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Live, Laugh, Love

August 12, 2016

Hi and welcome. It’s Sandy Diller here today sharing a fun home décor wall panel. I love mixed media and this was the perfect opportunity to get my hands a little messy and use my dies in a different way. I used lots of Shimmer Sheetz, fun foam, dies and gesso to create this panel. Hope you enjoy and will give it a try.

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A Way With Words Elizabeth Craft Designs General Pop it Ups Videos

I Love Summer

July 4, 2016

I love summer 1

Hello everyone, it’s Christine here from Susan’s Design Team. Well summer has finally arrived and that makes me very happy as it seems like we have waited a long time for this. Flowers blooming, birds chirping, peeps peeping and yes the warm weather….oh how I love it!

Today my post is a 6″ X 6″ pop up card using Susan’s CountryScapes dies for the pops. The Nantucket Arbor has been altered to give it a rustic look which is actually my style of gardening. If you came to my garden you would find lots of old watering cans, bicycle, wagon, wheelbarrow, old washing machine and old pails being used as planters and of course a little Yorkie. Enough about me and more about the card.

Let’s get started. The finished card is  6″ X 6″ .

  •  Cut White Soft Finish Cardstock 5-3/4″ X 11-3/4″, score at 5-7/8″, fold and open again.
  •  Using Karen Burniston’s Lots of Pops die, place on the fold making sure the alignment nubs are over the fold, then die cut.
  •  Using Susan’s CountryScapes Clouds & Grass dies cut templates from heavy cardstock.
  • Take cloud template and blue PanPastel (Phthalo Blue Tint used here) using a makeup sponge loaded up with color, lay the template at top of card and wipe across the template. Move template and repeat staying close to the edge of the template all the way down to where you want the grass to begin. When you get to the pop ups you will want to make sure the top of the pop ups are green grass. You can have as many or as few clouds as you want. Susan has a video on clouds and grass which can be found here.
  • Now take the grass template and Bright Yellow green PanPastel you will be swiping downward towards the template then slide template slightly left or right just until you see white again and rub sponge down again repeating until what is covered. Then move template down the paper and repeat to the bottom of the card.
  • Close card and work the pop ups folding them over at the score lines and popping them to the inside all but the very top small pop up which we are not using.
  • Cut Soft Sky Soft Finish Cardstock 6″ X 12″ score at 6″ and fold so the blue is the outside of the card.
  • Add Clear Double Sided Adhesive to back of the insert piece avoiding the pop up areas. Adhere to inside of card base. It is easiest to do one side at a time making sure to line up folds exactly.
  • Cut 2 Nantucket Arbors from brown cardstock. Cut off gate and narrow up the posts on inside of arch just a little.  If you place one on top of the other and trim both at the same time they will line up perfectly. Adhere 1 on top of the other. Cut 1 Oval grapevine Wreath from same brown cardstock.  Cut branches from the brown cardstock using  new Bouquet Stems & Branches die set. I cut the branches several times. Using clear drying glue add cut pieces to arbor to bulk it up a little. The curved pieces from wreath I used on the top of the arbor.  Some of the branches will stick out too far so just trim them off.
  • Cut Wisteria stems/vine from light brown cardstock twice adhere one on top of other with clear drying glue.  You can add a little ink for shading if you wish. Take a piece of white Soft Finish Cardstock and with 2 shades of purple PanPastels randomly sponging color over paper filling in all the white (you want variation. Violet Tint from set 1 and Violet from set 2 used here). Die cut florets approximately 10 times from this cardstock.  Lay florets onto a hard rubber mat (I have found that a Speedball Carving Rubber works very well and is larger than an eraser giving you more space) take smallest ball tool from Susan’s tool kit and slightly cup each one. Using clear drying glue attach in clusters (approximately 16-18 per cluster) to stem/vine. Glue to the arbor.
  • Using CountryScapes Woods 3 Wheelbarrow die set cut three wheelbarrows – 1 from dark brown cardstock, 1 from Through The Lens – Wood Series cardstock and 1 from gray cardstock ( gray one you only need the wheel and brace underneath the rear). Glue patterned paper one on top of dark brown one. Cut wheel and brace from  gray one then cut spokes out of wheel leaving just outer wheel glue on top of the patterned paper lining up the wheel and brace exactly.
  • From CountryScapes Backyard 1 cut geranium leaves and stems twice from green cardstock and geraniums twice from red cardstock. Lay the geraniums right side down on molding mat and using medium ball tool lightly rub the back of each giving it a little dimension glue to the stems then glue to the wheelbarrow.
  • From CountryScapes Backyard 1 cut watering can 3 times – 1 from black cardstock, 1 from Through The Lens – Metal Series paper and 1 from gray cardstock (you only need nozzle from gray). Glue patterned paper one on top of  black one then cut nozzle only from gray one and glue onto patterned paper.
  • Cut Yorkie from white cardstock using die from CountryScapes Critters 5 color using markers or PanPastels.
  • Cut 3 small ladybugs from white cardstock using die from Garden Notes Bugs & Butterflies then color using markers.  Shape slightly and attach to wisteria.
  • Using Clear Double Sided Adhesive attach arbor and wisteria to the two small outer pop ups. Attach the wheel of wheelbarow to very front pop up.  Using a pop dot attach  watering can to right front of the largest pop up and the Yorkie pop dot to the base of the wisteria.
  • Using Susan’s Seeds of Thought stamp Lie on the Grass and black ink stamp onto the grass area of the card.I Love Summer 2
  • From white Soft Finish Cardstock and using the two largest dies from the Stitched Squares cut a square frame add Clear Double Sided Adhesive to back and attach to front of card.
  • From Black cardstock cut the “i” using the exclamation point from the A Way With Words – Calligraphic Elements 1 die set trimming it up and cuttting the dot off.  glue to card front.  Using heart die from same set and red cardstock cut heart and attach to card front centered under the “i”. Using black cardstock A Way With Words – 4 Seasons die set cut Summer and adhere to card front.
  • Cut clouds from white cardstock and cloud die from Rainbow Sky attach one directly to card front and pop other one with a pop dot.
  • Cut Sun from same die set using either white card stock and color with PanPastels (which was done here) or cut from yellow cardstock. Adhere to card front using pop dot.
  • Cut Jasmine flower three times from white cardstock using Susan’s Garden Notes Jasmine die. Cut stamen from yellow card stock three times and cut several leaves and 1 stem from green cardstock. Using yellow from PanPastels set 1 shade center of each flower. Lay flowers face down on molding mat take small loop tool and pull down each petal turn over and with small ball tool push down in center to cup. Spread a little glue along the bottom of the stamen and  roll up. Fan out stamens. Add a little glue to bottom and attach to center of flower. Lay leaves face down on leaf molding pad and using leaf tool draw vein down center of each turn over and using yellow-green PanPastels add shading down the vein line. Attach to lower right corner of card front and  attach flowers. Add a few more leaves.


