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Pop it Ups Wednesday with Helen – Accordion Circle Cowboy Birthday Card

November 11, 2015

Hi everyone – Helen here! I thought for today’s card I should challenge myself to tackle one of those trickier male cards. Fortunately, Karen Burniston has created some wonderful products perfect for celebrating the boys and men in your life!

Helen Cryer - 1

Instructions for making the card:

1. Using the Accordion Circle Card die set cut four panels from kraft cardstock, and four more from differing patterned papers. Trim the tabs and the inner circles from the patterned paper panels.

Helen Cryer - 2

2. For the first panel of the card, cut the two circles, clock face and hands, as shown below. The larger circle was made with a die from the Accordion Circle Card die set, and the smaller with a circle punch. Use dark brown ink and a sponge applicator to ink round the edges of the patterned paper pieces.


3. Assemble the first panel as shown below, using a brad through the clock hands and smaller circle. Stick the smaller circle on with foam pads.

Helen Cryer - 4

4. For the second panel of the card, cut the circle, ‘TIME’ letters and ‘Birthday’ as shown below. (The circle was made with a die from the Accordion Circle Card die set.) Stamp ‘Pardner’ in dark brown ink, and cut a larger orange border rectangle for it. Ink the edges of the patterned papers.

Helen Cryer - 5

5. Assemble the second panel as shown below, sticking the ‘Pardner’ pieces on with foam pads.

Helen Cryer - 6

6. For the third panel of the card, cut another circle using the same die, a piece of twine, and four flags from folded over pieces of patterned paper. Ink the edges of the patterned papers.

Helen Cryer - 7

7. Tape the ends of the twine to the back of patterned paper circle, before sticking it to the panel. Glue on the flags as shown below.

Helen Cryer - 8

8. For the last panel of the card, cut another circle, and pieces from the Props 6 die set as shown below. Cut by hand the little decorative parts of the boots. Ink the edges.

Helen Cryer - 9

9. Assemble the last panel as shown below, sticking the hat and boots on with foam pads. Make a little lasso by coiling up some kraft twine, and tie another piece of twine round it to secure it. Glue on the lasso.

Helen Cryer - 10

10. Finally, attach all of the panels to each other, and you are done!

Elizabeth Craft Designs Products:

Other Products:

  • Kraft Cardstock
  • Patterened Papers (Basic Grey’s ‘Hey Boy’ 12 x 12 Pad)
  • Gold Cardstock
  • Dark Brown Cardstock
  • Turquoise Brad
  • Bark Brown Ink
  • Sponge Applicator
  • Bakers Twine, Kraft Twine
  • Trimmer, Scissors
  • Tape Runner, Foam Pads, Liquid Glue
Pop it Ups

Christmas Trees Pop Stand Exploding Box Tutorial

October 31, 2015

Hello! Helen here, this time with a card idea I’ve wanted to try for a while – an exploding box card with a Pop Stand feature in the middle. I decided to use Karen Burniston’s lovely new Christmas Trees Pop Stand, which has a beautiful floating centre.

Helen Cryer - 1

Directions for making the card:

1. Score a 12” x 12” double-sided piece of card stock into 4” squares as shown below.

Helen Cryer - 2

2. Cut away the four corner squares. Fold under the two outer side squares (so that the card base can fit through a die cutting machine). Die cut the small pop stand tabs into the middle of the centre square. (This will also die cut the two folded-under side squares, but these die cuts will get covered up later.) Open out the card base again, so that it looks as below.
Helen Cryer - 3

3. Using more double-sided card stock, die cut pieces to make the larger 3D tree from the Christmas Trees Pop Stand set, following Karen’s directions in this video. Attach the tree to the die cut Pop Stand tabs, as shown below.

Helen Cryer - 4

4. Cut four 3” x 3” squares from patterned paper, and die cut four contrasting coloured trees, using the die from the Christmas Trees Pop Stand set as shown, plus 6 silver glitter card stock stars.
Helen Cryer - 5

5. Use the pieces shown in step 4 to decorate the four internal sides of the exploding card, as shown below. Adhere the trees with foam pads, and glue some silver tinsel to the trees. Adhere the stars, including two back-to-back at the top of the 3D tree. Glue a small amount of tinsel to either side of the 3D tree’s stars.

