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Happy Birthday Friend

February 17, 2018

 by Judi Kauffman

So many people have requested masculine cards that I thought I’d head in that direction today. It’s an oversized card meant to hang on the wall, though you could make a smaller size version with only one star. If you plan to mail it in an envelope, skip the bead at the top.

As with almost all papercrafting projects, switching the color combination and a few other elements will give the card a very different look. Choose bright color flowers instead of stars, polka dots instead of wood grain cardstock, or combine pastel butterflies with cardstock printed or stenciled with clouds in soft shades of blue. Voila! The transformation is complete…

One little secret: The die for the word ‘Friend’ has an ‘s’ on the end so you’ll need to do a bit of careful trimming to change it from a plural noun.

Here’s the how-to:

Step 1 – Die cut Happy Birthday and Friends from Black Adhesive Velvet Sheet. Use fine point scissors to trim the ‘s’ from the word Friends, leaving the side of the ‘d’ nice and smooth.

Step 2 – Back some Black Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz scraps, leftovers from die cutting small shapes, with snippets of Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape and randomly layer the scraps onto Silver Metallic Shimmer Sheetz. Die cut two 3” wide Stitched Stars and two 1” wide Stitched Stars from the layered SS. Using a sanding block, lightly sand the stars to tone down some of the sparkle.

REMINDER: Review Els van de Burgt’s YouTube tutorial if you are new to die cutting Shimmer Sheetz. A Metal Adaptor Plate or Big Shot machine with Precision Base Plate is required. (Inside the machine’s cutting sandwich, the die will be positioned CUTTING SIDE DOWN on top of the Shimmer Sheetz; the SS will be RIGHT SIDE UP on top of the metal plate.)

Step 3 – Cut a piece of light gray cardstock to 4.75” x 6.5”. Layer onto black cardstock and trim, leaving an eighth-inch border on all sides.

Step 4 – To make the long strip for the background: Working from the back side of the squares, use traditional Scotch tape to connect two pieces of Through the Lens – Wood series 6” x 6” cardstock, positioning the pieces so that whatever is at the top LEFT of the upper sheet is at the bottom RIGHT of the lower sheet. In other words, flip one of them so the seam at the mid-point of the new 6” x 12” rectangle is where the sheets are identical and look like the project photo (seam is barely visible near the word Friend and the wood grain is horizontal). Trim the top and bottom, shortening it to a 6” x 10.5” rectangle.

Step 5 – Adhere the gray and black rectangle to the wood grain rectangle 1.75” from the top edge, centered from left to right.

Step 6 – Remove the backing from the words to expose the adhesive and carefully position them as shown, allowing the flourishes from Happy Birthday to touch the top of the ‘f’ and ‘i’ in the word Friend. Notice that the vertical stroke in the ‘F’ is under the mid-point of the horizontal bar on the letter ‘H’ in ‘Happy’. The visual ‘weight’ of the word Friend is centered under ‘Happy’ even though the two words are NOT measurably the same length. (This little Design Strategy Detour is to help you understand how to combine two dies that were not originally designed to be used together, and yet work great together!)

Step 7 – Layer the smaller stars onto the larger ones, centered from left to right but slightly above center as shown, using foam tape between the layers for dimension. Add more foam tape and position the stars at angles on the card. The stars should appear to be dancing and angles create motion.

(Another Design Strategy Detour: To create another element that helps with visual balance – The lower right point of the star at the top is 1.75” from the right edge of the gray cardstock, while the upper right point of the star at the bottom is also 1.75” from the right edge of the gray cardstock. Attention to this tiny detail makes a big difference!)


Step 8 – Punch eighth-inch holes at the top left and right, 1” in from top and side edges. Add a tripled piece of lightweight twine or a single strand of heavy twine; leave knots visible on the front of the card. Add a bead with a large hole to create a small loop at the top of the twine.


 Elizabeth Craft Designs:




Cardstock in gray and black


Foam tape

Large-hole bead

Scotch tape

Sanding block


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  • Jean marmo February 17, 2018 at 10:04 pm

    This is wonderful

  • Quietfire February 17, 2018 at 11:49 am

    I just love this Judi! Beautiful! Perfect placement of the elements!

  • Esther Elliott February 17, 2018 at 7:11 am

    Great idea for a mans card!! I like the wood grain background!!

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