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

506  Clear Double Sided Adhesive

778  Karen Burniston Lots of Pops

808 Susan’s Garden 4 pc. Tool Kit

810  Large Molding Mat

811  Leaf Pad

988   CountryScapes Backyard 1

1011  Garden Notes Bugs & Butterflies

1085  CountryScapes Woods 3

1094  CountryScapes Cloud & Grass

1118  Stitched Squares

1129  CountryScapes Critters 5

1134  CountryScapes Nantucket Arbor & Picket Fence

1138  Garden Notes Grapevine Wreath – Oval

1151  Rainbow Sky

1154  A Way With Words  A Way With Words – Calligraphic Elements

1190  Garden Notes Bouquet Stems & Branches

1192  CountryScapes Wisteria Vine

1194  Garden Notes Jasmine

1199  A Way With Words – 4 Seasons

30115  Susan’s Garden PanPastel Flower Coloring Kit 1

30116  Susan’s Garden PanPastel Flower Coloring Kit 2

PSF103 Soft Finish Cardstock – White

PSF131  Soft Finish cardstock – Soft Sky

RS028 Susan’s Seeds of Thought Stamp – Lie on the Grass

TTL001 Through The Lens: Metal Series

TTL003 Through The Lens: Wood Series


Other Supplies:

Small pieces of white, green, dark brown, light brown, black and gray cardstock

Various markers for sun and dog

Clear & fast drying glue

Hard rubber mat

Black Ink


I do hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and will make your own card using the tutorial as your guide.  Be sure to visit Elizabeth Craft Designs for all your supplies.

