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Print The Right Size Pictures For Your Planner

January 14, 2019

Have you found it difficult to print the right size of photos for the photo frames from the Planner Essentials 4 set?

Design Team member, Esther Glas, recently shared a fantastic tip on her blog for all of our planner-makers: the “Pic Collage” app –– found on the App Store –– allows you to create the right size pictures to sit within the Planner Essentials 4 Photoframes!

There may be other apps that can do this for you as well, but Esther found this and couldn’t wait to share the tip!

Using the Pic Collage app, here’s how to create the picture size:

  1. Open the Pic Collage App en select the option: ‘Grids”, you can now select 6 images from your photo files/folders. Click the V in the top right corner.

2. The App will now load your pictures. After this Select Size> 2:3 and the Grid with the 6 equal squares so it will look like the image you see here.

3. Now move the small round button completely to the right and you will see the whitespace between the images will be larger. This will be the right size for the Planner Essentials.

4. At this point, you’re still able to make some changes and move the pictures a bit if needed. When this is completed, just save the picture you just created on your camera roll and it’s ready for printing on 4″x 6″ paper with your Selphy printer!

We hope this tip was helpful for you as you start your 2019 planner! See the full Planner Essentials collection here, and don’t forget to share your projects on the Elizabeth Craft Designs Family Page.

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