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Pop it Ups Karen Burniston Designer Challenge – Artsy and Cutesy!

February 11, 2015

Hi, it’s Karen Burniston with the February Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. Each month I challenge my Designer Challenge team to use Pop it Ups dies for a specific theme. This month I challenged the team and two guest designers as follows: Artsy or Cutesy – Which way will you go? Feel free to do both. Cards should lean very artsy fartsy, with inks and textures and quotes about the soul (or whatever) OR very cutesy, like puppies and kittens and rainbows and sprinkles.

You’ll see a ton of inspiration for both genres today. Many of the team tackled both sides of the challenge, even if it was out of their comfort zone. I took on both sides of the challenge as well and my Artsy card is linked along with the other Artsy cards from the team. For the Cutesy side of the challenge I chose to make a Rectangle Pull Card with Rocky the Crab and I thought it would be fun to have Rocky doffing his cap (lifting his hat) when the card opened. By adding a window to the Rectangle Pull Card I was able to show Rocky in the “closed” position with the hat near his head. Then, when the card opens, the spinner pulls the hat and because I added brads to Rocky’s joints, his claw, arm and body are able to rotate with the spinner to make a really fun motion. Learn how in this video tutorial:

Here are some photos of the finished card. The hearts are from the Rectangle Accordion, the lips are from Props1, and the postage stamp, jewelry tag, arrow and swirlydo are from the Rectangle Pull Card.


Patterned paper is an excellent way to add an interesting background without having any catch points behind Rocky. Notice that the postage stamp is attached far below his range of motion so he can’t get caught up on it when he’s either opening or closing. You definitely want a smooth background for a card like this.


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supply list:

Other Supplies:

  • White, red & black cardstocks
  • Patterned paper – Bo Bunny Modern Miss “Selfie”
  • Fineline 20 gauge glue bottle filled with Lineco pH neutral adhesive
  • Twine, red brads, transparency, brayer, removable tape

Let’s see what the Designer Challenge Team and our guest designers, Tracy Evans and Sandy Diller, have created for the challenge. For all these projects I highly recommend clicking on the designer’s name to head over to their blog post where you’ll find additional photos and explanation for their techniques. You’ll find some amazing techniques on these blog posts!



This month I invited Tracy Evans to be a guest designer. I’ve admired Tracy’s work for years and she always has such an interesting way of combining textures and elements. First up is her Tags Pivot Card using the Clock & Gears die. What gorgeous colors!


Kelly Booth also made a Tags Pivot Card in an Artsy style combining a vintage color scheme with a Love You theme. The Heart Pivot Card provided additional accessories for Kelly’s card.


Shelly Hickox is known for her artsy Shellypieces and this Tags Pivot card is no exception. Shelly has combined the perfect stamped images with the Tags and Clock & Gears die to make this masculine card.Shelly_Artsy_Tags

Obviously the Tags Pivot Card was calling to a lot of the designers for the Artsy side of the challenge, but they all look so different from each other. Here is a pretty version by Karen Aicken, incorporating the Agatha Edges, Damask embossing folder and script Happy Birthday for an artsy elegant look.

Summer Hills-Painter also used the Tags Pivot Card, but cut the large tag into a folded card to make a double-big-tag pivot card. She used bright bold colors for her background to create an artsy cheerful feel.


Tracy Evans made two great Artsy cards for the challenge. This next one uses the Heart Pivot Card die and once again features Tracy’s signature combination of textures and collage elements. The staples and the wire are fabulous.


Kelly Booth also used the Heart Pivot Card but with a completely different look. Kelly added the Paris Edges in a rainbow of vivid colors. The tight script writing makes a perfect backdrop.

Kelly_Art_HeartSandy Diller made two wonderful cards for the challenge including this clever and artsy gatefold double Rectangle Pull Card. Notice her styling of the gear on the spinner inside the card – wings made from the lace butterfly in the Butterfly Pivot Card die set. So clever!Sandy_Art_RPC1Sandy_Art_RPC2

Karen Aicken‘s cards are always so full of sentiment, probably because she always makes them for real people. This masculine card for her son-in-law combines the Happy Birthday pop-up die with the tags from the Tags Pivot Card and edge dies from the Paris edges and Beach edges. KarenA_Art_Birthday

Frances Byrne, I am convinced, has every rubber stamp ever produced! We try to stump her with obscure themes and holidays and she always comes up with the perfect stamps. This is such a beautiful artsy Parisian card featuring the Eiffel Tower die, Paris Edges and Lorna Label.Frances_Art_Lorna

Fran Sabad made this artsy birthday card using a wonderfully elegant color scheme and the Doublehigh Katie Label Pivot Card technique. The Fancy Accordion decorator labels work perfectly on the doubled Katie.


Caz Counsell used the Fancy Accordion for a 3-page artsy botanical creation featuring various nature stamps and bling. Such a beautiful creation!Caz_Art_Fancy

Raquel Mason‘s artsy card gives great advice as well as being a lovely combination of colors and elements. The keys from the Heart Pivot Card are used wonderfully on the ends of the card.


Helen Cryer made the background paper for her Artsy card using a clever technique with embossing powder and an iron. She used the Lorna Label, Eiffel Tower and Clock & Gears dies to make this gorgeous card.


Donna Wright created this layered artsy Rectangle Accordion with textural tags from the Tags Pivot Card die and a shimmery Eiffel Tower. So pretty!


Shelly Hickox got very clever with her second Artsy card. The Rectangle Accordion was used to make the structure of this tunnel card and then Shelly made the trapeze lady fly back and forth on a clear support. You can watch a video of this amazing card in action on her blog post.Shelly_Art_Accordion

Karen Burniston (that’s me!) also tackled the Artsy half of the challenge with (naturally) an artistic bathtub card! I filmed a video tutorial on the background technique and you can read (and see) all about it on the blog post.



Raquel Mason made this brilliant Rectangle Pull Card featuring a shaker jar full of flies on the front and a Props2 balloon, styled like a frog (LOVE THAT!) peeking out.


Open the card and the balloon is attached to the spinner so it moves up to the top of the card along with a Hoppy the Frog, ready for a party. Raquel_Cute_RPC2

Speaking of parties, check out this adorable Character party courtesy of Helen Cryer. This rectangle pull card has lots of “peeking” guests in the closed position . . .

. . . then open the card and the use of spinners make the guests arrange themselves into a nice group. Yay!


Donna Wright used the Rectangle Accordion for a 2-page cute card featuring Buster the Dog. Donna always adds her signature miniature clothespins to her cards. Love that!


