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Sending Kisses by Judi Kauffman

January 15, 2017

Sending Kisses
By Judi Kauffman

Who says that Valentines have to be red, pink, and white and filled with hearts and cupids? I know that’s the norm, but I thought it would be fun to go in a different direction. Besides, who says that ‘Sending Kisses’ is only for Valentine’s Day in the first place? I think this project would serve well all year. You can send kisses for birthdays and anniversaries, with get well wishes, and when there’s no occasion whatsoever.

It’s so easy! Fill a zip-top sandwich baggie with foil-wrapped candy kisses. Decorate a folded ‘topper’ sized to the bag using die cut words and leaves or other shapes if leaves aren’t your preference. Attach the topper with Clear Double Sided Tape. Done! As shown, the folded size of the topper measures 7” x 3.75”.

I mixed Orange Iridescent and Fire Opal Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz with Bright Orange and Time for Teal Soft Finish Cardstock. Tying things together visually is fine silver cord that matches the foil.

Tip: Foil-wrapped candy kisses are available in seasonal colors – pastels for Easter, red and silver for Valentine’s Day, red and green for Christmas. Customize the rest of the colors (cardstock and Shimmer Sheetz) to coordinate with the candy.

Reminder: You must use a metal adaptor plate or Big Shot machine with Precision Base Plate as part of the cutting machine ‘sandwich’ for die cutting Shimmer Sheetz. Review Els van de Burgt’s YouTube tutorial if you are new to this technique.

Option: Instead of making the folded rectangle into a baggie topper, skip the candies and mail it as a card!


Elizabeth Craft Designs –

Moda Scrap Leafy Branch 2
Moda Scrap Leafy Branch 5
Shimmer Sheetz in 2 colors of choice (Shown, Orange Iridescent, Fire Opal Gemstone)
Soft Finish Cardstock in 2 or more colors of choice (Shown, Bright Orange, Time for Teal)
Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Other –

Die cutting machine with metal adaptor plate (or Big Shot with Precision Base Plate)
Tombow Power Adhesive Tabs (to secure the die cut words and leaves)
Non-stick scissors (to cut the Power Tabs into tiny slivers)
Fine silver cord
Tapestry needle (with eye large enough for 4 strands of cord)
Piercing tool (to pierce holes for the cord)

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  • Debbie Gaetz January 16, 2017 at 9:37 am

    You’re always so clever with your projects. Love this, especially the colors!

    • Judi Kauffman January 17, 2017 at 10:24 am

      Thank you so much, Debbie! If you’re from the States you might remember the chain called Howard Johnson’s. If so, you’ll see that the orange and turquoise color combination from that era was a strong influence here…

  • Frances Byrne January 15, 2017 at 11:05 pm

    that sentiment works so well with the chocolate kisses, perfect for any occasion

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