipient would want to frame it!

  • Birgit June 6, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    What a lovely bouquet of flowers! Thanks so much for the tips on ways to use your dies differently! I’m fairly new to Susan’s Garden dies but am just loving them!! I’m a sister Maine-ah too! It’s always fun to “meet” someone else from this beautiful state of mine!

  • LeAnn June 6, 2016 at 8:38 am

    Fantastic idea and tutorial! Thanks so much for the great inspiration!

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