Making A Fairy Garden Book

February 28, 2019

Hello crafters! Luciana here today with a fairy project for you that I hope you will enjoy!

Have you ever imagined a magical fairy herbarium book, where every page and every drawn plant comes to life and becomes three-dimensional? There’s no magic here but let’s try, shall we?!

Step 1. Die cut from White Soft Finish Cardstock 1 set of Garden Notes – Daffodil/ Narcissus (except the stems) and 5 sets of mini daffodils from the set Garden Patch -1 3/8-inch & Mini Daffodils.

Color them as shown below.

Step 2. shape all the pieces for the corollas.
Use the loop tool and the mold pad to add some details on the coronas of the flowers, in the inner side.

Then use the ball tool on the other side to add a curvature of the edge of the coronas.

Wrap the pieces around themselves with the tweezers, and add the glue. Wrap also all the pieces for the pistils.

With the leaf tool and the leaf pad, create the vein on the petals. With the ball tool and the mold pad, add more curving details.

Do the same also for the tiny pieces: with the leaf tool and the leaf pad create the vein to the petals.

With the ball tool and the mold pad add more curving details.

Step 3. Assemble the flowers.

Adhere the 2 pieces of petals of the bigger flower, and the add the corona in the center.

Glue the pistil inside the corona.

For the smaller flowers, add the 6 petals in the center of the flowers, and the glue the coronas in the middle. Then add the pistils.

Step 4. Preapare the leaves. With the leaf tool and the leaf pad create the vein to all the leaves. With the ball tool and the mold pad add more curving details.

Step 5. Create a small book. You could use 3×4 inches of papers from vintage book pages, scrap pieces of paper, newspaper, fold them in the middle and the add a staple. Between the pages, add random piece of papers, laces, tags, leaves, stickers and so on. I adhered my book on a tea box, as decoration of the top.

Step 6. Arrange and adhere the flowers and leaves as shown below.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! Thank you for stopping by.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:


tea box
book pages
staplers and staples
twines and laces
wax seal

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  • Reply Nancy February 28, 2019 at 10:34 am

    Wow! That’s just stunning, Luciana! It truly is magical! Thank you!

  • Reply Beverly February 28, 2019 at 8:14 am

    Love this. I may have been a bookmaker in another life so this is right down my alley. So cute. thanks.

  • Reply Nancy Yoder February 28, 2019 at 7:57 am

    Where the fairies dance! What a beautiful garden…Mayb someone forgot a book when leaving the garden & the fairies brought this lovely book to life! So charming, so storybook! Thank you for this journey to where the fairies dance! Magical!

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