Christmas Cottage

July 5, 2017


This is Selma Stevenson today. It is a little early to start thinking about Christmas, but I couldn’t resist using one of Susan Tierney-Cockburn’s new Cottage die sets to create a Christmas scene.  I also used a variety of Susan’s CountryScapes die sets to complete this card.

  1. Cut two 5 1/2 inch square pieces of White Soft Finish Cardstock.
  2. On one of the square pieces, use Susan’s Earth & Sky Stencil to sponge blue ink around the cloud stencil on the top fourth of the 5 1/2 square.
  3. From the second square, die cut the Mountain border using the CountryScapes Mountains die set.  Color the trees with a green marker.
  4. Use the CountryScapes Woods 4 die set to die cut three Evergreen trees.

CountryScapes - English Cottage 2

5.  Use the CountryScapes English Cottage 2 die set to die cut all the pieces from White Soft Finish Cardstock.  Color all pieces with sponged-on inks or with markers, or a combination. Note that the windows are shown as horizontal on the die set packaging, but on the project they are vertical, with lines drawn on each side to resemble shutters. Assemble the cottage.

6.  Use the CountryScapes New England Stonewall & Gate die set to cut three gates.  On two of the gates, use the Elizabeth Craft Designs Fine Pointed Scissors to cut off the cross bars, but leave the cross bars on one gate. (That one will be placed in front of the door on the cottage in an upcoming step).

7.  Use the CountryScapes Backyard 2 die set to die cut the mailbox.  Color with markers and assemble.  Use the same die set to die cut the small red bow.

8.  Use the CountryScapes Backyard 4 die set to die cut the small boughs and poinsettia flowers.

9.  Use the The CountryScapes Mountains die set to create the snow bank at the bottom of the scene.  Cut off the Evergreen trees.

10.  Attach the 5 1/2 inch square with the die cut Mountains at the top, overlapping the clouds.

11.  Add the Cottage in the center of the card.

12.  Attach a single Evergreen tree on the right side of the Cottage.

13.  Add the fence in front of the Cottage as shown.  Place the gate so it is in front of the door of the Cottage.  Cut off a couple of fence posts to add over to the right side of the card.  Add the other fence pieces to the left of the fence.

14.  Use two of the Evergreen die cut trees and glue them together down the trunk of the tree, offsetting and alternating the branches to create a fuller tree.  Attach this tree to the left side of the Cottage.

15.  Attach the mailbox next to the large Evergreen and to the left of the gate.

16.  Add the die cut snow mound to the bottom of the card.

17.  To add snow to the scene, add White Flower Soft.  Add dots of glue with a toothpick or corsage pin where you want the snowflakes and gently press on the Flower Soft.

18. Trim the edges of the square. Mount the completed card front to a top- or side-fold card base in a dark color of choice. (For example: Forest Green Soft Finish Cardstock)


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  • Kathleen Adams July 5, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    Selma, this is such a pretty little scene. As you know, I love your work. You have inspired me so many times. Thank you!

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