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A Jar of Asters

August 1, 2016

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Hello Everyone, it is Christine here from the Susan’s Garden Club Design Team. I am so excited to be introducing 2 of Susan’s new releases, coming soon. I decided to use the Garden Notes Aster and the Canning Jar & Lid. She has both new Garden Notes and CountryScapes dies coming out and trust me, it was a hard decision to choose which ones I wanted to make first, but since summer is so short-lived here in Maine I decided to continue with flowers.

As crafters, I am sure many of you can relate to the fact most of us look at everything wondering what other purpose it could be used for, and that is what I did with the plastic packaging that most cutting plates come in and it is just what I used to cut my jar from.

Here is how I created my card:

Card Base

  1.  Cut white cardstock 4-1/4″ X 8-1/2″,  score at 4-1/4″ and fold in half on the score line.
  2. Cut 2 pieces of printed cardstock (Through the Lens – Wood used here): 1 piece 4-1/4″ square and 1 piece 4-1/4″ X 2-1/8″,
  3. Using Clear Double Sided Adhesive, adhere the square piece to the front of the card (fold at top) and adhere the rectangular piece to the bottom of inside.
  4. Score the front at 2-1/8″; fold on score line.
  5. Cut rope 8 times from white cardstock and adhere 2 pieces together using clear drying glue. Repeat 3 more times giving you 4 pieces of rope with double thickness. Ink edges.
  6. Attach rope pieces to top and bottom of inside pattern piece using clear drying glue. Attach rope pieces on each side of the print paper on the front. (Cut rope pieces at the top fold as shown to help eliminate bulk.)


  1.  Using Jar and Lid dies, cut 2 from clear plastic or Mylar. Clear plastic, used for my card, is stiffer/sturdier than Mylar.
  2. Cut 1 jar from light blue vellum, Determine where you want your water line to be and tear straight across.
  3. Using clear drying glue, run a bead very close to outer edges on sides and bottom where blue vellum water piece is going.  Lay vellum over jar lining up with edges.  Run another bead of glue around outside edges leaving the very top of jar open.
  4.  Cut 2 lids from textured silver cardstock.  Cut 1 with paper face up and 1 with paper face down. Using clear drying glue attach 1 lid to front and 1 lid to back keeping top of lid open.


  1.  Die cut asters in several different colors. There are 2 different pieces for petals. cut 2 of 1 and 1 of the other, doing this for each flower.
  2.  Lay pieces face up on leaf pad and using the leaf tool put a vein line in center of each petal on all pieces.
  3. Using small ball tool, ever so slightly cup center of each set of petals then turn face down on leaf mat and with small ball tool gently rub end of each petal.
  4. Stack  3 pieces on top of each other adhering one on top of other with clear drying glue, slightly offsetting each layer.
  5. Cut stamen from yellow cardstock (1 for each aster). Using  fine tip scissors snip each stamen down center (do not cut through base of stamens) to make it fuller. Add a bead of glue along very bottom of stamen leaving tab free of glue. Take tweezers and roll up. Fan stamens out. Dip tips in clear drying glue and then into  yellow pollen powder – let dry. Glue to center of each flower.
  6. Cut 2 green cardstock stems for each flower. Lay 1 stem for each flower face down on leaf pad using leaf tool draw a vein line down center of each stem and leaf. I used 2 on reverse side so that they would face opposite way.
  7. Using bright yellow green shade from PanPastels – Set 2  shade along vein lines. Attach veined shaded stem on top of plain stem with clear drying glue to make a sturdier stem.
  8. Attach flowers to stems using clear drying glue.

Ladybugs, Butterfly, and Oval

  1. Cut 2 ladybugs, 1 butterfly and 1 scallop edge oval (next to smallest oval from Oval Accordion Card set) from white cardstock.
  2. Color ladybugs and butterfly with markers.
  3. Ink edges of scallop edge oval and add peel off stickers,  or stamp a sentiment of your choice in black ink.


  1. Insert flowers into top of jar. You may need to use a skewer or a  piece of wire to help open the area a little bit. Place stems behind the blue vellum to make it appear they are in the water.  When you have asters where you want them put a dab of glue on back of stems to hold in place.
  2. Add butterfly and ladybug to flowers with clear drying glue.
  3. Apply clear double sided adhesive to back of jar from bottom to approximately 2″ up adhere to the lower half of card front.
  4. Inside card attach scallop oval using pop dots.  Add ladybug to bottom of oval using clear drying glue.
  5. Tie a small twine bow around neck of jar.
  6. Option: Die cut a Card Stand/Easel to display the card.


Supplies used:

Elizabeth Craft Designs – 

Susan’s Garden Notes – Aster

Susan’s Garden Notes Canning Jar & Lid

Susan’s Garden Notes – Bugs & Butterflies

Susan’s Garden PanPastels – Set 2

Susan’s Garden – 4 pc Tool Set

Susan’s Garden Leaf Pad

Els van de Burgt Studio Through the Lens – Wood paper

Els van de Burgt tudio Ropes 1 Dies

Karen Burniston Accordion Oval Card

Peel-off Stickers – Happy Anniversary

Fine Pointed Scissors

Clear Double Sided Adhesive

Beacon Kids Choice Glue


Other –

White, green, pink, lavender, purple, silver and yellow cardstock

Light blue vellum

Red, black, orange and yellow Copic markers

Pollen powder


That is it for today. I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and as always I do hope that it has inspired you to make your own card using my instructions as a guide. Be sure to visit Elizabeth Craft Designs website to find all your supplies and more.















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  • Mary Prasad August 3, 2016 at 8:38 am

    Lovely flowers. I like how it stands up!

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