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Pop it Ups Wednesday with Sandy – Hay There

November 9, 2016

Hi Pop it Ups fans, it’s Sandy Diller here with you today. The big Halloween festivities are now past and the decorations are all stored away once again. However, I haven’t put away the Halloween Charms – I’ve used them along with a few other dies from the Pop it Ups collection to celebrate fall. The colors of fall are my favorite so just had to use those pumpkins again. This is a gate-fold with the opening in the center of a 6″ X 6″ card.

Let’s get started –

  1. For card base, cut a 6″ X 12″ panel, then score at 3″ and 9″.
  2. Using the Halloween Charms – cut 3 pumpkins and stems.
  3. Using Barrel Basket Pop Stand – cut 2 barrels but only one set of decorator pieces.
  4. Using Props 7 – cut basket and decorator pieces.
  5. Using Props 6 – cut several stocks of wheat.
  6. Using All Seasons Tree – cut 4 trees, 2 shades of brown were used here. Cut a few leaves.
  7. Using Garden Bench, cut a few patches of grass.

8.  Assemble barrel and place pumpkins inside and one on the outside behind the barrel. Add a patch of grass. Edging with a darker ink is optional.

9.  Assemble basket. I colored the decorator pieces with a marker; add wheat.

10.  Attach the basket to the barrel that has the pumpkins.

11.  Using Agatha Edges – cut edge on folded strip of  cardstock that is 5.5″ wide. This panel will hold the Pop it Ups and not make a hole in the front of the card. The finished panel is 3″ in the center.

12.  Using the Pop Stand portion of the Bathtub die – cut pop stands on center fold.

13.  Using the Pop Stand portion of the Barrel Basket die – cut on center fold between the other pop stands. As shown above.

14.  Glue panel in center of top fold on card.

15.  Print out “Happy Fall Y’all” on computer and cut out using the oval from the Accordion Oval Card.

16.  Decorate with leaves and tree branch.

17.  Glue trees together at tips of branches leaving the trunks as two pieces. Add trunks of trees to tabs that were cut with Bathtub die.

18.  Place barrel on tab, add second barrel on back tab and glue just along top edge of barrels.

19.  Add grasses and any other embellishments for the inside of the card.

20.  Glue “Happy Fall Y’all” in center section of card.

Card Front

21.  Use sturdy cardstock for front so it holds up during the opening and closing of the card.

22.  Using the Labels & Circles die – nest two sizes together, as shown above, and cut out.

23.  For the green panel, shown above, I used two layers – back to back as this panel will show when card is open.

24.  Using the Hay There Pop Stand – cut hay stack, pitchfork and “hay there”.

25.  Assemble the two smaller panels, adding hay stack and pitchfork and “hay there”.

26.  Place card flat on table in closed position. Add  half of outer ring, shown in orange, to bottom section of card front.

27.  Add inner section, gluing top half of panel to top section of card front.




Pop it Ups Dies Used:

Halloween Charms

Barrel Basket with Pop Up

Labels & Circles

Props 6

Props 7

Hay There Pop Stand

Bath Tub Pop Stand

All Seasons Tree

Garden Bench

Accordion Oval Card





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