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Dragonfly Ladies Dressed in Spring Pastels

April 19, 2015



By Judi Kauffman

Thanks for inviting me back as today’s guest designer. Spring is officially here, bringing the cherry blossoms to my hometown, Washington, DC, and giving me the color combination for my projects.


Though they grow throughout the city, including my neighborhood, the most famous cherry trees, given to the United States by the Japanese many years ago, surround a serene pool called the Tidal Basin near the Jefferson Memorial. Hence, the water-inspired blues and greens in the printed papers I chose. And there are hundreds of sunny yellow daffodils nearby, a legacy of Lady Bird Johnson, so I used yellow and yellow/orange markers along with the pastels to zip things up a bit. And what luck! I found a piece of printed ephemera with daffodils to use for one of my cards, and some ribbon with tiny pink blossoms to use for both of them.


1. Place Dragonfly Ladies Peel-offs (Shown: Silver) onto smooth white cardstock and color inside the lines, using alcohol-based markers in a palette of soft, pastel colors. Options: Choose Gold Peel-offs instead of Silver. Use the color-on-glitter technique if you want more sparkle.

2. Color outside the lines, all the way around the Ladies, using a coordinating pastel color. Cut around the Ladies, leaving a narrow border of the added color. This “halo” of color makes it so easy to cut around what would otherwise be very complicated shapes!


3. Emboss Shimmer Sheetz with the Lots of Dots folder, and lightly sand the de-bossed side. (Dots will be below the surface, not a raised texture.) Cut a wavy rectangle that will cover most of the top rectangle on the card front, as shown in Light Pink Iridescent, or for only a small portion of the card front, as shown in White Iridescent.

4. Assemble each card on a 5 x 7 Kraft brown card base, folded at the left side. Use the layouts shown in the photo, or arrange the elements as you prefer. Use foam squares for dimension under the ladies and between the layers of patterned paper. Use double-sided adhesive tape to hold the flat layers. (The larger rectangle measures 4.5 x 6.75, the smaller one measures 4.25 x 6.) Optional: Lightly distress the edges of the smaller rectangle on the card front with Espresso Ink.

5. Tip: The ribbon band with flat bow acts as a ground line so the Dragonfly Ladies appear to be standing. The band wraps to the back on the smaller patterned paper rectangle (the one that is popped on foam squares).


6. Add the small rectangular piece of paper ephemera, positioned at an angle beneath the Dragonfly Lady’s wing before popping the Lady in place. Accent the card fronts with Glitter Dots in some of the de-bossed dots. Add a trio of small Glitter Flowers (optional).


Elizabeth Craft Designs –
2556 Dragonfly Ladies Peel-offs 2 in Black
7018 Glitter Dots in Pink and Transparent
7048 Glitter Flowers in Transparent
SS0105 Shimmer Sheetz in Light Pink Iridescent
SS0102 Shimmer Sheetz in White Iridescent
E114 Lots of Dots Embossing Folder
802 Fine Pointed Scissors
Double Sided Adhesive Tape (any narrow width)

Other –
12 x 12 Studio Collection and 6 x 6 Watercolored Memories Collection Papers, and Watercolored Memories Ephemera Sheet – Ken Oliver Crafts
Floral pattern ribbon (Really Reasonable Ribbon)
ColorMates Smooth & Silky Cardstock
80# White (WorldWin Papers)
Foam squares; 5 x 7 Kraft brown cards with envelopes
ProMarkers in assorted pastel colors – Letraset
Cuttlebug or other machine compatible with embossing folders
Optional: Dye ink in Espresso and ink applicator tool or sponge dauber


Tags & More: Dragonfly Ladies

October 18, 2014

By: Judi Kauffman

Guest Designer Judi Kauffman is back with some Tags & More projects. There are two flat tags and a shaped-top card. She’s been mixing and matching again, using the decorative overlays from all three Tags & More die sets with the basic tag shape from Tags & More 1 – Lace. Here’s her how-to:

Thanks for inviting me back, Joset. I love the way the Tags & More decorative overlays and basic tag shapes can be combined among the sets. I had such fun mixing and matching the leftover bits and pieces, too.

