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Birthday card

February 28, 2023

Hello fellow E.C.D. craft lovers, Marjolijn here. This is my post for the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog.

I want to show you some birthday folders! In February I have quite a few birthdays in my family and circle of friends, so I really had to get to work! Because there are a lot of them I wanted to keep it a bit simple but nice and cheerful.

I made this 2 times but with a different background paper.

I made the base with the file folder and decorated it with nice tickets and stamps from Esther’s latest collection.

It’s so much fun to play with the stamps and the tickets. There is even a super nice set with typical Dutch stamps for enthusiasts!

When I had these cards ready I dropped my phone, it contains my photos of the making process so unfortunately I can’t show them. Fortunately I have a spare phone that Theo, my dear, has completely fixed for me and I can now do a lot again. Where would we be without our cell phones nowadays.

The map is not that difficult so you will probably figure it out.

The stamps on the tickets come from all kinds of sets from ECD and it takes a while to see if it fits and where you want them, sometimes I tape off a piece of a stamp so that I can still use them.

For example, at the tab that says “amazing day”. Just do what you like and it will always work out.

A post with some hiccups this time but I did it.

Thank you for your visit

With love,


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