Sandy Diller made this adorable card using Q-tips to make the ewe! How extremely clever! She animated the sheep on the Lorna Label and embellished with the All Seasons Tree, Agatha and Outdoor Edges.


Kelly Booth is the queen of color! Check out her tie-dyed Adirondack Chair plus the very cool texture on Rocky. What’s super clever about this card is how Kelly suspended Rocky in the air using a clear L-anchor. (Click to her blog post for a photo of the support). Rocky is jumping out of his chair he’s so happy!Kelly_Cute_ChairFrances Byrne shows off the new Star Buddies peel-off stickers that perfectly match the Star Accordion with this cute 4-page Baby card. She added the Star Fancy Frame Edges and the Paris Edges and the words with ECD dies. So cute!Frances_Cute_Star

Fran Sabad used one of the Tags & More dies to make a small tag-shaped card and then animated Rocky the Crab (wearing the Props 3 Snorkel Set) inside the card with the spinner die from the Rectangle Pull Card. She also used the Palm Tree & Pail plus Beach Edges dies on this super cute tag card!


Caz Counsell rounds out the Cutesy offerings with this adorable 3-page Rectangle Accordion featuring House Mouse stamps. Awww! Caz_Cute_Rect

Once again the designers have blown me away with their amazing creations using Pop it Ups dies. Join us next month on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 when the Designers are taking on the “Make ’em Laugh!” theme. We’ll be making funny cards and the post will include another new card video tutorial from me.

Happy Crafting!

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Pop it Ups Videos

Karen Burniston Pop it Ups Designer Challenge – Triple Categories

January 21, 2015

Hi, it’s Karen Burniston with the January Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. Each month I challenge my Designer Challenge team to use Pop it Ups dies for a specific theme. This month the challenge was to incorporate dies from three (or more) categories in the Pop it Ups collection. Categories are: Accordions & Frame Edges, Pivot Cards, General Pop-ups, Pull Cards, Pop Stands, Edge dies, Characters & Props, Embossing Folders, and Accessory Dies.

For my project I took requests while attending the CHA show last week. Several people asked me to make a video for how to construct a stacked star accordion album like the one I made to showcase the Designer Challenge team. I also had some requests to explain the technique for making the Characters into sketch cartoons like on my Garden Bench/Poppy Card. I combined both those techniques to make a Happy Birthday Sketched Stacked Star Accordion card. (Say that five times fast!) My three categories are: Accordions & Frame Edges (Star, Star Fancy, Fancy, Fancy Seasons), Embossing Folders (Clouds) and Characters & Props (Rocky, Whiskers, Chilly, Honey, Buster, Hoppy, Dutch, Poppy, Props 1-4)

I used every Character and every Prop Set so you’d have a “go-by” for each Character’s sketch marks (not that I’m an expert – I just hash away with a pen until I like it) This would be a great project to simplify with fewer pages, fewer Characters and/or mix in some photographs, greetings, other dies, etc. This technique requires only heavy white cardstock, adhesive and a good black gel pen plus whatever dies you want to layer, trace and hash mark.




Elizabeth Craft Designs Products

Other Products

  • Bazzill Card Shoppe “Marshmallow” white cardstock, Zebra Sarasa 0.7 black gel pen, Fineline 20 gauge glue bottle filled with Lineco pH neutral Adhesive, Black baker’s twine


2015_Designer_Challenge_Team copy

Let’s see how the Designer Challenge Team and invited guest Sandy Diller interpreted the three-or-more categories challenge. Get ready for twenty inspiring ideas.

Helen Cryer created a very clever, colorful and beautiful hybrid card that features two Accordion pages with a Pivot Card in the middle. Categories: Accordions & Frame Edges (Rectangle, Katie Stars), Characters & Props (Whiskers the Cat, Buster the Dog), Pivot Cards (Tags), Edges (Outdoor), and General Pop-ups (Happy Birthday)


Summer Hills-Painter made this bright and fun Rectangle Pull Card using the Categories of Pull Cards (rectangle, balloons), Accordions (barn star) and General Pop-ups (banner). She created fun action inside the die through the use of a double spinner. (The spinner die comes included with the Rectangle Pull Card)SummerRPC1


Caz Counsell has another great example of the Rectangle Pull Card using the Categories of Pull Cards (rectangle), Accordions (star), Pivot Cards (tag) and Characters/Props (Buster, paw print and bone). She styled Buster with the positive pieces from the Detail Layer for an alternate look. The spinner die spins the star up into the card when opened.

CazRPCBuster CazRPCBuster2

Fran Sabad has mixed the Circle and Star Accordions together for a wonderful Grandfather Father’s Day card. I just love the color scheme! Categories: Accordions & Frame Edges (Star, Circle & Star Fancy Frame Edges)


Kelly Booth made this stunning 3-page Rectangle Accordion featuring the All Seasons Tree and Eiffel Tower. She used Glitter Dots on the tower decks – what a great idea! Categories: Accordions & Frame Edges (Rectangle), Pop Stands (Eiffel Tower), Accessories (All Seasons Tree), Pivot Cards (Heart)


Frances Byrne made this sensational park scene using the Adirondack Chair placed in the park instead of the beach. Whiskers the Cat is styling in a pair of shades. Categories: General Pop-ups (Adirondack Chair), Characters & Props (Whiskers the Cat, Props 4), Accessories (Palm Tree & Pail), and Accordions (speech bubble)


Helen Cryer created a “helencredible” card for the challenge. This one is a Katie Label Pivot Card and it’s gorgeous! Categories: Pivot Cards (Katie Label), Pop Stands (Eiffel Tower), Edges (Paris), Accordions (hello)


Shelly Hickox has made another amazing Shellypiece for this month’s challenge. She combined the Rectangle Pull Card with the Clock & Gears and Tags Pivot Card tags. The way the gears on her three spinners miss each other to open and close is very impressive. You can see this card in action on Shelly’s blog in a little video. Categories: Pull Cards (Rectangle), Pivot Cards (Tags), Accessories (Clock & Gears)

ShellyRPC1 ShellyRPC2

Raquel Mason created this absolutely fabulous Tags Pivot Card with a fun “Calling Dr. Love!” theme. There are so many wonderful details in how she styled Dutch the Fox. Categories: Pivot Cards (Tags), Accordions (speech bubble, heart frame), and Characters & Props (Dutch, Props1).