For both tags and the shaped-top tag card:

Put the 3 Dragonfly Lady in Circle Peel-offs, 1 bow, and 3 hearts onto smooth white cardstock and color inside the lines. Cut out and set aside.


1. Lightly score 8” x 5” piece of spring green metallic cardstock midway (as if making a 4” x 5” card base) but do not fold. While the rectangle is still flat, center the basic tag shape die from the Tags & More Lace 1 – Lace set along the scored line and cut the shape. While still flat, cut the decorative overlay from Tags & More 3 – Leaves. (Save 2 of the leaves for the inside of the card and the rest for other projects.) Now fold the card so the shaped section stands upright, above the fold.

2. Cut a 3” x 5” piece of dark green metallic cardstock and adhere to the back of the card. Cut a dark green metallic basic tag shape to back the top of the tag. Cut a 3.25” square from dark green metallic cardstock and adhere to card front, set on the diamond (points at the top, bottom and sides).

3. Alter a 2” x 6” piece of Fire Opal Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz with Expresso alcohol ink and Gold Metallic Mixatives. Back with Elizabeth Craft Designs’ clear double sided adhesive sheet.

4. Using the metal adaptor plate when cutting the adhesive-backed Shimmer Sheetz, die cut four corner pieces, 3 4-petal flower-shape reinforcements and 9 quarter-inch circles, and the words Best Wishes. Die cut two more quarter-inch circles from Peridot Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz or bright green cardstock backed with double sided adhesive sheet.


5. Refer to photos; assemble the exterior and interior of the card. Add one flower-shape reinforcement and one small circle to the back of the card as a finishing touch. Use foam tape under the heart and Dragonfly Lady in Circle.

6. Add Happy Birthday Peel-off in Gold to lower right side of card front. Bend the words Best Wishes on the inside of the card a bit so they are on a curve rather than a straight line.

*TIP: Scroll back to Oct. 14 to see another mix and match shaped-top tag card using this same technique.


1. Cut a Tags & More 2 – Deco tag measuring 7.5” long from deep teal cardstock. Using the decorative overlay from the Tags & More 1 – Lace set cut the detailed area at the top of the tag. Set aside the negative pieces for the next project. Back the tag with a basic tag shape cut from deep mauve cardstock.

2. Cut just the two flourish scroll shape pieces in the decorative overlay die from scraps of deep mauve cardstock.

3. Cut a 6-petal flower-shape reinforcement and two corner pieces from Shimmer Sheetz prepared in step 4 of the Shaped-top Tag Card project (first project in this blog post).

4. Use the photo for reference; complete the tag. Glue the deep mauve scrolls next to the bow. Add Happy Birthday Peel-off in Gold, centered, toward the bottom of the tag. Use foam tape under the Dragonfly Lady in Circle, bow, and heart.

5. Add narrow ribbon.


1. Cut 5.25” long tag shape using Tags & More 1 – Lace basic tag die.

2. Turn the decorative overlay from Tags & More 2 – Deco so it is the opposite of the usual position and die cut the open areas.


3. Cut 3 diamond-shape reinforcements and two decorative corners from Shimmer Sheetz prepared in step 3 of the first project of this blog post (Shaped-Top Tag Card).


4. Use the photo for reference; complete the tag. Two scroll-shape pieces and one circle cut from dark teal cardstock are used on the front of the tag. The bottom diamond on the front of the tag is backed with the third diamond-shape reinforcement (a nice finishing touch for the reverse side of the tag). Use foam tape under Dragonfly Lady in Circle and Heart for dimension.