Heen Cryer - 6

6. Use a stamp from the Merry and Bright Clear Stamp set on cream card. Layer it onto red patterned paper. Cut two banner ends from silver glitter card stock, and stick everything to the card base as shown below.
Helen Cryer - 7

7. To make the lid, cut a 6” x 6” square, and score it 7/8” in from all four sides. Snip one side of each of the four little corner squares, to make tabs. Glue these tabs behind the long rectangles, to made the sides of the lid.Helen Cryer - 8

8. Cut two 3” x 3” squares and adhere one to the bottom of the box (to cover over the pop stand holes), and the other to the lid. Cut another tree and star, and add to the lid, along with some more tinsel.Helen Cryer - 9

9. Finally, cut four 2” x 3” rectangles of patterned paper, and adhere them to the box sides. Die cut an assortment of silver glitter card stock stars (from the All Seasons Tree die set and the Spiral Circle Pull Card die set), and use them to decorate the box sides.Helen Cryer - 10

The lid holds the sides of the box in place, and when the lid is removed, the sides fall open to reveal the trees inside. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, and perhaps come up with some other versions of exploding box Pop Stand cards!

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Other Supplies:

  • Two different sheets of 12” x 12” double-sided Card Stock
  • Silver Glitter Card Stock
  • Cream Card Stock
  • Tinsel
  • Tape Runner, Foam Pads and Glue Pen
  • Score Board
  • Paper Trimmer, Scissors
  • Dark Red Ink

Pop it Ups Wednesday with Helen – Rudy Pull Card

September 30, 2015

Hello again! Helen here with another Christmas card, this time using the Pop it Ups Rectangle Pull Card, featuring Rudy the Reindeer. I enjoy cutting Karen Burniston’s Character dies from patterned papers, to change things up a bit!

Helen Cryer - 1

Directions for making the card:

1. Cut some double-sided heavy weight patterned paper to 20cm x 13.5cm (8″ x 5.5″). Fold in half, line up the Rectangle Pull Card die over the fold, and die cut. Use dies from the Rectangle Pull Card and Rectangle Accordion die sets to cut a silver glitter cardstock rectangle and smaller patterned paper rectangle. Cut all the pieces of Rudy the Reindeer, including nose, antlers and hooves from Red and Beige Velvet Adhesive. Cut eight snowflakes from silver glitter cardstock (using dies from the Sleigh Gift Card Holder and Spiral Circle Pull Card sets), and a black ‘Merry Christmas’ from the Merry Christmas Pop Up set. Finally, cut the spinner from the Rectangle Pull Card.

Helen Cryer - 2

The Rudy the Reindeer die set which I used:


2. Adhere the glitter card stock and patterned paper rectangles to the front of the folded card base. Assemble Rudy the Reindeer as shown below, and stick him on the card front with adhesive foam pads for some extra dimension.

Helen Cryer - 4

3. Adhere the Rectangle Pull Card spinner in the position shown below, and glue on all the snowflakes also as shown below. Snip the ‘as’ from the ‘Christmas’ die cut, and glue on all the word parts as shown.

Helen Cryer - 5

And you are done! An easy Christmas card, with a little bit of shimmery snow fall when you open the card!

Elizabeth Craft Design Supplies:

Other Supplies:

  • Black and White Cardstock
  • Christmas Patterned Papers
  • Silver Glittered Cardstock
  • Tape Runner, Foam Pads and Glue Pen.
Pop it Ups

Merry Christmas with Jolly!

September 26, 2015

Hi everyone! Helen here with you today, with a nice and simple Christmas card, featuring Karen Burniston’s beautiful new Merry Christmas Pop Up die set, and Jolly the Mouse. If you like making all your own Christmas cards, September is not a bad time to start!

Helen Cryer - 1

Here’s what I did:

1.  Cut a red piece of cardstock to 14.2cm x 20.2cm, (5.5″ x 8″) and a turquoise piece of patterned paper to 14cm x 20cm. (5.25″ x 7.75″) Fold both in half, and die cut the turquoise piece with the Merry Christmas Pop Up die. Cut 2 strips of red polka dot patterned paper to 3cm x 14cm, and 2cm x 14.2cm. Cut some red Shimmer Sheetz to 2.5cm x 14.2cm. Die cut all the pieces for a Jolly the Mouse, as shown below (though missing from the photo are his glittery tail, and candy cane). Also die cut a Father Christmas hat for Jolly, using dies from the Props 5. Die cut ‘Merry Christmas’ words and the two little swirls from red Shimmer Sheetz. Die cut the four little hearts, and the large swirl from silver glitter card. Use stamps from the Merry and Bright stamp set, as per below.

