Cinco de mayo

May 5, 2023

Hi all, it’s Sylvia here again. Happy Cinco de Mayo! By mistake my blogpost from yesterday got switched with the one that should have been on the blog in 2 weeks so therefore you see me here 2 days in a row! Isn’t that fun?! 😉 So today I would like to show you this festive card, that can also be used as a square pocket page in your planner. Many people in the US and Mexico will celebrate ‘Cinco de Mayo’, so let’s have a little fiësta.

First cut a piece of cardstock 10×20 cm and fold it in half to get a 10×10 cm square card. Keep the fold at the top. Cut a mat of 9,7×9,7 cm in black.

Diecut from Soft Finish Cardstock as follows:

1859 farmer: hat rim

1995 holiday stocking: toe and decorative trims

1931 beaver: tail, hind legs you might want to opt for the arms instead of the legs, your choice

1982 filefolder 1: banner

1670 camping accessories: guitar, other option is the guitar from the retro bus set 1928

1991 mrs claus: trimmings

1707 halloween accessories: spoon 2 x (not in this photo, I added them later)

Diecut from set 2012 food truck both wheels (fold almost in half for the taco shell) from set 2013 the lettuce from the hotdog and the swirl sauce, from set 1990 (santa) all fluffy trims (for lettuce and meat) and from set 1931 (beaver) the 4 circles (2x) (for tomato and cucumber slices) and colour all parts to create a taco or 2. Arrange the food in the taco and glue it shut.

Diecut all separate letters ‘happy cinco de mayo’ from the month dies in set 2008 tickets & tabs.

Use a colour medium of your choice to colour all pieces in the main colours red, green and yellow. I used my markers for the small parts and distress ink for the larger ones.

Glue the stocking toe to the hat rim to form a sombrero. Use both the loop trimmings at the rim (trim off the extra) and use Mrs. Claus’ trimmings to decorate the top.

Glue the beaver legs on either side of the beaver tail to make a cactus. Decorate the spoons (see photo) to become samba balls /maracas. You might want to shorten them a bit.

Arrange the front of the card with the banner, cactus, guitar and samba balls. The sombrero will go on the in side.

Happy cinco de mayo to everyone and happy crafting to you all. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Love, Sylvia

Elizabeth Craft Designs supplies:

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  • Arlene May 7, 2023 at 12:03 pm

    I love how you put together such a colorful and fun card for Cinco de Mayo.

  • Ann DeHart May 5, 2023 at 8:21 am

    I look forward to your posts ANY DAY (or even EVERY DAY) of the week….. love this Cinco de Mayo spread! Adorable. Thanks for posting. Already looking forward to your NEXT post….. hugs.

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