5. Add narrow ribbon.



Elizabeth Craft Designs –

951 Tags & More 1 – Lace

952 Tags & More 2 – Deco

953 Tags & More 3 – Leaves

785 Best Wishes die

2565 Dragonfly Ladies in Circle Peel-offs in Black

2577 Happy Birthday Large Peel-offs in Gold

803 Metal Adaptor Plate

503 Clear Double Sided Adhesive Sheets

SS0218 Shimmer Sheetz in Fire Opal Gemstones


Scrap of SS0220 Shimmer Sheetz in Peridot Gemstones

Letraset – ProMarkers in assorted colors

WorldWin Papers – ColorMates Smooth & Silky 90# cardstock in White

Other – Spring green and dark green metallic cardstock, deep mauve and deep teal cardstock; alcohol ink in Espresso; Metallic Mixatives in Gold; 1/8” ribbon in spring green and purple






The Color Purple

August 10, 2014

Our friend and frequent guest designer Judi Kauffman is back with a tutorial she’s calling
“The Color Purple” – interesting ideas, lots of inspiration as always!

Thanks, Joset. I gave myself a pastel challenge a few weeks ago, but I’m always happiest when using bright and quirky color combinations – especially if purple is in the mix. Royal purple, lavender, amethyst, violet, plum, mauve, lilac, orchid, I even like puce!

Instead of projects with detailed instructions, this blog post is devoted to having fun with the color purple. And my not-so-hidden agenda is to encourage everyone to use color combinations that are way outside of the comfort zone.

Purple can be the star of the show (vases, a dress).

Purple can be an accent (wings, a background or border.)

Whether you use a lot or a little, it’s a color well worth exploring in depth.

If you’re a novice just gaining confidence with your color choices, allow me to posit a few questions:

What do you notice about my color combinations?
What do you like, what do you dislike? Why?
What do you think influenced my color choices?

To answer the last question first: Everything I see is a potential source for a palette, but for these projects I looked at flowers (Mother Nature has the super jumbo assortment of markers in her studio!) and at art history (two of the color combinations have roots in Impressionist paintings).

How did you answer the other questions?

Color is a matter of personal taste. I find it fun to reach for orange, pink, red, purple and olive, someone else might find that combination jarring.

Could you learn to enjoy colors that aren’t what you usually use? Would adding them to projects one at a time make sense, or would it be more fun to jump off the deep end, make a big splash?

I asked you to take note of my color combinations so you can use them as shown, select only some of what you see, or reject them altogether and go in a totally different direction.

Spend some time with the color purple this week!

Play with markers, pencils, paint, spray mists, paper and cardstock (patterned and solid colors). If you wind up with finished cards or a calendar that would be great, but it’s not necessary. The projects aren’t as important as taking time to experiment. Outline peel-offs in Black make it easy and fun.

Keep going:

Pick a different color for each of the next few weeks. With budget in mind, add to your collection of pencils, pens, and other supplies a few items at a time. Many manufacturers sell open stock so you can buy only one marker or one sheet of cardstock and then buy more when you find favorites.


Elizabeth Craft Designs –

Outline peel-offs in Black
2560 Owl Circles
2556 Dragonfly Ladies 2
2565 Dragonfly Ladies in Circle
2566 Flower Cuties 1
2516 Asian Vases
2552 Balloons

728 Bunch of Flowers 1
758 Berry Branch
803 Metal Adapter Plate

Shimmer Sheetz
SS0216 Amethyst Gemstones
SS0218 Fire Opal Gemstones

Embossing Folder
E113 Hearts Entwined

Letraset –
ProMarkers in various shades of Purple and other colors

Worldwin Papers –
ColorMates Smooth & Silky 90# cardstock in White

Other –
Patterned papers and solid color cardstock, foam tape

Dragonfly Dancer Easel Card

May 29, 2014

Ecd dragonfly fairy stand up 1a P1060620

Hello Again!

It’s Debra. Here in Texas the flowers are blooming, the heat is rising and the dragonflies are starting to emerge in their beautiful iridescent colors. I saw one a few days ago shimmering in green hues dancing along the edge of the pool. It inspired me to color the dancer image from Dragonfly Ladies 1 Peel-Off and make a birthday card for someone special. I knew she would need to stand up to dance and an easel card would be perfect. The leaf image from the Stand Up Helpers die made my easel so easy! Let me show you how I did it.