Helen Cryer - 2

Here are Karen Burniston’s Pop It Up products which I used:

Helen Cryer - 3

2.  Fold the Merry Christmas pop-up according to the package instructions (or watch Karen’s assembly video) and adhere the turquoise patterned paper inside the red cardstock. Adhere the red words and swirls, and silver glitter pieces. Adhere the folded ‘Happy New Year’ banner with foam pads. Adhere the 3cm x 14cm red polka dot patterned paper to the foot of the card as shown below. Assemble Jolly the Mouse, and his candy cane as shown below, and adhere to the card. Assemble the Father Christmas hat, and also adhere to the card.

Helen Cryer - 4

3.  For the outside of the card, stick on the remaining red polka dot patterned paper, and red Shimmer Sheetz strip, then adhere the two stamped pieces as shown below. Adhere a red gingham bow near the sentiment.

Helen Cryer - 5

And you are done! I hope you enjoyed my card today, and feel inspired to have a go at making a Christmas card too!

Helen Cryer - 6

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Other Supplies:

  • Red, Black, White and Peach Cardstock
  • Turquoise and Red Patterned Papers
  • Silver Glittered Cardstock
  • Red Ink
  • Red Gingham Ribbon
  • Tape Runner, Foam Pads, Glue Pen and Clear Glue.
Pop it Ups

Crystal Flower Pull Card

August 23, 2014

Hello everyone! Helen here today, with a Spiral Circle Pull Card tutorial for you. I was browsing through my patterned paper pads, and a turquoise and gold paper caught my eye. This paper was the inspiration for my card. Someone asked me a while ago where I get the inspiration for my cards, and I’d have to say it usually does comes from patterned papers –
the colors and style of pattern always seem to create a ‘theme’ for the rest of the card.

DSC_0518Directions for making the card:

1. Cut a piece of pale turquoise cardstock 5.5” x 8”. Fold it in half, and open again.

2. Use the Spiral Circle Pull Card die to create the additional folds and half-circle cut. For more info on how to use this die, watch Karen Burniston’s video tutorial HERE.

3. Cut two strips of patterned paper, each 5.5” x 1.5”, and adhere them to the outer edges of the card.

4. Cut a piece of pale turquoise cardstock 5.5” x 2.5”, and emboss using Trendy Tiles 1 Embossing Folder. Adhere to the right-hand side of the card, next to the patterned paper.

5. Cut a large and small flower from turquoise glitter cardstock using Crystal Flower Set 1.
Cut a large and small flower from gold cardstock using Crystal Flower Overlay Set 1.

6. Cut a circle from contrasting patterned paper using the circle die from Clocks and Gears, and another smaller circle using the circle die from the Spiral Circle Pull Card set.

7. Cut another circle using the circle die from the Spiral Circle Pull Card set from gold cardstock. Die cut Thank You in de center of the circle using the Thank You Stand Up Helper. Trim away the top half of the circle, so you are left with a piece as shown at the bottom of the picture below.

DSC_05078. Glue the center of the Crystal Flower Overlays onto the turquoise glitter flowers of the corresponding size. Adhere both flowers together (small flower on top of the large flower). Add a brad in the center of the smallest flower. See close up picture below.

9. Adhere the larger contrasting patterned paper circle to the front of the floating circle, and glue the layered flower on top.

DSC_052510. Inside the card, adhere the smaller patterned paper circle, with the ‘Thank You’ half circle on top.

11. Cut four Big Triple Leaves from gold cardstock. Adhere two to the card front, and two inside, as shown below.

12. Glue a sheer ribbon bow to the leaf stems on the card front.

DSC_0531 (1280x850)13. Finally, add some Lace Fan 1 Gold Peel-Off Stickers down the sides of the patterned paper strips, and below the ‘Thank You’.


