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Sweet as Sugar – ATCs and a Layout by Riikka

December 3, 2017

Moikka, it’s Riikka here with my last Guest Design Team post for Elizabeth Craft Designs! I want to thank you for the honor of guesting this year and I appreciate your comments. It has been a great ride and I have loved working with the dies and other supplies! My favorites are the new patterned papers and the great stamp sets, so I’m definitely going to continue using those in my makes in the future!

For this last post I’ve made some sweet treats with the Lollypop die set – some candy ATCs and a layout. The idea and the color palette came from the two papers you can see mixed in the first lollipop above – the minty green polka dot and the pink solid paper. They are something I wouldn’t have thought of combining otherwise but as they lay on top of each other when I was going through the supplies in search for an idea for this last post, I noticed how good they looked! And I started to think about candies immediately so then the ball started to roll, so to say. I also mixed in some white to brighten the cards and the black stamping brings in the contrast.

I took some step-by-step photos while working on the ATCs. Below you can see how I layered and combined the different mediums and how the process evolved. As always, you can use the same steps to create something else as well – a regular card or a layout like I did for my second project. Without further ado, here’s the tutorial!

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Elizabeth Craft Designs General

Winter Layout and Christmas Card by Riikka

November 12, 2017


Hello there! It’s Riikka here today with another guest project! Or actually two, as always. Today I have a double treat as there’s this layout with a step by step tutorial and a card with video tutorial! Both of the projects are done with a winter theme or vibe. Both of the projects have a blue, white, grey color scheme, white splashes, and snowflakes. I also tried to add the winter vibe using Silk Microfine Glitter as frost and twinkly snow.

The layout is about the last princess birthday my younger daughter had. It was almost two years ago. Since then she’s gotten more into football and skateboarding. The Elsa dress I did for her for that 5th birthday fit well with the winter theme well, and she’s also a child of winter.

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Elizabeth Craft Designs General Krista Schneider

Autumn Friends by Riikka

October 1, 2017


Hello and happy autumn! It’s Riikka here today sharing a couple of season-inspired projects with you. My first project, with the step by step tutorial, is a fall card, and my other project is a set of two ATCs. The ATCs are shown without instructions but they use the same techniques as the card.

I just love the warm, bright colors of autumn – the flaming orange and red and the golden yellow! When I saw the stamp set “Woodland Pals” I just knew it would be a perfect match to the autumn palette. So that’s how this pair of projects started.

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Elizabeth Craft Designs General Joset Designs

Purple Jumpers in a Layout and Card

September 3, 2017


Hello there! It’s Riikka here today guesting with two projects!

Autumn weather means jumpers need to be taken out of the closets so I thought to make a layout and a card using the fun jumper die from Joset’s winter collection. I chose to use purple as my color palette this time in honor of the velvet nights autumn also brings.

The layout is about my daughters although there’s just a picture of my older daughter in there. It always amazes me how they both have such a strong own style at such a young age. I mean I found my style when I was over 20! So I made the page to celebrate that they have their own style also in the hopes that it will stay that way when they grow up.

If you want to see how the layout was made, please see the steps below! And if you want to see how they turn into a card form, please scroll even further down.

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Leaves of Gold – Layout and Card by Riikka

August 6, 2017


Hello everyone! How are you? Can you believe it’s August already? Luckily it’s only the start so it still feels like summer, but autumn will soon be slowly creeping in. Not that I have a problem with that. I rather like the beginning of the autumn with the long, warm evenings and the golden light that makes the pine trees appear to be deep red. And the leaves, the colorful leaves that start to turn to red, orange, yellow and gold and then rustle under your step. A wonderful time!

This time I did a layout to celebrate autumn and a card using the same techniques. Add a dandle or two to turn it into a birthday card, or send it just to make someone’s day, no special occasion needed!

Let’s get started with the tutorial so you can make your own golden leaves to greet autumn!

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Elizabeth Craft Designs General ModaScrap

Double Tutorial by Riikka Kovasin

July 9, 2017

Moikka from Finland again! It’s Riikka here sharing a double treat with you! I have a step by step tutorial for the card you see above and then a video for a layout I did using the same steps. Both feature peachy, warm summer colors and ladybugs. And summer projects need some shine, too, to remind us of the glorious the sun. For the glimmer I used Silk Microfine Glitter.

Let’s start with the card, although I must admit that I did actually the layout first and then turned the same steps into a card!

Step 1. Place a round mono-printing plate onto an acrylic block and brayer acrylic paints onto the surface. Quickly press an embossing folder onto the paint to pick up the pattern. (I used the “Bouquet” folder for the summery feel.) Turn the printing plate over to use it like a stamp; press the pattern to a card-sized piece of cardstock. Let the paint air dry or use a heat tool to speed the drying. Clean the printing plate.

