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Springtime Dogwoods

April 29, 2016

By Jeanette Horner

Hello, its Jeanette here for Susan’s Garden Club. Remembering the old barn in a neighbors field, and every spring this beautiful old dogwood tree, bloomed so beautiful against the barn. I think of it in the springtime and wonder if it is still there.The limbs would fall across the old door, with the old iron hinges and old leather strap, for a handle. This inspired the card…
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Dogwood Shadowbox

April 20, 2015


This is Selma Stevenson with a very pretty dogwood flower shadowbox card created with Susan’s Garden – Dogwood dies. Dogwood flowers are either white or pink. I love the delicate pink flowers so that is what I have created for this shadowbox card.


 The finished shadowbox is 6″ x 6″. With the pretty lacy top, the height is 7-1/2″. On the side, I created an accordion fold so it will push down flat. The instructions are below.


1. Creating the flowers: die cut all the petals using white cardstock. Use the Leaf Tool from Susan’s Garden Tool Set to draw vertical lines on each petal. Then use the medium-sized ball stylus to shape each petal on the backside as shown in the photo above.


2.  To create the color of my flowers, I used the photo above to try and duplicate the delicate pink on the petals.


3.  Above is a photo of the dogwoods I created.


4. To achieve this coloring, use Rouge PanPastel (light pink) across most of the petal leaving the top and base of the petal white. Next, rub in Magenta PanPastel in the center, blending it well over the light pink PanPastel.  As a rule, I generally color my petals before shaping, but for this flower, I found it was easier to get the color in the middle by bending the shaped petal over my finger and apply the PanPastel with Fantastix Coloring Tool Brush Point.


5. Next, the four shaped petals (as shown above) were glued to the calyx (base) die cut piece. Once the petals have dried on the calyx, you can use the tweezers to add additional shaping.


6. To create the stamen, use the Fine Pointed Scissors (as shown above) to cut between each stamen projection to make them thin. The stamen is rolled and glued closed and placed in the center of the flower using the self-closing tweezers in Susan’s Tool Set. Once the stamen is firmly attached in the center of the flower, add Viva Light Moss Green Paper Pen to the tips of each stamen. Put a very tiny dot on both the front and back of each projection.


7. To create a shadowbox card that folds down flat, start with a piece of 18″ x 12″ white cardstock and cut it down to 18″ x 6″. To create accordion sides, score it at 4-1/2″,  5″,  5-1/2″, 11-1/2″, 12″ and 12-1/2″.


8. The picture above shows how the accordion sides are folded. To create the accordion folds, with top side up, create a valley fold on the center score line and a mountain fold on the two outside lines. Do the same thing on the other score lines. Crease the folds well with a brayer or bone folder.


9.  Use Susan’s Garden Patch – 1-1/2-inch grid die for the window.


10. The die was taped to the front of the card in between the score lines and die cut.


11. The grid die cut a perfect opening for the shadowbox. I did not use the little squares but did use the die cut frame for the inside of the box.


12.  Before attaching the Shimmer Sheetz to the inside of the card, the panels on the back of the shadowbox were adhered with Transparent Double-Sided Tape. To get the back panel folded exactly right, a piece of 6″ x 6″ inch cardstock (shown above) was placed in the back scored lines and then the back panels were adhered, creating a perfectly square box.


13.  This photo above shows how the back pieces overlap. A 6″ x 6″ inch piece of cardstock is glued to the back of the card to finish the backside.


14.  For a pretty background for the dogwoods, use Pink Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz and emboss using the Heart Strings Embossing Folder. The white die cut grid is glued over the Shimmer Sheetz (it is not glued together in this photo). Next, the shadowbox is pressed down in a flat position and the grid is glued in so it perfectly fit inside the die cut opening.


15.  To complete the shadowbox, use Purple/Silver Glitter Ribbon Branches peel-offs on each side of the opening then attach additional dogwoods. Across the top of the box, add two Paris Edges die cuts. Glue one to the inside of the front and the other is cut shorter and glued to the top side of the frame. A piece of glitter paper from the edge of the glitter peel-off is used at the top of the opening and along the bottom. I used some of the scraps from both the Paris Edge die cut and from the border peel-offs.

Shadowbox cards are very easy to create.  I hope you enjoyed this project!


Elizabeth Craft Designs: 
1009 Susan’s Garden Dogwood
808 Susan’s Garden Tool Set
809 Mini Molding Pad
802 Fine Pointed Scissors
1001 Susan’s Garden Patch – 1 1/2-inch grid & Mini Roses die
E112 Heart Strings Embossing Folder
SS0104 Pink Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz
506 Transparent Double Sided Tape
7045 Purple/Silver Glitter Ribbon Branches border peel-offs
979 Paris Edges

17″x 6″ card stock for shadowbox
White, purple (or any color) cardstock
340.88 Rouge – PanPastel (light pink)
430.5 Magenta – PanPastel
Fantastix Coloring Tool Brush Point
Viva Light Moss Green Paper Pen
Bone folder/brayer


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