Until next time Happy Scrapping!


















A Way With Words

More Fun Times with Fitted Frames

October 2, 2015


By Judi Kauffman

My last Guest Designer project for the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog (Fun Times with Fitted Frames, September 6, 2015) used three of the same die sets as this time – Fitted Frames 2 Curvy Rectangles, Leaf & Berry Branches, and Congratulations.

I thought it would be fun to keep going with the same dies to show how endlessly versatile they are!

I added two dies, a butterfly and the words With Sympathy. And I changed the palette from country-influenced folk art colors to muted shades of blue-purple, amethyst, and navy.


Butterflies have long symbolized the fragility and brevity of life so I chose them for the sympathy card. But butterflies are also a symbol of lightness and happiness, equally appropriate for sending good wishes to a newly-married couple or graduate so I positioned a pair on the Congratulations card as well.

Customize your cards!

*Change the sentiment, the color combination, the size and shape.

*Create a flat card instead of one with a fold and send along a Card Stand/Easel.

*Instead of butterflies, embellish with realistic flowers using dies from Susan Tierney-Cockburn’s Susan Garden Collection.

*Instead of realistic flowers, embellish with bold graphic flowers, berry branches or simple leaves using dies by Els.

*Mix in purchased embellishments.

*Take a more minimalist approach and stick with monochromatic or single-color tone-on-tone like the two cards shown below.




  1. Follow the basic general instructions from September 6 to create the cards. All cardstock elements are die cut from cardstock backed with double sided adhesive sheet. Both cards are A2 size.
  1. For the sympathy card, cut the words With Sympathy a second time from Blue Velvet Adhesive Sheet. Position the Velvet words slightly offset over the cardstock words to add dimension. (The cardstock words act as a pale shadow.)
  1. Die cut 3 Amethyst Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz butterflies for With Sympathy card, 2 butterflies for Congratulations card.
  1. Emboss butterflies in the Swirly Curves embossing folder. Lightly sand to reveal the silver color core of the Shimmer Sheetz. Gently bend butterfly wings upward.
  1. Secure the butterflies to the card front using a tiny sliver of a Tombow Power Adhesive Tab on the back of the body section, allowing the wings to remain dimensional and free of adhesive. (Use non-stick scissors to cut the Power Tab strips.) The wings will flatten when the card is in an envelope, but will pop right back up when it is removed! *Reminder: You must use a metal adaptor plate or Sizzix Precision Base Plate for die cutting Shimmer Sheetz, with the cutting side of the die facing the metal and the Shimmer Sheetz in between. The rest of the cutting plate “sandwich” is the same as usual for your machine.


TIP: Make extra butterflies to use on gift tags, barrettes, and other projects. Shimmer Sheetz is garment-quality Mylar (colorfast and waterproof) so you could sew or glue butterflies onto T-shirts, scarves, and other items. If using glue, Beacon GemTac is highly recommended. Use florist’s wire when attaching Shimmer Sheetz butterflies (or other shapes) to plants or flower arrangements.


Elizabeth Craft Designs –

1062 Fitted Frames 2 Curvy Rectangles

1074 Leaf & Berry Branches

1051 Congratulations

1060 With Sympathy

1073 Butterfly 1

SS0216 Amethyst Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz

803 Metal Adaptor Plate

E119 Swirly Curves embossing folder

407 Blue Velvet Adhesive Sheets

Clear double-sided adhesive sheets in size of choice

Other –

Tombow Power Adhesive Tabs

Non-stick scissors (for cutting Power Tabs)

Blue-purple cardstock (or color of choice)

A2 envelopes



September 17, 2015


Hi everyone,

It’s Frances Byrne here. Today I created a card which you could use for just about any occasion, using the new Flower Cluster 2, Small Butterfly and the Quietfire Hello dies. For the Flower Cluster, I used the inlay die cut technique.