Elizabeth Craft Designs Products:

Spiral Circle Pull Card (916)

Clocks and Gears (917)

Trendy Tiles 1 Embossing Folder (KB102)

Lace Fan 1 Peel-Off Stickers (sku1279)

Crystal Flower Set 1 (924)

Crystal Flower Overlay Set 1 (922)

Thank You Stand Up Helper (941)

Big Triple Leaf (796)

Other Products:

Pale turquoise cardstock

Turquoise glitter cardstock

Gold cardstock

Pearl brad

Basic Grey’s ‘Market Spice’ 6×6 paper pad

Sheer ribbon

Adhesives: Tape runner, wet glue, glue pen


Pop it Ups

Fancy Label Accordion Birthday Card

August 5, 2014

Hi everyone! Helen here today. The kids have finally broken free from school for the summer, and we are enjoying a stretch of gorgeous weather! I decided to share a birthday card with you today. Birthday cards are far and away the ones I need most.

I used a combination of Accordion Fancy Label dies and frames, with Shimmer Sheetz and a cake Peel-Off sticker.


1. Use the Accordion Fancy Label die set to cut out light pink and dark pink cardstock panels, and three Shimmer Sheetz labels, as shown below. (One large dark pink label, one large light pink one, and one small light pink one.)

2. Use the Fancy Season Frame Edges die set to cut out four blue spotty cardstock edge pieces.

3. Use the Fancy Frame Edges die set to cut four dark pink plain cardstock edges, and four light pink Shimmer Sheetz scalloped edge pieces, as shown below.

4. Use the Flower Set 2 die set to cut out two flower layers and and one flower center.

5. Hand cut five small triangles for bunting/banner flags, and die cut a blue cardstock
“Happy Birthday”.

6. Stick a Funky Cakes Peel-Off sticker onto watercolour paper, and colour it in with some watercolour pens (such as Tim Holtz Distress Markers or Tombow Brush Pens) and a waterbrush pen, as shown by Els in this tutorial. Cut out the finished cake.

DSC_00837. Using a tape runner and glue pen, adhere all the card elements together, leaving the flower, cake, flags and the sticking of the two panels together till last.

8. Use small self-adhesive foam pads to stick on the flower parts and cake.

9. Use a small hole punch to make two holes in the side and bottom edges of the left-hand panel. Thread some twine through the holes, and secure it at the back with some sticky tape. Use wet glue to stick the individual flags to the twine.

10. Cut four more solid Fancy Frame Edge pieces of your choice (not shown in the picture) to adhere to the front of the accordion card when it is in closed position, to hide the ends of the twine and the tape securing it.

DSC_0101And you have finished!

DSC_0088Elizabeth Craft Design Products:

(771) Accordion Fancy Label

(907) Fancy Season Frame Edges

(774) Fancy Edge Frames

(702) Flower Set 2

(717) Happy Birthday

WP903 Watercolor Paper

(2478) Funky Cakes Peel-Off  Stickers

802 Fine Pointed Scissors

(SS 0105) Light Pink Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz

(SS 0104) Pink Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz

Other Products used:

Light Pink Cardstock

Dark Pink Cardstock

Blue Cardstock

Adhesives: Tape runner, glue pen, wet glue, adhesive foam pads, sticky tape


Small hole punch (Crop-A-dile)

Waterbrush pen

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Pop it Ups

Snowman Katie Label Accordion Card

July 20, 2014

Hi everyone! Helen here with a Christmas Accordion card today. I know we have been seeing a lot of  ‘Christmas in July’ lately, but it’s hard to resist with all of Elizabeth Craft Designs’ wonderful new die releases! Starting your Christmas cards now is actually a pretty good idea. I always end up getting to the middle of December, with a grand total of about three cards made and a mad panic to make more!

DSC_0366 (1280x1175)


1. Cut out two plain white Katie Label Accordion panels and eight border pieces from blue glitter card using the Katie Stars Frame Edges. Keep four of the tiny blue stars which are left over from cutting the borders.

2. Use the Katie Label Accordion die to cut blue patterned paper center pieces. Cut off the excess tabs by hand.

3. Cut out the various parts of the snowman as shown below including two snow drifts, a ‘Merry Christmas’, a large star and two snowflakes from the Spiral Circle Pull Card set. (Please note that the small black gems shown in the picture below didn’t end up being used!)

DSC_0351 (1280x823)

4. Using a glue runner, glue pen, white glue and small adhesive foam pads, assemble all the card parts, leaving the joining tabs of the two Katie Label Accordion panels till last.