RaquelTags1 RaquelTags2

Donna Wright used the new Bathtub Pop Stand die to make the perfect pea green boat to animate The Owl and The Pussycat. She has so many amazing (and accurate!) details in this piece. Categories: Pop Stands (bathtub), Edges (Beach, Outdoor), Characters & Props (Poppy the Owl, Whiskers the Cat, honey), Accessories (Palm Tree & Pail), Accordions (Katie Label)

DonnaBathtub2 DonnaBathtub1

Caz Counsell was so inspired by Donna’s bathtub-into-boat transformation that she made another version, this time using the Bathtub on the Lots of Pops die for a traditional pop-up (versus a standing pop-up like with the Pop Stands). Categories: Pop Stands (Bathtub), General Pop-ups (Lots of Pops), Characters & Props (Rocky the Crab), Edges (Beach), and Accessories (All Seasons Tree clouds)


Karen Aicken made this adorable House Pivot Card, styled as a dog house for Buster the Dog. Categories: Pivot Cards (house), Characters & Props (Buster, bone), Accessories (Palm Tree & Pail, Holiday House), Edges (Outdoor Edges) and Accordions (speech bubble & hello)


Sandy Diller was extremely clever in what she did for this fabulous hybrid card. She used the Rectangle Pull Card but then cut the Tags Pivot Card into it! And then if it wasn’t awesome enough she added two spinners inside the card for more action. A video on her blog post shows the card opening and closing. Make sure you click over to see it. Categories: Pull Cards (Rectangle), Pivot Cards (Tags), Accessories (Butterflies)

SandyRPC1 SandyRPC2

Kelly Booth made this wonderful mixed accordion for her grandson, who loves superheroes. The first page is from the Circle Accordion and the second page is from the Star Accordion. These two accordions mix together just perfectly. Categories: Accordions & Frame Edges (Star, Circle, Star Fancy Frame Edges), Edges (Beach)


Summer Hills-Painter made this funny (or should I say punny) card using the Spiral Circle Pull Card die. What a great idea to create a little “scene” on the front circle. Categories: Pull Cards (Spiral Circle plus the spinner from Rectangle), Accessories (Palm Tree & Pail), Characters & Props (Rocky, lips, bow), Edges (Beach), Pivot Cards (tags)

SummerSCPC1 SummerSCPC2

Fran Sabad made a gorgeous wintry Spiral Circle Pull Card featuring the Paris Edges and ECD snowflake dies. So lovely! Categories: Pull Cards (Spiral Circle), Edges (Paris)


Kelly Booth combined the spinner from the Rectangle Pull Card with the Adirondack Chair to make an angled pop-up platform for Rocky the Crab. This is an easy way to add a different look to the General Pop-ups. Her waves are cut from the glittered lace technique. Categories: General Pop-ups (Adirondack Chair), Characters & Props (Rocky the Crab), Accordions (speech bubble), Accessories (Palm Tree & Pail), Edges (Beach)


Frances Byrne found the perfect paper to use with Rocky the Crab. By using the spinner inside the Rectangle Pull Card she creates the illusion that Rocky is suspended in the water. A second spinner animates the greeting. Categories: Pull Cards (Rectangle), Characters & Props (Rocky the Crab, Props 2), Edges (Beach), Accordions (speech bubble from Katie), Embossing Folders (Clouds)

FrancesRPC1 FrancesRPC2

Raquel Mason made this chic chien card featuring a French Buster the Dog, Paris Edges and a shortened Eiffel “bone” Tower. Categories: General Pop-ups (Garden Bench), Pop Stands (Eiffel Tower), Characters & Props (Buster, Props1, Props4), Edges (Paris), Pivot Cards (Tags)


Karen Aicken created another fun Rectangle Pull Card with Rocky the Crab and created her own ice cream cone using the party hat Prop with the All Seasons Tree cloud as the ice cream. Smart! Categories: Pull Cards (rectangle), Characters & Props (Rocky, cone), Accessories (cloud), Edges (beach) and General Pop-ups (happy birthday)

KarenARPC1 KarenARPC2

Well I’m inspired – how about you? These new dies are available now online and in independent craft stores around the world and thanks to the team you can see how well the new dies will integrate with your previous purchases. With Pop it Ups each new die is meant to enhance your collection and bring new possibilities. (Or should I say “pop-abilities”?)

Join us next month when the team is taking on the Artsy/Cutesy Challenge. They may choose to make a card that leans very “artsy fartsy” or very “cutesy wootsie”. Many team members are creating two cards to be able to try both styles. The compilation post and a new video from me will be posted here on the ECD blog on Wednesday February 11, 2015.

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Pop it Ups Videos

Karen Burniston Pop it Ups Designer Challenge – Pop it Ups for every month!

December 17, 2014

Hi, it’s Karen Burniston with the December Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. Each month I challenge my Designer Challenge team to use Pop it Ups dies for a specific theme. This month the challenge was to give year-round inspiration. We split up the months among the team so we could make sure that you have at least one inspiring card for every month of the year.

The Designer Challenge Team includes members from the USA, Canada, U.K. and Australia, so I encouraged them to craft for their own country’s holidays and dates (U.K. Mother’s Day is in March, Canadian Thanksgiving is in October and Australian Father’s Day is in September) so our challenge would be internationally inspiring. They did an amazing job!

August didn’t have much by way of international holidays, so it was the perfect month for Birthday cards. (My twins’ birthday is in August) I wanted to create a new twist on an old classic – the Explosion Card. This video tutorial will show how to make explosion sides for a traditional pop-up card. I used the Happy Birthday die in the video, but this technique would also work with the other general pop-up dies; Lorna Label, Lots of Pops, Lucy Label, Garden Bench and the new general pop-up being released in a few weeks at CHA. (Does the anticipation have you on the edge of your seat?)

Here are a few photos of the video project. For a card like this, where the inside is so spectacular, I saw no reason to do too much decorating on the front – a few stripes to tie in with the inside colors and then let the magic be in the discovery of the explosion pop-up card. After all, this card will most likely be displayed open, not closed.


To attach the twine I simply punched small holes on each side of the explosion, threaded the ends of the twine through the holes and then tied the ends in a knot.


I hung two Props2 birthday hats from the twine using tiny safety pins. I chose safety pins so I could seat the pins onto the twine and they wouldn’t slide to the middle. To make sure the hats could hang vertically, I made a slotted hole in each hat to accommodate the bottom part of the safety pin.


Anything that is attached to the “bellows” (as my husband John calls them) will also pop-up, so you can see in the photo below where I added a couple more Props2 Birthday hats attached randomly to the explosion side pieces.