Here’s how I created my card:


  1. Cut a piece of pink striped designer paper 5 inches x 3 3/4 inches. Die cut the Flower Cluster 2 in the lower left hand corner of the designer paper (white on the step by step photos above). Be careful not to lose the pieces of designer paper that would go between the flowers.


  • Layer the designer paper onto a piece of black cardstock 5 1/4 inches x 4 inches.


  • Attach a piece of Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape to a scrap of black card large enough to fit the Flower Cluster 2 die. Die cut. Remove all the petals etc so you just have the flower outline and adhere into the negative space on the designer paper.


  • Insert the pieces of designer paper that go in between each of the flowers which we saved when we die cut the flower cluster from the designer paper.


  • Adhere a piece of Transparent Double Sided Adhesive to the back of a piece of bright pink and pale pink card stock large enough to fit the Flower Cluster 2 die. Die cut the Flower Cluster 2 from each piece of card being careful to keep petals and centres in place when removing from die. Inlay the petals onto the designer paper panel so that you have 3 bright pink flowers and 3 pale pink flowers (refer to finished card for positioning).
  • Add Gold / Silver Glitter Dots Peel Off Stickers to the black circles that remain around the Flower Cluster image.

2.  Adhere a piece of Transparent Double Sided Adhesive to the back of a piece of black and bright pink card stock that is large enough to die cut the Quietfire “Hello”.

  • Adhere the black “Hello” to the top right hand corner of the card and then layer the bright pink Hello over the top of the black Hello so that you see a black shadow underneath.

3. Using the Small Butterfly die, die cut the following:

  • 1 Antenna from black card
  • 1 Butterfly wings overlay from white card that has been covered on the front with Transparent Double Sided Adhesive.
  • 1 Butterfly Wings Solid from Pale Pink Shimmer Sheetz.

Remove the Adhesive Tape from the front of the Butterfly Wings Overlay and attach the black antenna to the centre. Cover the remaining adhesive tape with Peony Pink Silk Microfine Glitter, remove excess and polish with your finger.

Adhere to the Shimmer Sheetz Butterfly solid image and attach to the lower right hand corner of the card using foam tape.

4. Adhere the designer paper panel to a folded white card that measures 5 1/2 inches x 4 1/4 inches using foam tape.



5. The inside of the card:

  • Adhere the Flower Cluster 2 Outline which was left over after inlaying the flowers on the front of the card to the lower left hand corner of the card.
  • Using black ink stamp the sentiment to the card as per photo above.


Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:
1055 Quietfire “Hello”
1072 Small Butterfly
1069 Flower Cluster 2
RS007 The Butterfly is Proof Rubber Stamp
0105 Light Pink Shimmer Sheetz
508 Transparent Double Sided Tape 64mm
616 Peony Pink Silk Microfine Glitter
7018 Gold/Silver Glitter Dots Peel-Off Stickers
Cardstock: white, black, pale pink, bright pink
Designer Paper: Sugar & Spice Studio Hootie 6″ x 6″ Paper Pad
Foam Tape
Black Ink
Pop it Ups

Z-Fold Butterfly Pivot

August 29, 2015

Hello my crafty friends! It’s Raquel Mason here today.  I want to show you how easy it is to make a smaller sized Z-Fold card.  The recipient will be surprised when they open the card to see the colorful butterflies pop out.  Let’s get started!

PIU Tri fold Butterfly Pivot

PIU Tri fold Butterfly Pivot open


1.  Cut white card stock at 4″ x 12″ and score at 4″ and 8″.  Place Butterfly Pivot die on the 8″ score line and die cut.

2.  Cut (2) pieces of white card stock at 1 7/8″.  Adhere both pieces to the back of the card, behind the butterfly opening.  Tip: this step is not required, adding card stock will just make the base more sturdy.  See bottom photo for placement.

3.  From scrap turquoise card stock, die cut the Butterfly Pivot and cut excess off so you only have the butterflies.  Adhere butterflies to base card.

4.  From pattern paper, die cut several butterflies using the companion dies included in the Butterfly Pivot card and Butterfly Accessories die.

