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June 20, 2018

Hi friends,

Summer is here in all it’s sun-lovin’ glory. Who doesn’t love a cool drink of  lemonade on a warm day?  It’s Sandy Diller here with you to share a refreshing thought and a fun card using the Summer Drink die set.  Cheers!

The base of this card is called the “Impossible Card” and it has been very popular on the internet.  It is actually very easy to make with only a few cuts of the cardstock.

Step 1 – The finished size of this card is 5″ X 5″.  However, we are going to start with a larger card that will be cut down later so we are starting with a 5″ X 7″.

Step 2 – Cut one piece of cardstock that is 5″ X 7″ and follow the diagram below to see how it’s cut and scored.  I recommend that you make a template so you can make more cards eliminating the measuring.

Step 3 – Find the center of the 7″ side (it is shown with the yellow line 3.5″) and mark lightly with a pencil (you will want to erase the line later).

Step 4 – Measure 1″ over on each side of the top portion and cut to the center line on both sides.

Step 5 – Measure 2.5″ to the center of the bottom portion.  Cut to center line.

Step 6 – Make one score line between the two cuts shown above with the red arrows.  Score between arrows.

Step 7 – Using the Summer Drink die, place drinking jar in top potion between the cut lines.  Place bottom of die so it is below the score line

Step 8 – Place card and die on bottom cutting pad for your machine.  Place the top cutting pad even with the score line.  This way the die will cut only the part that is covered with the cutting pad – leaving it attached in the center.

Step 9 – Cut away the extra paper as shown above by the white arrows.

Step 10 – Using the Summer Drink die set, cut one cup (vellum was used here), the Ice Cubes, the Straw, and the Fruit Slices and one cute little Umbrella.

Step 11 – Using the Tropical Florals die set, cut two Flowers and one Leaf.

Step 12 – Using the Word Set 2 Thinking of You,  cut out the word “just”.

Step 13 – Using the Alphabet 1 Caps, cut out the word CHILL.

Step 14 – Using the Stitched Fishtail Banners, cut one banner.

The pieces for this card were cut from white vellum and colored with Copic Markers but they would also look great cut from colored cardstock.

If using vellum,  remember to use only  a coloring medium formulated for non-porous surfaces: Copic or other alcohol markers, Distress Oxide Ink, StazOn Ink, and such.

Step 15 – Here is where the size of the card will be adjusted, cut 1″ off all the end pieces as indicated by the white lines in the photo above.  This will make the card 5″ X 5″.

You will need a larger envelope for this card as the top of the straw and jar will be above the 5″ mark when folded down for mailing.

Step 16 – Figure 1 above shows card as it looks now with cup standing up.

Step 17 – Figure 2 above, place left hand on left side of card holding the left side of the card and the cup in original place. lifting the card up, place right hand on right side of card and gently push down making that side of the card rotate backwards.

Step 18 – Figure 3 above,  continue rotating the right side back until it is flat.

Step 19 – Figure 4 above shows how it looks now with cup standing up.

Step 20 – Some trim pieces will be needed for the side panels (shown in striped paper).  Cut as shown above.  Place on card and decorate as desired.  If you used vellum for the cup – be sure to place the straw and the ice cubes between the backing and the vellum to make it appear as if they are inside the cup.


Enjoy this lovely summer day and “Just Chill” –



Elizabeth Craft Designs:



Green and coordinating cardstock

Pink dotted and orange cardstock

Copic Markers










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  • Susie June 20, 2018 at 11:24 am

    Love this card. Taking your mom out to lunch on July 6th. She asked about Jim and I said he went to the movies. She said to take a nap
    and then she said I go to Weight Watchers to weigh in……nothing wrong with this gal’s memory!!!!!!
    Miss you,

  • Kelly Booth June 20, 2018 at 8:03 am

    LOVE it Sandy such a Fun card!!

  • Lagene June 20, 2018 at 7:30 am

    Awesome card, I would love to see a video just to see how you take it out of the envelope & make it stand up.

    • Sanndy Diller June 20, 2018 at 8:29 am

      Thanks for your lovely comment. The drink portion of the card simply pushes back flat for mailing. When it is opened that section automatically pops up.

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