5. Use one of the Katie Stars Frame Edges to cut three tiny red stars for the center of the two snowflakes and for decoration on the larger star.

DSC_0372 (808x1280)

And it’s done! I challenge you to also have a go at a Christmas card in July!

Elizabeth Craft Design Products:

(903) Katie Label Accordion

(913) Katie Stars Frame Edges

(944) Merry Christmas

(929) Snowman

Other Products:

White cardstock

Blue glitter card

White glitter card

Blue patterned paper

Paper-backed hessian (from DCWV)

Star punch

Dark brown cardstock

Orange cardstock

Paper-backed red satin

Two googly eyes

Tape runner, white glue, glue pen and small adhesive foam pads.



Rainy Day Stand-Up Card

July 14, 2014

Hi everyone – Helen here today! The new Summer Release from Elizabeth Craft Designs will be available SO soon, and I made a simple Stand Up card using a couple of the new products – the Rainy Day die set, the Thinking of You Stand Up Helper, and a new color Shimmer Sheetz. I wanted to show how easy the Stand Up Helpers are.



1. Cut a piece of thick double-sided patterned paper to 12” x 4.5”, and two strips of the same paper, 1.25” x 4.5” (ie. The light blue strip, and diagonal patterned strip, in the picture below.)

2. Cut a 3” square of Light Blue Metallic Shimmer Sheetz, and emboss it with the Lots of Dots embossing folder.

3. Cut a 3.25” square of contrasting patterned paper, and adhere the Shimmer Sheetz square to the centre of it.

4. Cut a thin strip of the contrasting patterned paper .5” x 4.5”

5. Cut out an umbrella, hand cut 2 contrasting umbrella panels, cut two lots of boots, and two flowers and flower centres.

DSC0924 (1024x787)

6. Fold the big sheet of paper in half, and fold one half in half again. Place the Stand Up Helper die half way down the unfolded side, and die cut, as shown below.

DSC0921 (1024x735)

7. Adhere the Shimmer Sheetz square so that about a third of it sticks up over the top of the fold, on the top half of the card.

8. Use a glue pen and small self-adhesive foam pads to adhere the other card elements as shown in the picture below.

9. Stick the remaining 1.25” x 4.5” strip of patterned paper to the underneath of the card, covering the hole left by the Stand Up helper die cut.



I hope that if you haven’t tried making  a Stand Up card yet, that you’ll be inspired to give one a go!


Elizabeth Craft Design Products:

(928) Rainy day

(942) Thinking Of You Stand Up Helper

(702) Flower Set 2

(SS 0230) Light Blue Metallic Shimmer Sheetz

(E114) Lots of Dots Embossing Folder

(802) Fine Pointed Scissors

Other Products:


Thick double-sided patterned paper

Three contrasting patterned papers

Tape runner, Glue pen and Small self-adhesive foam pads

Pop it Ups

Summer Shimmer Katie Label Pivot Card

June 28, 2014

Hello! Helen here today, with a card for a friend of mine who has a love of blue dragon flies. For this card I used a couple of different peel-off stickers, along with the Katie Label Pivot Card die.

DSC0151 (2)


1. Cut a piece of double-sided adhesive, large enough for 1 flower label and three single flowers from the ‘Flower Labels 1’ peel-off sheet, and for a dragonfly and ladybird from the ‘Bugs’ peel-off sheet. Stick one side of the double-sided adhesive onto white cardstock.

2. Stick all peel-offs to the other side of the double-sided adhesive.

3. Cover your adhesive and peel-offs with Cool Diamond Microfine Silk Glitter. Polish and brush of the excess glitter.

4. Color peel-offs with Copic or other alcohol markers. You can see Els demonstrating all of steps 1-4 HERE.

5. Cut around the finished peel-offs.

6. Use the Katie Label Pivot Card die to cut a pivoting label into a piece of peach coloured cardstock (measuring 21cm x 15cm). Also die cut one glittered card label using the largest accessory die included in the Katie Label Pivot Set. See picture below.

7. Use an edge die from the Agatha Edges die set, to cut out three borders (10.5cm wide) from Purple Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz. Use a trimmer to cut the straight edges. Die cut ‘Happy Birthday’ from purple cardstock.

8. From blue patterned paper, cut pieces measuring 21cm x 5cm, and 10.5cm x 5cm. Put a score line down the middle of the larger piece.