  • Place the filigree butterfly die onto desired card stock and emboss using your embossing sandwich.  Doing this adds beautiful texture and interest to the butterflies.
  • Adhere one small butterfly to the center fold of the Butterfly Pivot.
  • Placing adhesive only on the bodies of the butterflies will allow the wings to have more dimension.
  • Add Glitter Dots to the bodies of the butterflies for a little bit of bling without added weight or bulkiness.

5.  Apply “Thinking of You” peel off to the top left corner of card.


PIU Tri fold Butterfly Pivot top view


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and feel inspired to try it out yourself.  What an amazingly beautiful card made using only 2 dies!

Happy Crafting,



Elizabeth Craft Designs:

767 Butterfly Pivot Card

773 Butterfly Accessories

7018 Glitter Dots

2580 Thinking of You Peel Off

Other Supplies:

Tempting Turquoise, Irresistibly Yours and pattern paper from Stampin’ Up!


Rococo Cards

August 25, 2015

Hi, It’s Marsha here. Today I’m sharing a couple of cards with loads of glitter and gold!

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: Rococo Cards

I recently visited the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin. The palace is heavily decorated in baroque and rococo style. I left the palace and its beautiful garden with heaps of inspiration!

I especially loved the look of the gilded plaster in combination with pastel coloured walls that are painted to look like marble.

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: Rococo Cards

The cards that I’ve created for this post are inspired by what I saw at the palace!

I’ve created a video to show you my process:

And here are the written steps to create the cards:

1. Start by covering a sheet of watercolour paper with water and then paint it with watercolours. I used a Dutch fluid watercolour called Ecoline. The colours will blend and flow. Let the colour pool in some places and drag it around with your brush to try and create a marble effect. Let the page dry completely.

2. Cut the watercolour paper into pieces of about 4,25 x 6,3 inches. Use the Tags & More 9 Sparkle die to round off one of the sides. Then use the overlay die with the dots to create… the dots.

Don’t throw away the ‘confetti’ that comes out of the holes just yet! Keep it in a safe place for the time being.

3. Use the Tags & More 9 Sparkle die to round off one side of a strip of Gold Metallic Shimmer Sheet to place behind the dots in the card. Adhere it to the back of the card.

4. Take a scrap of heavy cardstock (I used the same watercolour paper that I used as the card base) and die-cut a couple of butterflies, a Quietfire word or two and maybe a heart.

Cover each die-cut with VersaMark ink and then heat emboss it with gold embossing powder. Repeat this step until you are happy with the result. I heat embossed each die-cut twice.

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: Rococo Cards

5. Cut a strip of Double Sided Adhesive Tape to about 4,25 x 2 inches. Die-cut it with the Tags & More 9 Sparkle die to mirror the rounded edge at the top of the card.

Adhere the strip to the lower part of the card. Remove the top liner and cover the sticky with Solar Gold Silk Microfine Glitter. Tap off the excess. Burnish the glitter with your finger to reveal the awesome sparkle.

6. Decide how you want to decorate the card. I started by adhering the ‘confetti’ I collected from a couple of the cards first. Then I placed my gold embossed die-cuts and I added a couple of glitter details. I finished each card with small specks of paint that I splattered on with a black and a white paint marker.

7. Adhere the card to a slightly larger folded note card or back it with a second piece of rounded off paper to create a single card like I did.

Happy crafting!



Elizabeth Craft Designs:

713 Small Butterfly
1055 Quietfire ‘Hello’
1058 Quietfire ‘Thanks’
1066 Ornament set 5 coming soon!
1072 Small Butterfly coming soon!
1073 Butterfly 1 coming soon!
1074 Leaf & Berry Branches coming soon!
1077 Tags & More 9 Sparkle coming soon!
212 Shimmer Sheetz – Gold Metallic
502 Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape Sheet
505 Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape – 3 mm
638 Silk Microfine Glitter – Solar Gold

Watercolour paper
Watercolours or spray ink (I used Royal Talens Ecoline)
Embossing ink (VersaMark)
Embossing powder (American Crafts – Zing! Metallic Embossing Powder Gold)
Dot adhesive runner
Liquid adhesive
Paint markers (Posca)
Scraps of painted paper

Susan’s Garden Rose with Baby’s Breath

July 20, 2015


Hi, this is Selma Stevenson today with a beautiful rose from Susan’s Garden Collection. I love to create any flower from Susan’s collection, but one of my favorite is the rose. Once created, they are so realistic, you can almost smell them. Susan has three different rose die sets. For my card today I used Susan’s Garden Rose – 1 which is the largest rose.