Step 2. Add some watercolor around the printed circle to blend and blur it into the background as follows: Spray a little bit of water onto to the cardstock and then add wet paint. Use the same colors as in Step 1. Dry with a heat tool or air dry.

Step 3. Continue building layers to your background. This time use a stencil and inks. To continue the theme, I chose a floral pattern stencil.  Keep within the same color palette and work on top of and around the mono-printed area.

Step 4. Finish the background with some pencil swirls and stamped texture. Concentrate on the focal area to draw the recipient’s eye.

Step 5. Cut solid color and patterned papers into small rectangles and squares. Overlap and staple them together to create a small composition. Attach the cluster to the card using foam dots for dimension.

Step 6. Complete the layered composition with a stamped greeting, a flair button and die cut leaf. Use the same white cardstock for the die cut leaf and the stamped greeting. Layer and glue to the card as shown.

Step 7. For extra interest add some finishing details: Stamp, color and cut out some ladybugs. Die cut some flowers from Clear Double Sided Adhesive Sheet. When in place on the card, remove the release sheet and coat the exposed adhesive with Silk Microfine Glitter. Polish with a fingertip to bring out the maximum sparkle on the glimmering flower!

Step 8. Finish the card by adding the piece to a slightly larger piece of a patterned paper. Use the 3mm tape as your adhesive. Display as a flat card on an easel or as preferred, or add to a solid color side-fold cardstock card base.

Just eight easy steps and you’ve made a card! The number of steps is almost the same  for turning the same tutorial into a layout. The surface is bigger, at least if you’re working on a 12×12″ sheet, but otherwise the steps are the same. First add the mono-printing with acrylic paint, then the watercolors, and so forth.

The card can be used as a note to say hello, or make a birthday version by changing the greeting you use. I made the layout about me. I wanted it to have the same summery, flowery feel as the card and it is, in fact, about a birthday. I just turned 35 in the beginning of the month. So even though I love winter and snow, I’m a child of summer! As this layout is a very personal one, I took the picture of the layout without yet adding the journaling. That will come later to keep it private, but you can see the lightly drawn lines waiting for my words at the lower right corner.

If you want to see how I used the same steps to make the page, please see the video below!

As you can see, I use almost the same steps and products in the page as in the card. One thing that is different, though, is the self-made stamp I use here. If it looks a bit familiar, you are correct! I actually made it and the letters in an earlier post. You can see it here (link).

I hope I have inspired you with these two projects! Thank you for stopping by today and wishing you a lovely summer day…See you again next month!



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Four Cards, One Technique

June 11, 2017


Hi and hello! It’s Riikka here with another guest post. This time I have a bunch of cards for you. Since summer is time for all sorts of parties, at least here in Finland, cards may come in handy. We have christenings, weddings, barbecue parties and many other festivities and what could be nicer than bring a handmade card with a little something when attending!

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Dreamers and Dreams

May 28, 2017
Dreamers and dreams with Riikka


Hello there! How are you today? Doing fine, I hope! Today it’s Riikka here with a couple of guest projects. For these two I took inspiration from the Arrows and Dreamcatcher dies for a Native American feel. My first project is a layout, the second is a card.

The photo was taken a couple of years ago when I was on a local train, heading off to demo at a craft fair. If I recall correctly, it was my first time to demo at this event. Nowadays, I’m fortunate enough to demo there on regular basis. The warm tones of the photo and the gaze to the future fitted my page perfectly, so I did a layout that is about dreams and how to keep dreaming and reaching for one’s goals.

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Elizabeth Craft Designs General Els van de Burgt Studio Joset Designs ModaScrap Soft Finish Cardstock

Double Tutorial by Riikka

April 16, 2017

Hello there! It’s Riikka here to share two projects with you and they both come with a tutorial! This card has a step by step version and then the layout that I made as my other project has a video! Double treat, should I say! Like always both of the crafts use the same idea, steps, and materials but the form is just different.

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Elizabeth Craft Designs General Els van de Burgt Studio Krista Schneider ModaScrap Soft Finish Cardstock

Springtime with Riikka

March 5, 2017

Hi there again! It’s Riikka here with spring feelings! There’s still snow on the ground here, but the sun is shining more and the ever increasing amount of light really marks the start of springtime! Soon the birds will begin to migrate north and blooms will emerge and… well, it’s a wonderful time of the year!

To celebrate springtime, I made some ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) using green and brown – brown for the earth, soon to be revealed when the snow melts, and and green for the new plants emerging. I also made a layout using the same colors and dies and other supplies, but first let me show you how I made the cards!

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