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Airbrushed Die Cuts

March 27, 2021

Hey everyone! It’s EK, and lately I’ve been trying to see how far you can push pretty die cuts. Today, I have pulled the Once Upon A Time die and airbrushed it with my copics, seeing if they technique can still keep the dreamy fairy tale look.

Step One: Die cut the Once Upon A Time die out of 90lb Soft Finish Cardstock. Using temporary tack tape, place the the die cut onto a trimmed 4.25×5.5 inch piece of 90lb Soft Finish Cardstock.

Step Two: Using the copic air brush system, spray different shades of violet and lavender over the die cut sentiment.

Continue spraying the cardstock until the entire piece is covered.

Step Three: Carefully pull up the die cut piece and rub the temporary tack away. Save the die cut, because you could make an additional project with it.

Step Four: To add additional flair to the card, pull out the Flourished Frame stencil and arrange it on the cardstock, using tape to block where you do not want the ink to go. Spray a dark grey ink into the stencil.

Step Five: Add a final bit of flair, add a few Transparent Crystal Craft Drops.

I love the almost graffiti look of this card, and truly feel it still it has that dreamy story book feel to it. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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