1. Fold a 11 x 4 1/4 piece of purple cardstock in half at 5 1/2 making an A2 size card base. Score the top half in the middle at 2 3/4 to form the fold for the easel.  With a pencil, make a mark at 2 3/4 on the bottom half  for placement of the Leaf from the Stand Up Helpers die. This will become the stopper for the easel so it will stand up. Add a 3 1/4 x 4 piece of dark purple cardstock on the inside bottom half of the base. Die cut to leaves along the center through both layers. Erase the pencil lines.

Ecd dragonfly fairy SUH 1a 20140523_152101

2. To form the front of the easel, layer a 3 1/3 x 5 1/2 piece of green dotted pattern paper,
a 3 x 5 1/4 dark purple piece and a 2 3/4 x 5 piece of the base purple cardstock. Adhere the bottom half only to the front of the card base below the scored line.

3. Die cut a wreath from the Wreath Bow die in pink cardstock. Clip it apart as shown below.

ECD dragonfly fairy wreath 1a 20140523_154531

4. Adhere double sided adhesive to a piece of 3 1/4 x 5 3/4 piece of white cardstock. Peel off the liner and flip it upside down next to your adhesive covered piece. Place the Dragonfly dancer and accessories sticky side up on the release sheet.

ECD dragonfly fairy outline 1a 20140523_112502

5. Place the adhesive covered piece over the Peel-offs on the release sheet and press firmly to make sure the stickers attach well to the adhesive. Peel off the liner. The Peel-Offs should now be transferred. Cover the entire surface with Cool Diamond Silk Microfine glitter. Brush off the excess and polish with your finger to set the glitter and bring up the shine.

ECD dragonfly fairy glitter 1a 20140523_112816          ECD dragonfly fairy glittered 1a 20140523_113148

6. Color with Copic Markers or other alcohol markers. Remember that the glitter is now a non porous surface for the ink to adhere to. It’s best to have a light touch as it doesn’t take much ink to cover the surface. If you want to intensify the colors, let them dry before adding another layer.

Ecd dragonfly fairy colored 1a 20140523_120046

8. Trim out each image closely. To hide the white cut edges and make the pieces look more finished, color the edges with a black marker. Color with the back side facing you so if your marker slips it will not mark up the glittered side. Adhere the top of the tutu accessory piece to the image on the top edge only, then use a piece of foam adhesive so it will lift and add dimension. Here is a closeup:

Ecd dragonfly fairy pop 1a 20140523_122531

9. Ink the edges of the cut wreath with purple ink. Add on both sides of the dotted panel. Add flowers. The ones used on this card were left over from the White on White card I made using Bunch of Flowers 1 cut from vellum. I added a green glitter dot to each flower center on top of the brad holding them together. Add the dragonfly dancer on foam adhesive to the front. Add the accessory wings behind the popped up image. Add the small circles and dots from the Peel-Off for a fun backgroud. Refer to the image below of the closed card for placement.

Ecd dragonfly fairy closed 1a P1060632

10. Cut a 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 piece of pink cardstock and adhere it to the bottom inside of the card base below the Stand Up Helper leaves. Die cut Happy Birthday in purple and adhere to pink piece.
Add colored bird and flowers. Add green glitter dots to the corners. To complete pop up the leaves so your easel card will stand. Here is a side view:

ECD dragonfly fairy side 1a 20140524_152315

The Stand Up Helpers die really make the hardest part of an easel card simple. There are several cute designs to go with any theme. If you haven’t given an easel card a try yet I hope this tutorial will inspire you and guide you along the way.

Elizabeth Craft Designs products used:

792 Stand Up Helpers
731 Wreath Bow
728 Bunch of Flowers 1
738 Happy Birthday Large
2555 Dragonfly Ladies 1
7018 Glitter Dots Green/Gold
641 Cool Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter
501 Double Sided Adhesive

Other Products used:

Cardstock- Bazzill
Printed Paper-Jillibean Soup
Dusty Concord Distress Ink
Copic Markers- E02, V20, V22, V28, YG07, R81, R83, R85
Foam Adhesive
Black Sharpie Marker

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