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Wishing you oceans of joy

June 7, 2023

Hii everyone,

Welcome at this new blogpost from me, Lisanne Geerdink. I made a sea/beach box for you this time. The weather is great to work with the sea collection from Joset. This blogpost will be full with step by step pictures because the box is made by myself. It is good to know that everything is in CM not inches.

So first we need a piece white cardstock from 9 x 30,5 cm and made scorelines at 9 cm and 18 cm.

At the same piece you have on the right a square from 9 cm x 9 cm. We need to cut out a window from 7 x 7 cm. This piece will be the back, bottum and front side.

Now we will cut the piece for the sides and top. For this part we need a piece of white cardstock from 28 x 10 cm. And we made a scoreline at 0,5 cm, 9,5 cm, 18,5 cm and 27,5 cm.

We also need to make two scorelines at the longest side at 0,5 cm and 9.5 cm. These lines will make the strip we can use to adhere everything together.

It is one long line now, we need to cut some pieces out of this line. You will see that in the next picture. All the grey parts need to cut out.

Now we need to make 5 squares with design papier from 8,9 x 8,9 cm. It is just a little bit smaller than the cardstock, but now it fits perfect. Two of this squares we adhere at the piece cardstock with 3 squares from 9 x 9 cm. It is also smart to put the double sided adhesive at all the strips, that will be easier later.

We also need a piece acetate from 8 x 8 cm. We will adhere this at the part we cut out a window.

Now we can adhere some parts together. You lay the piece with the window at your desk. First I adhere one strip at the left side at the bottom and the back. Once you do this you can adhere the three other strips. You have the box like the picture below.

Now we can put the pieces design paper in the box at the sides, bottom and top so you don’t see the stripes anymore. I also put a piece from the Mason Jar at one design paper. Now it looks like reef.

Now it is decorate time. So I coloured some weed, the sea turtle and the whale with Distress Ink for inside the box. I adhere these parts with the pop-up dies. You only need the put these dies through your machine with cardstock and cut the pieces out. Than you have one rectangle with a scoreline.

At the window I adhere sand that imagine the bottom of the sea. I used the dies from the sea weed set. In this set are also stones and weed. I coloured this also with Distress Ink and adhere this. Now we can adhere the front with window at the box. I also cut out a piece design paper from 9 x 9 cm and made the same window in it (7×7 cm).

I cut out 3 pieces from 9 x 9 cm, two for the left and right side and one for the top. For the back you need a piece of 9 x 12,4 cm. I made the oyster shell as base for the top of the box.

I made the light house and the sand crab for the beach part. Also with some shells and the sentiment ‘wishing you oceans of you’.

At least I put a shell and anchor at the front of the window. Now is everything done. I had so much fun making this project.

I hope you enjoyed it to, thanks for watching and see you next time!

Kind regards,

Lisanne Geerdink

Elizabeth Craft Design supplies:

  • 1751 sea shells

Other used supplies:

  • 49 and Market Spectrum Sherbet paper
  • 49 and Market Spectrum Sherbet Leaves rub-on
  • 49 and Market Spectrum Sherbet Tidal Wave rub-on
  • Distress Ink: Carved Pumpkin, Frayed Burlap, Barn Door, Brushed Corduroy, Wild Honey, Bundled Sage, Pumice Stone, Abandoned Coral, Forest Moss, Hickory Smoke, Faded Jeans, Dried Marigold, Tea Dye, Vintage Photo, Black Soot

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  • Cindy Graham June 7, 2023 at 4:08 pm

    I love, love, love this!

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