Quick easter basket

March 26, 2023

Hi all! Sylvia here with a quick easter basket for the little ones. Let’s craft together!

Step 1: Take a sheet of patterned paper 15×15 cm (6×6 inch) and score both horizontally and vertically at 5 and 10 cm (2 and 4 inch) so that you end up with 9 equal square parts.

Step 2: Cut along the red lines as shown in the photo below.  Fold all other scorelines.

Step 3: Glue the tips of the outer squares together to form the basket.

Step 4: Cut a strip of cardstock of approx 20 cm (8 inch) in a matching colour for the handle and adhere to the basket.

Step 5: Assemble some ‘easter’ critters from Joset (I used set 1929 bunny and 1626 little chick, but the sheep would also fit) to decorate your basket with.

Happy easter everyone!


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  • Ann DeHart April 2, 2023 at 4:39 am

    Quick, easy, but so adorable! Perfect little Easter baskets! 🙂

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