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Other Supplies:

  • Cardstock colors – Charlie & Wheat, Bazzill
  • Thin Paper – Bazzill Miss Teagen Sue collection (older retired – use any other lightweight patterned paper)
  • Ribbon & Twine – Creative Impressions
  • Tiny Safety Pins – Advantus
  • Magnets – Basic Grey
  • Brayer, Fineline 20 gauge bottle, Lineco glue

11DC Team Album

Let’s get inspiration for a year’s worth of cards, courtesy of the 2014 Karen Burniston Designer Challenge Team and Guest Designer Sandy Diller.


Fran Sabad starts off the year with a shiny golden New Year’s Card. She used the Katie Label Accordion and turned it into landscape orientation by following the instructions in my video tutorial. So elegant!


Frances Byrne is our resident wonder from down under! She always makes the most amazing cards, and this Australia Day card is no exception. She combined the Spiral Circle Pull Card with the All Seasons Tree and then styled Honey the Bear as a Koala. G’card, Mate!

01FrancesSCPC1 01FrancesSCPC2


Raquel Mason used the doubling technique from last month’s video to make a Double Heart Pivot Card for Valentine’s Day inspiration. She also styled Honey the Bear as a chocolate bear. Perfect colors and styling.


Frances Byrne made this gorgeous Happy Chinese New Year card by mixing pages from the Circle Accordion and the Fancy Accordion with the Frame Edges for each album. What perfect colors and stamps!



Kelly Booth‘s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day so naturally she chose March and crafted this glittery green magical card. The Ring Accordion, Poppy the Owl, Props1 and the Clouds Embossing Folder all make an appearance, along with the ECD 4-leaf clovers die.


Helen Cryer is from the U.K., where Mother’s Day is celebrated in March. She made this lovely 4-page Oval Accordion card, also incorporating the Oval Dots Frame Edges. Her color and image choices are perfection, as usual!



You had me at amazing, Caz Counsell! I just love what Caz did for an April Fools Day card – everything is backwards, from the way the card opens to the greeting itself. But fear not . . . you can read it in the mirror if you hold it just so! AMAZING! I also love her choice of the Ring Frame Edges on the sides of the Katie Label Accordion (done Landscape style) to give the labels a different look.

Raquel Mason will make you smile with this bright fun landscape Oval Accordion Easter card featuring Hoppy the Frog dressed like a bunny. She also used the Oval Flourish Frame Edges.04RaquelOval


Shelly Hickox made a drop-dead gorgeous Mother’s Day card with a very cool technique for notching together gutted Oval Accordion pages to make a tunnel card. Can you see all the layers of goodness in the card? Make sure you click on Shelly’s name to see more photos on her blog. She also used the fence from the House Pivot Card and the banner from the Lorna Label die.05ShellyOval

If you notice a Landscape Accordion theme going on this month, it all started with a video tutorial I posted last month teaching how to convert the portrait-style Accordion Album dies (Oval, Katie Label) into Landscape orientation. Learn this technique on my blog post: Video Tutorial: Converting Portrait Accordions into Landscape. I am always so flattered when the team likes my videos enough to try the techniques.



Donna Wright is from the U.K. where they also celebrate Father’s Day in June. She used the Landscape Accordion technique with the Katie Label Accordion to make a World’s Greatest Dad card. What a great use for the ECD Wheelbarrow die!


Everyone needs graduation cards in June and here is some fabulous inspiration courtesy of Summer Hills-Painter. She used the graduate’s school colors with the landscape technique on the Oval Accordion, plus Oval Flourish Frame Edges. Check out that mini tassel!



Karen Aicken combined the Spiral Circle Pull Card with the Damask Embossing folder and the little maple leaf from the All Seasons Tree die into a spectacular Canada Day card. I love all those little leaves flying on the spiral.
07KarenSCPC 07KarenSCPC2

This 4th of July card by Shelly Hickox is patriotic and perfect. She used the Katie Label Accordion and Katie Stars Frame Edges along with decorator ovals and the banners from the Lots of Pops die. Notice the glittered banner behind the word celebrate and the occasional glittered silver stars in the Frame Edges.

shelly hickox pop it ups patriotic card


Sandy Diller always makes such amazing cards when she guest designs for the Challenges. This month is no exception with this fabulous tutorial for how to elongate the Katie Label Accordion die to make this 5-panel card for her friend turning 70. She cut SEVENTY candles for the card. What a great friend! The Agatha Edges and flourish work great atop all her interactive pages. Make sure you click her name to go see the tutorial.



Frances Byrne also made a landscape accordion, this one with the Katie Label Accordion and Katie Stars Frame Edges, to celebrate Father’s Day, which is in September in Australia. Having the landscape orientation gave her the right size panels for her perfect stamps.

 Summer Hills-Painter shows a great September Back-to-School card using the Ring Accordion. What a wonderful way to kick off the year with your child’s teacher. As usual, Summer picked the perfect combination of papers and elements.



Karen Aicken is Canadian, where Thanksgiving is celebrated in October. She made this lovely card using a technique first seen on a card by Raquel Mason, where a transparency on the first panel of a Katie Label Pivot Card reveals a greeting when the card is closed and disappears when opened.

Shelly Hickox mentioned that Halloween came and went before she got a chance to use this gorgeous Graphic 45 patterned paper. This challenge was the perfect reason to pull it back out and fussy cut all the scenery for an amazingly complex-looking, but easily-assembled Lots of Pops card. You can see a video of this card in action by clicking Shelly’s name.



Fran Sabad got very clever with her punches and fashioned a turkey to fit the Circle Accordion Album. On the front of her album (click her name to see it) she added the Ring Frame Edges around the circle opening – a very clever way to use those edges.


This is my original project from the video tutorial, which not only shows the technique for making the portrait albums into landscape, but also for how to style Dutch the Fox and Honey the Bear as woodland creatures instead of Characters. It’s all on this blog post: Video Tutorial: Converting Portrait Accordions into Landscape.



Donna Wright created a spectacular Fancy Accordion Advent Calendar card with adorable little jeweled numbered doors. Each door has a little image behind it, so you should definitely click over to see it. She also used every one of the frame edges from the Fancy Frame Edges and the Fancy Seasons Frame Edges die sets. This is AMAZING!


Caz Counsell wanted to show a quick and easy Christmas Pivot card for a December idea. She used the Katie Label Pivot Card and the Agatha Edges.


Karen Aicken made this fabulous Hanukkah card for her daughter recently. She used the Spiral Circle Pull Card and added little dreidels on the spiral when the card is pulled open. (Click her name to see the inside of the card)

Sandy Diller also made a Hanukkah card using the Fancy Accordion and Fancy Frame Edges and traditional Hanukkah symbols. What a gorgeous album!


Kelly Booth made this delightful 6-page Oval Accordion card recently featuring a variety of snowman stamps colored to perfection. She used the Oval Clouds Frame Edges on each page in her signature color (teal!)