1.  The rose was die cut using white cardstock then colored using Tattered Rose Distress Ink. A drop of the refill ink was placed on the Teflon Craft mat and water added to dilute the ink. Some of the petals were dipped in the ink, especially the petals used for the center of the rose and the rose buds. The rose buds were created with two of the largest rose petals.


2.  I love to add Baby’s Breath with Roses.


3.  To create Baby’s Breath, die cut the Berry Branch. The die cut branch is seen on the left. You can use the whole branch, but I cut off a portion of the bottom so it wasn’t too high behind the rose.

4.  Die cut a lot of the little flowers from the CountryScapes – Flora 1 die. The flower die used is shown on the upper right corner in the picture.

5.  Shape each little flower by pressing down in the center on the Flower Molding Pad with the smallest stylus from Susan’s Flower Tool Set.

ECD-SGDT-July-2015-Tut46.  Start gluing the little flowers to the “berry circle” on the Berry Branch. I used the self-closing tweezers from the Flower Tool Kit to pick up the tiny flowers, dipped them in glue, and pressed them down in the center with the tip of the leaf tool from the Flower Tool Kit.

7.  Glue more little flowers on the stem of the Berry Branch, filling in all the open spaces. Next, let the glue dry so the flowers don’t slip around.


8.  Glue additional little flowers over and on sides of the branch until you have a very full looking baby’s breath branch.


9.  Die cut the Paris Edge on a 6″ x 6″ piece of white cardstock.

10.  Emboss the Paris Edge die cut using the Spring Leaves Embossing Folder. Attach it to a 6″ x 6″ inch card front with the lacy side toward the bottom of the card.

11.  Die cut banner, seen at the top of the card, using the Agatha Edges dies.

12.  Die cut the hearts and the small ovals using the Accordion Oval Card die set. The hearts and two largest ovals were colored the same way as the rose using Tattered Rose Distress Ink. Attach the two ovals together with dimensional tape and glue to card.

13.  The Sunshine and Love sentiment was stamped using black ink on white cardstock then cut out with scissors. It was glued to the card between the ovals.

14.  Die cut the Small Butterfly. The solid butterfly was colored with Tattered Rose Distress Ink, then the white lacy butterfly attached on top.

I hope you have fun creating Baby’s Breath for your Susan’s Garden Roses!


Elizabeth Craft Designs – 

997 – Susan’s Garden – Rose 1

991 – CountryScapes – Country Flora 1

808 – Susan’s Garden Tool Set

RS001 Sunshine and Love Stamp

810 – Large Molding Pad

758 – Berry Branch

772 – Accordion Oval Card

713 – Small Butterfly

979 – Paris Edge

782 – Agatha Edges

118 – Spring Leaves Embossing Folder

Other – 

White Cardstock

Tattered Rose Distress Ink

Teflon Craft Mat



Dimensional Tape

Black Ink


A Way With Words

Best Wishes

July 17, 2015

BestWishesA 1

By Judi Kauffman

Thank you for inviting me to be today’s guest designer. My project today is a Best Wishes card. I offer it as an introduction to Suzanne Cannon’s new Quietfire Design dies from Elizabeth Craft Designs – A Way With Words Collection.

All twelve of the dies are so versatile. It would be SO easy to customize this project by changing the color combination or by switching to different peel-offs and embellishments.

In fact, you could change to another of the dies in the collection, too. The rectangle that holds the sentiment would need to be re-sized to fit the words, and the embellishments would be changed, but other than that the theory is the same:

1. Die cut words twice – once in Shimmer Sheetz and once in cardstock backed with adhesive sheet or in Velvet Adhesive Sheet.