Helen Cryer (1201x743)

9. Adhere the largest piece to the inside of the card down the bottom. Adhere two Shimmer Sheetz borders as shown in the first picture. Adhere two glittered flower peel-offs as shown. Use adhesive foam pads for one to create dimension.

DSC0151 (3)

10. Adhere the smaller piece of blue patterned paper to the front of the card, along with the third Shimmer Sheetz border, and third glittered flower peel-off.

11. Cut a piece of green patterned paper measuring 9cm x 10cm, fold it in half, and use it to cover the gap at the back of the card left by the pivoting labels.

12. Add strips of Purple/Silver Glitter Border Peel-off Stickers along the top edges of the Purple Shimmer Sheets border pieces.

13. Die cut four big leaves using the Big Triple Leaf die from Green Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz. Stick two to the card front with adhesive foam pads (as positioned below), and two inside the card.


14. Finally, round off the corner with a corner punch.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Products:

(501) Double Sided Adhesive

(639) Cool Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter

(801) Fine Pointed Scissors

(2568) Flower Labels 1 Peel-Off Stickers

(2540) Bugs Peel-Off Stickers

(7010) Glitter Borders Peel-Off Stickers

(0106) Purple Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz

(0107) Green Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz

(768) Katie Label Pivot Card

(782) Agatha Edges

(796) Big Triple Leaf die

(717) Happy Birthday die

Other Products:

Peach Cardstock

White Cardstock

Purple Cardstock


Blue Patterned Paper

Green Patterned Paper

Adhesive Foam Pads

Glue tape runner

Rounded Corner Punch


Fancy Flower Labels Accordion Card

June 8, 2014

Hi! Helen here again, this time with a triple panel accordion card. My Mum and Dad are coming up for their 40th Wedding Anniversary soon, (which must mean I am turning 40 next year… eeek!!)
so I made this card for them.

I thought it would be fun to combine two different types of accordion dies – the Fancy Label, and the Circle.



1. Cut out some double-sided adhesive, large enough for two Flower Labels 2 Peel-Offs, and stick one side of the double-sided adhesive onto white cardstock.

2. Stick the two Flower Labels peel-off stickers to the other side of the double sided adhesive.
I used Els’s transfer technique to get my peel-off sticker nice and straight on the adhesive.
Watch Els demoing this technique HERE.

3. Cover the Flower Labels and adhesive with Cool Diamond Microfine Silk Glitter, and rub in.

4. Colour the Flower Labels with Copic or other alcohol markers. If any pen gets onto the silver of the peel-offs, use a Copic Colorless Blender pen to remove it.

5. Cut out the two Flower Labels.

6. Use the Accordion Circle Card die set, the Accordion Fancy Label die set, and one of the Square/w Circle Frame Edges dies to cut out the pieces as shown below. For the floral borders,
cut out full Accordion Fancy Label panels, snip out the center parts, and trim off extra tabs.

7. Also die cut three smaller circles with dies from the Accordion Circle Card set, two of the smallest leaves from the Triple Leaf set, and two flowers from the Bunch of Flowers 1 die set. Stamp a sentiment on the smallest circle. Use a jewel brad for the flower center.


8. Adhere the Square/w Circle Frame edges with a glue pen, and adhere the rest of the big pieces with a glue runner.

9. Adhere the leaves with a glue pen, and the assembled flower with wet glue.

10. Lastly stick the three panels together. Snip off the small side tabs on both of the Fancy Label panels, and use an extra small rectangle of card stock to attach the two panels together which have no tabs on either of them, as shown below. (The tab still remaining on the circle panel is used for the other attachment.)


And you are done! Sit back and enjoy the sparkle!




Elizabeth Craft Designs Products:

(501) Double Sided Adhesive

(2570) Flower Labels 2

(639) Cool Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter

(801) Fine Pointed Scissors

(771) Accordion Fancy Label

(769) Accordion Circle Card

(770) Square W/Circle Frame Edges

(728) Bunch of Flowers 1

(703) Triple Leaf Set

Other Products:

White Cardstock

Salmon Cardstock

Light Pink Cardstock

Light Green Textured Cardstock

Mid Green Textured Cardstock

Floral Paper

Jewel Brad

Copic pens

Sentiment Stamp and Ink

Glue pen

Tape Runner

Wet Glue (eg. Beacon’s 3-in-1 Craft Glue)


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