So there you have it! A year’s worth of inspiration using Pop it Ups dies.

On a more personal note, I really want to thank everyone at Elizabeth Craft Designs, my amazing Designer Challenge Team and all my fellow crafters, customers and students for making my first year with ECD so successful. Joining this family has truly been like coming home and I am so inspired to bring you more innovative die designs in 2015.

Join us next year (see what I did there?) on January 21, 2015 when the team will be showing off new dies being released at CHA Winter 2015 in a challenge I’m calling “Triple Categories” (Mixing dies from at least three categories)

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Pop it Ups Videos

Karen Burniston Pop it Ups Designer Challenge – Red, White OR Blue

November 12, 2014

Hi, it’s Karen Burniston with the November Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. Each month I challenge my Designer Challenge team to use Pop it Ups dies for a specific theme. This month the challenge was to make monochromatic cards using three possible color schemes – all red, all white or all blue. The designers were given the option to mix in some neutrals if needed.

Several of the designers elected to do more than one of the colors and many of them did all three color schemes, so you are in for a treat when you scroll down to their amazing creations.

For my project I wanted to teach a fun technique for doubling the Pivot Card dies. This is a technique that will work with any of the Pivot Card designs and to prove the point, I did three cards (all three color schemes) with three different Pivot Card dies and a video tutorial for each card! (Go me!!!)

For my all-white card I chose to use the Evergreen Pivot Card.  Here are some photos of the finished card:



One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that I took a white Sharpie paint pen to the silver bows and the glitter dots to add more white accenting on the card.


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies

Other Supplies: 7gypsies patterned paper, Duck shelf liner, white acrylic paint, Bazzill Salt Dotted Swiss cardstock, Sharpie white paint pen, corrugated paper, ribbon

Next up, my all-blue card, featuring a Katie Label Double Pivot Card

PinKatieDoublePivot KatieDoubleFront KatieDoubleCloseup

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies

Other Supplies: Powdered Blue Shimmer Cardstock – TPC Studio, Grasscloth (stash item), “What’s the word?” stamp – Texana Designs, “Just Popping Up” stamp – Rubbernecker, black ink

And last for me, my all-red card, featuring a Heart Double Pivot Card

PinHeartDoublePivot HeartDoubleFront HeartDoubleTwine

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies

Other Supplies: “Merriment” Paper Stash – Advantus, Metal heart charms (stash item), Bazzill Pomegranate Cardstock, red brads, baker’s twine

DC Team

Ready to feel incredibly inspired by the Designer Challenge Team and Guest Designer? Make sure you click on the name of the designer to head to her blog post for each card. You’ll find additional photos, supply lists and additional instructions on the individual blog posts.


Kelly Booth made this crisp Ring Accordion featuring Shimmer Sheetz, embossed accent panels and glittered frame edges.


Karen Aicken used the Spiral Circle Pull Card die plus the Outdoor Edges to make a rich red card and then embellished with a Honey the Bear Character, also cut from red. Adorable!


Fran Sabad chose the perfect combination of red patterns, stamps and the Lorna Label Pop it ups die for this fun Happy Christmas card. An all-red card calls for the man in red!


Frances Byrne chose gold ornament peel-off stickers to accent her all-red card and the results are very rich and elegant. She used the Katie Label Pivot Card and ECD Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dies.


Donna Wright used the Lorna Label pop-up die for the structure of her card and then turned the decorator dies from the Ring Accordion to make the fun ornaments. The combination of different red tones and patterns is so festive!RedDonnaLorna

Caz Counsell made this card for Remembrance Sunday, coloring a single red poppy in the stamp. The Lorna Label pop-up die is perfect for any occasion since it is completely generic. RedCazLorna


Caz Counsell shows off Honey the Bear styled as a glittery polar bear for her all-white card. She cleverly pressed the “Happy” die from the Happy Birthday pop-up into the cardstock using a silicone mat underneath so it would only emboss, not cut. How clever!

Frances Byrne has combined textures perfectly on this all-white Spiral Circle Pull Card with glittery snowflakes. So elegant and beautiful!

WhiteFrancesSCPC1 WhiteFrancesSCPC2

Fran Sabad used the Evergreen Pivot Card with the tripling technique for this beautiful all-white card. I love her combination of different embossed patterns for texture.


Helen Cryer has many amazing skills and crafting in all white is clearly one of them. This wonderland of white layers is amazing. She used the Evergreen Pivot Card, but also the Clouds Embossing Folder, Holiday House and Outdoor Edges.


Karen Aicken also used the Evergreen Pivot Card but chose to use an embossing folder on the trees instead of the built-in embossed texture. Her striking glitter dot snowflakes and patches of glitter make for a sparkly elegant scene.


Kelly Booth combined the Clouds Embossing Folder with the Oval Clouds Frame Edges on this wintry Oval Accordion card. Her use of white Shimmer Sheetz is fun, as they catch the light in interesting ways. Poppy the Owl, Evergreen Pivot Card and Outdoor Edges completed the scenery.


Raquel Mason did something very cool with the Holiday House die for her all-white card . . . she remodeled and enlarged it! Who doesn’t need a bigger house for the holidays? The die used for her pop-up is the Lucy Label and she also embellished with the Agatha Edges.


Shelly Hickox made this stunning 3-page Circle Accordion with Square w/Circle Frame Edges and then suspended little 3D Evergreens in the outer panels. Wow!


Summer Hills-Painter made this vision of shimmery loveliness using the Happy Birthday Pop it Ups die and the Trendy Tiles 2 Embossing folder.



Fran Sabad made this wintry vision of a Birthday card combining the Garden Bench, a snowy All Seasons Tree, and the script Happy Birthday dies arranged along a curved edge. So pretty!


Caz Counsell used her clever idea for pressing dies into the cardstock instead of cutting them to make a flower border for the left side of her card. This Katie Label Pivot Card is perfect in its simplicity.


Frances Byrne is the master of mixed accordions. Here she has combined two Circle Accordion pages with a Fancy Accordion page and used the dots Frame Edges for each respective page. I love how she swaps the light/dark colors when she does this. She also used the Crystal Flowers dies – gorgeous!BlueFrancesCircleFancy

Helen Cryer made this vision of loveliness using the Butterfly Pivot Card and the Butterfly Accessory dies. She really captured the movement with her layers of butterflies. So pretty!


Karen Aicken created one of my favorite all-time KA cards with this blue winter scene. She used the doubling technique with the Lorna Label die and then filled in with wintry All Seasons Tree and a blue-silver Dutch the Fox.