2. Add the words to a solid color cardstock rectangle, overlapping them so the darker color becomes a drop shadow. Layer the first rectangle onto a contrasting border, also in solid color cardstock.

3. Layer a piece of paper from a castoff book onto the same solid color as used for the border in step 2.

4. Add this large rectangle to a 5” x 7” card base. Use foam tape to attach the Best Wishes rectangle.

5. Add Leafy Branch peel-offs and a Glitter Dot-encrusted Shimmer Sheetz butterfly peel-offs as shown, or substitute whatever low-relieve embellishments you prefer. (*Keep the embellishments flat or almost flat to avoid additional postage charges.)

BestWishesB 2

Design Strategies:

By using only simple rectangles the card can be completed in a jiffy! If you have more time, die cut other shapes for some of the layers.

If you’re switching to a different sentiment, change the color combination; use patterned papers, embossed layers, or whatever suits the occasion and the recipient.

For example:

With Sympathy would work better with a muted, respectful, tone on tone palette. Skip the sparkly elements.

Happy Birthday would look great in bright primary colors with balloons instead of a butterfly.

Congratulations is a long word and the die is not very tall, so I would change the shape of the card to a horizontal rectangle with a fold across the top.

NOTE: Some of the dies have words that are connected (Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings). The rest of the dies have individual words that can be configured on one line or more, and the words can mixed and matched among the die sets!


Elizabeth Craft Designs –
1050 Best Wishes
2598 Branches with Leaves Peel-offs in Black
0412 Big Butterflies Peel-offs in Black
7018 Glitter Dots in Black/Silver
Shimmer Sheetz in White (SS0102) and Yellow (SS0108) Iridescent
803 Metal Adaptor Plate
Double sided adhesive sheets and narrow tape
406 Velvet Adhesive Sheetz in Black

Other –
5” x 7” Kraft brown pre-made card with envelope
Solid cardstock in Red and Olive Green
Foam tape
Page from castoff book

Pop it Ups

Pop It Ups Wednesday With Raquel – Butterfly Garden Bench

February 18, 2015

Hello my crafty friends, it’s Raquel Mason here with Pop It Ups Wednesday!  With all the snow storms I’ve been hearing about I thought I’d make a cheerful Spring card to warm things up.  Let me show you how I made this card.

KB ECD Butterfly Garden Bench


KB ECD Butterfly Garden Bench open

1.  Cut yellow cardstock at 5 x 10 score at 5.  Place Garden Bench die on the score line and die cut.

2.  Cut stripe paper at 5 x 10 score at 5.  Adhere to card base cut from step 1.

3.  Die cut the following pieces.  See photo below.

Accordion Rectangle – from purple cardstock nest the two rectangle dies to make a frame.  Cut white cardstock using the smaller rectangle.  Cut purple cardstock using “Hello”.

Outdoor Edges – cut green cardstock at 1.25 x 5 and die cut with grass die.  Cut floral paper at 4 x 5.  Die cut in the middle using wavy edge to get (2) pieces that measure approximately 2 x 5.

Butterfly Accessories – see butterflies below

All Seasons Tree – see pieces below

Garden Bench – from scrap purple cardstock die cut Garden Bench and cut bench out as shown below.  Sponge purple ink onto bench if desired.

KB ECD Butterfly Garden Bench pieces

4.  Adhere purple bench over the yellow bench as shown.  Tip: keep card flat when doing this.

KB ECD Butterfly Garden Bench cover

5.  Adhere die cut pieces to card as shown.

6. Apply Glitter Dots to butterfly antenna, flourish on Garden Bench and floral pattern paper.  Apply Border Lines around frame on front of card and along bottom inside of card.  Apply Thinking of You peel-off following the wavy die cut shape.

KB ECD Butterfly Garden Bench side

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and feel inspired to try it out yourself!

Happy Crafting,


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

780 Garden Bench Pop Up

914 Outdoor Edges

773 Butterfly Accessories

972 Accordion Rectangle

781 All Seasons Tree

2580 Thinking of You Peel-Off

1167 Borders Assorted

Other Supplies:

Wisteria Wonder cardstock from Stampin’ Up!

pattern paper from Top Line Creations

green cardstock from DCWV


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