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Pop it Ups Wednesday with Sandy – Tea Time

February 17, 2016

Hi, it’s Sandy Diller here to share a gift I made for a friend who likes tea.  I constructed this box, with a drawer, using chipboard but you could do the same thing with any box, simply by covering it with patterned paper. The top folds flat for mailing and then pops up for use in the kitchen.  I combined the Hanging Charm Pull Tab die with the Cup Pop Stand to create a cute and useful gift.


Here’s how I did it.  Let’s get started!

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Pop it Ups

Pop it Ups Wednesday with Shelly – Steampunk Accordion Tunnel Card

May 27, 2015

shelly hickox accordion steampunk card open view

Hi all! It’s Shelly Hickox with you today to share my first Wednesday With tutorial. I saw an accordion tunnel card last year and knew there had to be a way to make it with Karen Burniston’s Pop it Ups Accordion dies. Thankfully, Karen figured out that, with a few snips, her accordion dies could be reconfigured to create this fun and unique card style. I decided to use her Rectangle Accordion die, along with the gear dies from her Clock and Gears die set, and ECD Hinge dies plus Shimmer Sheetz to create a masculine, steampunk card suitable for Father’s Day or a manly birthday card.

Here’s how to make one of your own:

shelly hickox ww step 1Begin by cutting an 8.5” x 11” piece of kraft cardstock in half lengthwise. Fold each piece in half to create two top fold cards. Die cut the folded card, dropping the folded edge below the cutting edge of the die, so that the top fold remains intact. Repeat with the other piece of cardstock.

shelly hickox ww step 2

Next, snip the connection points and remove the inner panels from the cards.

shelly hickox ww step 3

Fold one card in half. Find the center and snip a small notch on the inside of the frame, top and bottom, cutting through both panels. Repeat with the other card, but cut the notches on the outer part of the frame.

shelly hickox ww step 4

With the panels open and facing each other, gently bend one panel of the card with the outer notches and insert it through the other panel, fitting the notches together. Repeat with the other side.

shelly hickox ww step 5

You’ve just made an accordion tunnel card! Now, let’s start decorating it! First, mark the left and right panels front panels so you know where they are for decorating. Disassemble card.

shelly hickox ww step 6

Adhere a sheet of Elizabeth Craft Designs Adhesive to a piece of silver Shimmer Sheetz. Cut the Shimmer Sheets into strips of various sizes and shapes. Adhere the pieces to the left and right panels of the card that you marked before disassembling, trimming off any excess. Sand lightly. Use an awl or piercing tool to punch faux rivets along the seams. To highlight the seams, cover the faux metal with black paint and wipe off, being sure to protect the uncovered cardstock.

shelly hickox ww step 7

While card is unassembled, stamp wood grain stamp using dark brown ink. Reassemble card.

shelly hickox ww step 8

Cut gears from gold and silver Shimmer Sheetz using Karen Burniston’s Gears dies. Cut hinges from adhesive-backed gold and silver Shimmer Sheetz using Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Hinges die. Sand and antique with black paint in the same method as step 6.

shelly hickox ww step 9

With card assembled, add hinges to edges as shown. Punch holes and add silver brads.

shelly hickox ww step 10

Finish card by adhering gears as desired to the front and back edges of each panel. Tip! Use punched waste from the larger gears to create faux brads for the smaller gears. Finally, stamp man figure and pointing finger, color and cut out, and adhere to card.

shelly hickox steampunk card closed front view


Shelly Hickox Wednesday With Card Top View

The great thing about this dimensional card is that it folds completely flat for mailing, but turns into a one-of-a-kind décor piece that the recipient will be able to display for months.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and are inspired to make one of your own!


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

972 Accordion Rectangle

917 Clock and Gears

962 Hardware 1 – Hinges

SS 0212 Shimmer Sheetz – Gold Metallic

SS 0211 Shimmer Sheetz – Silver Metallic

502 Transparent Double Sided Tape Sheet 8.5” x 11”

Other Supplies:

Kraft Cardstock

Stampers Anonymous  Wood Grain Stamp and Paris to London stamps

Quick Grab Glue

Silver Brads

Brown Ink



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