Kelly Booth used the Evergreen Pivot Card for her all-blue card and used Shimmer Sheetz for the decorator pieces. She mentions in her blog post that this design is easily reproducible for multiples. It’s very striking!


Raquel Mason crafted the perfect card for when you’re feeling “blue” and missing someone. She placed her blue Honey the Bear on the Garden Bench die and embellished with clouds from the All Seasons Tree.


Sandy Diller is guest designing again this month and made this super fun all-blue double Spiral Circle Pull Card featuring the gears from the Clock and Gears die and Hoppy the Frog, complete with gear eyes! Check out her blog post for a tutorial.

BlueSandy1 BlueSandy2

So there you have it – plenty of inspiration for making monochromatic magic! Join us next month when the Designers are taking on the Pop it Ups for Every Month challenge. You will see at least one idea for every month of the year. All of their creations, plus a new card and video from me will be posted on Wednesday, December 17, 2014.

Happy Crafting!

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Pop it Ups

Karen Burniston Pop it Ups Designer Challenge – Make it Manly

October 15, 2014

Hi, it’s Karen Burniston with the October Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. Each month I challenge my Designer Challenge team to use Pop it Ups dies for a specific theme. This month the challenge was to make cards suitable for the men and boys in our lives.

Normally you would also see a new card and video from me, but then this happened…

Thankfully it all worked out and we arrived home in the early hours of this morning. Gonzalo was only a tropical storm when he passed over the island, but later strengthened into a hurricane. There were straggling black clouds hurrying to catch up the next morning, but otherwise the skies turned bright and sunny and the airport reopened.

St Kitts Sunrise

My card and video is delayed, but luckily my amazing team of ten designers, plus a guest designer, are providing fabulous inspiration this month for your masculine cards. For each card you can click on the designer’s name to visit her blog post, where you will find additional photos, supply lists and (in some cases) instructions for the cards.


Many of the designers this month chose to use the Spiral Circle Pull Card die for their masculine cards.

Summer Hills-Painter made this hilarious “Shake your Booty!” card that is wonderfully interactive. I love that you can see his disco hand in both positions. Plus, his booty really shakes!



I’m happy to welcome back Sandy Diller as a guest designer for the challenge this month. Sandy combined the Spiral Circle Pull Card with the Clock & Gears die set. Notice her clever use of all the knock-out numbers peppered all over the card and the flying gears effect created by using the spiral. What a perfect sentiment to use for this card!

Sandy_Vintage Card1 Sandy_vintage card 3

Frances Byrne also used the same two dies – Spiral Circle Pull Card and Clock & Gears, but the results look completely different. Frances also found the perfect patterned paper to go with her “Make Every Moment Count” card. Notice the word “Time” is visible in the closed position. Clever!



This next card is extremely clever and fun. Donna Wright reproduced a Westminster clock for her masculine card. She shaped the outer portions of the clock with the Outdoor Edges and embellished with the Agatha Edges. Her signature tiny clothespins are used as clock weights.

Donna_Clock1 Donna_Clock2


The brand-new Happy Birthday Pop-up die is now available and the designers have provided some wonderful ideas for it.

Shelly Hickox is the queen of faux finishes and this card is no exception. She creates leather and metal and rivets and faux eyelets and she explains it all! Definitely check out her blog post to see more of this Shellypiece.

shelly hickox pop it ups aviation birthday card

The first time I met Raquel Mason it was at a store in Florida where I was teaching classes. She brought some of her cards to show me and I was blown away. Check out this clever creation using Shimmer Sheetz as a mirror to reflect the Happy Birthday in the mirror. Raquel also lengthened the poles from the Lots of Pops die by stopping the cutting pad short of the end of the die and cutting the bottoms with scissors. Fabulous!


Karen Aicken also used the Happy Birthday pop-up die, but added pen outlining around the words for definition. What a great tip! You’ll want to click over to Karen’s blog post to see the front of this card, which is also very masculine!


Karen Aicken made another card for the challenge and chose to do a card for a younger boy. This one is a Lorna Label pop-up card using the doubling technique. She used some of the brand new Puppies Peel-off Stickers and added the birthday hat from the Props 2 die set. What a great idea! She also used the script word dies from the Happy Birthday set to create the greeting.


What could be more masculine than cowboys? Helen Cryer made this great Lorna Label pop-up card with the perfect combination of papers. Love the denim on the pop-up!


Kelly Booth also chose to make a little boy’s card and used both of the brand new Character dies – Honey the Bear and Dutch the Fox. She also used the new birthday-themed Props2. The front of her card features the Outdoor Edges combined to make a great dirt and grass ground. Honey the Bear holds the present from the Evergreen Pivot Card.


The inside of Kelly’s card is just as bright and fun as the outside. Dutch is sitting on the Lorna Label Pop-up die and Kelly used the decorator dies from the new Happy Birthday pop-up to create the greeting.


Another great card for a man or boy is this sensational Dr. Who-inspired card by Raquel Mason. She was very clever using pieces of the Holiday House to create the Tardis. She also used the gears from the Clock & Gears die set.

Raquel_Doctor Who Tardis

The interior of Raquel’s card uses the Lots of Pops to animate a Dalek, created from the new Tags & More die set plus more gears and the speech bubble from the Lorna Label set. Such a fabulous creation!

Raquel_Doctor Who Dalek


Kelly Booth made a fun Katie Label Pivot Card for her husband as an anniversary card. I love how Kelly combined the decorator hearts from several Pop it Ups dies on this card. Pivot Cards are the quickest of the interactive card dies and since the same decoration pivots from the front of the card to the interior of the card, crafters often choose Pivot Card dies when they want double-duty decoration.


Fran Sabad used the same Katie Label Pivot Card die as Kelly, but she used a folding technique to double the height of the label so she would have more real estate for decorating. She added circle decorations in a nautical theme – very masculine!


Speaking of Katie Labels – did you know that the same shape (the Katie Label) is offered as a Pivot Card die (see the two examples above) but also as an Accordion Die (see the three samples below)? The die sets have different mechanisms (pivot cards are not the same as accordions) but because the shapes are the same, the decorator dies from both sets can be mixed together. They do not duplicate.

Frances Byrne made this brilliant 3-page Katie Label Accordion as a Father’s Day card. What a perfect stamp for page 2! She also used the Katie Stars Frame Edges on the second page. Love this!


I never met a pun that I didn’t like, so this next card by Fran Sabad is right up my alley. She made a 2-page Katie Label Accordion using the Katie Holly Frame Edges, a giant ‘stache’d Nutcracker, and a greeting to fit. Notice the fun detailing on the Nutcracker’s hat!


Caz Counsell also used the Katie Label Accordion for this hilarious birthday card featuring the Katie Stars Frame Edges as well. Caz chose the perfect masculine colors for this card.

Caz_mens card insde

I know that I’m inspired by all these great ideas, how about you? Now I know what you’re thinking – men and boys are not always appreciative of handmade cards. Ah, but interactive cards appeal to their mechanical sides and they will be quite impressed with your crafty abilities when you present a Pop it Ups card!

My final teaching trip of the year is coming up next week. I’ll be heading to North and South Carolina and here is a video preview of the cards I’ll be teaching. Head over to my blog post for links to the stores.

I’ll be back next month on November 12th with the RED, WHITE OR BLUE challenge. No, we’re not making patriotic cards – we’re making single-color cards! This is the all-white, all-red or all-blue challenge and the designers may choose which color to use. It should be a really fun challenge.

Happy Crafting!

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Pop it Ups Videos

Karen Burniston Pop it Ups Designer Challenge – Christmas in July

July 16, 2014

Hi, it’s Karen Burniston with the July Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. Each month I challenge my Designer Challenge team to use Pop it Ups dies for a specific theme. This month the challenge was Christmas in July (or other winter holiday) and I made a second optional challenge to design a second card as a simple reproducible design. You’re going to love what they came up with for both parts of the challenge!

For my project, I wanted to teach a fun hybrid card called a Pivot Accordion, where I cut the Evergreen Pivot Card into the pages of the Fancy Accordion Album. Watch the video to learn this technique, which would also work with the Katie Label Accordion and House Pivot Card.

Here are some photos and additional details about the project made in the video. One of the nice things about all the pieces in the Holiday House die is that they can be combined in different ways to make smaller houses, too. For the front of the card I used just the smaller house, roof, door-as-a-chimney and window.




When the card is opened you’ll see the full size Holiday House on Page 1, using all ten dies in the set. You can watch me assemble the Holiday House in this video:

Here is a top view of the Pivot Accordion plus a close-up of the trees. I didn’t mention this in the video but I used Copic markers to tint the glitter dots the same purple and blue colors as in the papers.

Pivot_Acc_TopView Pivot_Acc_Trees

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Other Supplies: White cardstock, Echo Park “Winter Wishes” Patterned papers, gray ink

Let’s check in with the amazing Designer Challenge Team to see what they came up with for both simple and not-so-simple holiday cards. Each one of these creations is featured with more photos, information, supply lists and general instructions on the designers’ personal blogs. Click each name to see the blog posts for each card.

11DC Team Album


Did you know that there are currently 33 dies in the Pop it Ups Collection and of those, only 15 of them are interactive card dies?  The other 18 dies are accessory dies that will work great with the pop-ups, but can also be used on their own for flat cards and layouts.

Fran Sabad chose the new Outdoor Edges for a classy white and silver card front featuring a greeting stamp that works perfectly with the evergreen tree edge die. She cut the same edge from silver foil cardstock and offset it slightly behind the white one to create a detail shadow. What a great tip!



Donna Wright has an absolutely brilliant idea for maximizing card yield by using both the positive and negative sides of two die cuts, the Outdoor Edges and Merry Christmas dies. These are cards that would be both efficient and inexpensive to produce in multiples.

2_S_Donna_Flat2 2_S_Donna_flat


Caz Counsell used the new Chilly the Penguin die for this fun card front, also featuring the Outdoor Edges, the leaf from the Spiral Circle Pull Card, and a label made with the Agatha Edges. So sweet! 



The new Evergreen Pivot Card is the fifth Pivot Card in the Pop it Ups collection. These dies are popular for their ease of use and for the way that they decorate the exterior and interior of the card with the same pivoting item. Many of the team chose to use Pivot Cards this month. Let’s see what they made.

Summer Hills-Painter used the Katie Label Pivot Card for a simple design suitable for any holiday. Here she shows both Christmas and Hanukkah. The snowflakes came from two other Pop it Ups die sets – the All Seasons Tree (smallest snowflake) and the new Spiral Circle Pull Card (two larger snowflakes). I always like to remind people that the accessory dies in Pop it Ups die sets are meant to be shared! Mix and match!

3_S_Summer_Katie_Xmas 3_S_Summer_Katie_Hanukkah

Raquel Mason shows that with the Evergreen Pivot card’s included decorator dies, you don’t need anything else! She made this entire simple, yet dynamic Christmas card using just the Evergreen Pivot Card set, which comes with the pivot card, three decorator trees, a die to cut 9 small ornaments, a die to cut 4 stars, a present and ribbon.


Karen Aicken went a different route with the Evergreen Pivot card, focusing on an outdoor holiday scene with simple embossed green trees. She also used the snowflakes from the Spiral Circle Pull Card and the Outdoor Edges. These three die sets are used together on a lot of the challenge cards  this month. In the same blog post, Karen made a second Evergreen Pivot Card using glitter lines in fun designs to decorate the trees.



Helen Cryer used the same three dies as Karen’s green card – Evergreen Pivot Card, Outdoor Edges and the snowflakes from the Spiral Circle Pull Card. But check out the difference, not only between Helen’s card and Karen’s card, but between Helen’s card and Helen’s second, same-design-but-different-papers card! Ah the beauty of die cutting, where the colors, theme, textures, patterns and (in the case of Pop it Ups) placement is all up to YOU!

3_S_Helen_Evergreen1 3_S_Helen_Evergreen2

Caz Counsell and Frances Byrne also used the same three dies – Evergreen Pivot Card, Outdoor Edges and the snowflakes from the Spiral Circle Pull Card. They even chose similar stamps and themes, yet their cards are so unique. Caz chose to decorate her trees with the built-in emboss features and a few glittered ornaments. . .


. . . whereas Frances chose patterned paper and brightly colored ornaments and stars. Both cards are knock outs!


I’m sure you’ve already decided that the Evergreen Pivot Card is a must-have, but to seal the deal, check out how well it works with the tripling technique in this card by Fran Sabad. Once again you’re seeing the Outdoor Edges and the snowflakes from the Spiral Circle Pull Card used perfectly with the Evergreen Pivot Card. I just love Fran’s choice of red stars atop the trees.


Shelly Hickox used the Evergreen Pivot Card’s decorator trees to make 3D trees that can still fold flat for mailing. You’ll definitely want to check out her blog post to see a video of this card being opened. The Outdoor Edges work perfectly to create the rolling hills.


Summer Hills-Painter created a very unique card using the doubling technique with the House Pivot Card die to create a double fence pivot card. Then she bent the outer portions of the fences back in line with the card so they are only revealed when the card is opened. Behind the fence she added the largest Evergreen Pivot Card decorator tree, cut from Honeypop paper to make an expanding 3D tree. The new Holiday House die set finishes off this masterpiece.




The new Lorna Label pop-up die is the fourth die in the category of “general” pop-up, joining the Garden Bench, Lucy Label and Lots of Pops. General pop-ups are the traditional style where the pop-up is revealed only upon opening the card, like a magic trick.

Raquel Mason created a stunner with the new Lorna Label, using the two separate platforms to full advantage to animate the new Holiday House and decorator trees from the Evergreen Pivot Card set. This card has a beautiful front, too, so click over to give it a look.


Karen Aicken layered her way into a breathtaking Christmas scene using the Garden Bench die. She mixed in pieces from several more Pop it Ups – a practice I encourage! The Outdoor Edges die set makes a gorgeous backdrop combined with one All Seasons Tree with glittery branches. She used the Christmas lights from the Holiday House to adorn the bench and added Agatha Edging and the new ECD Holly Flourish die at the bottom. The greeting is a Katie Label.  So beautiful!


Another stunner comes courtesy of Helen Cryer, who shows off several of the new releases from the ECD line (Els and Joset) like the Crystal Flowers, Holly border, Merry Christmas and Candle dies. She created her scene on the new Lorna Label pop-up die. I love that this card is made entirely with dies!




There are two new Accordions in the Summer Release – the Ring Accordion and the Katie Label Accordion plus new Frame Edges to fit existing accordions, the Oval Clouds Frame Edges and the Fancy Seasons Frame Edges.

Kelly Booth shows off the new Fancy Seasons Frame Edges on this classy simple 2-page, 2-color Fancy Accordion card, which also features the Outdoor Edges and a decorator tree from the Evergreen Pivot Card die.


Helen Cryer‘s color scheme on this Ring Accordion card is simply beautiful. She added acetate panels to be able to “float” the new ECD Ornaments #3 die set, which works perfectly with the Ring Accordion. Once again the snowflakes from the Spiral Circle Pull Card work perfectly with other sets.


Raquel Mason created a super fun 3-page Ring Accordion with some very clever die combinations, like the holly leaves from the new ECD Candle die used as the hands for the new Clock & Gears die. She made a fun scene for Chilly the Penguin in the center panel with decorator trees from the Evergreen Pivot Card set and Chilly holds the strand of lights from the Holiday House.



The Summer Release includes a brand new type of die from me – the Spiral Circle Pull Card. This die combines the opening mechanism of a z-fold flip card with an optional interior spiral to create a pop-up. Two little tuck slots keep the card closed so you won’t get an accidental reveal. To open, simply pull.

Frances Byrne wanted to show two options with the Spiral Circle Pull Card. The first is a very simple flip card using a decorator tree from the Evergreen Pivot card. For her second version, she stepped up the design with a few additional elements, like the Holly Border die and the spiral, embellished with holly leaves and berries. Either card would be quick to make.

2_S_Frances_SCPC 2_S_Frances_simple 4_S_Frances_steppedup

Kelly Booth made this adorable Spiral Circle Pull Card using a perfectly colored stamped image on the front, embellished tuck slots, and cute stamped envelopes flying on the spiral. With this die you’ll be able to choose your card size and placement along the fold.

Kelly_SCPC_closed Kelly_SCPC_Open


Kelly Booth made another wonderful Spiral Circle Pull Card, this time with holly on the spiral that peeks out in the closed position. Then pull the card open and see the holly fly. (Check her blog for the “open” photos)


Donna Wright drops the mic with this AMAZING Spiral Circle Pull Card featuring a joyous snowman dancing on the spiral. The two larger snowflakes come included in the set and then Donna used the small snowflakes from the All Seasons Tree to fill the background with bejeweled snowflakes. What a fabulous card!



Hopefully we have inspired you to start planning your holiday cards and incorporating some Pop it Ups dies. The dies are shipping this week to independent stores worldwide, so check with your local store to see if they have ordered. For customers without local stores you will be able to order from the website here: Pop it Ups Dies

I’ll be back next month on August 20th with another Designer Challenge. In August the team will be showing off the Character dies (Hoppy, Poppy, Chilly and Props 1) with any type of project they can dream up.

Happy Crafting!

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Pop it Ups

Summer Shimmer Katie Label Pivot Card

June 28, 2014

Hello! Helen here today, with a card for a friend of mine who has a love of blue dragon flies. For this card I used a couple of different peel-off stickers, along with the Katie Label Pivot Card die.

DSC0151 (2)


1. Cut a piece of double-sided adhesive, large enough for 1 flower label and three single flowers from the ‘Flower Labels 1’ peel-off sheet, and for a dragonfly and ladybird from the ‘Bugs’ peel-off sheet. Stick one side of the double-sided adhesive onto white cardstock.

2. Stick all peel-offs to the other side of the double-sided adhesive.

3. Cover your adhesive and peel-offs with Cool Diamond Microfine Silk Glitter. Polish and brush of the excess glitter.

4. Color peel-offs with Copic or other alcohol markers. You can see Els demonstrating all of steps 1-4 HERE.

5. Cut around the finished peel-offs.

6. Use the Katie Label Pivot Card die to cut a pivoting label into a piece of peach coloured cardstock (measuring 21cm x 15cm). Also die cut one glittered card label using the largest accessory die included in the Katie Label Pivot Set. See picture below.

7. Use an edge die from the Agatha Edges die set, to cut out three borders (10.5cm wide) from Purple Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz. Use a trimmer to cut the straight edges. Die cut ‘Happy Birthday’ from purple cardstock.

8. From blue patterned paper, cut pieces measuring 21cm x 5cm, and 10.5cm x 5cm. Put a score line down the middle of the larger piece.

Helen Cryer (1201x743)

9. Adhere the largest piece to the inside of the card down the bottom. Adhere two Shimmer Sheetz borders as shown in the first picture. Adhere two glittered flower peel-offs as shown. Use adhesive foam pads for one to create dimension.

DSC0151 (3)

10. Adhere the smaller piece of blue patterned paper to the front of the card, along with the third Shimmer Sheetz border, and third glittered flower peel-off.

11. Cut a piece of green patterned paper measuring 9cm x 10cm, fold it in half, and use it to cover the gap at the back of the card left by the pivoting labels.

12. Add strips of Purple/Silver Glitter Border Peel-off Stickers along the top edges of the Purple Shimmer Sheets border pieces.

13. Die cut four big leaves using the Big Triple Leaf die from Green Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz. Stick two to the card front with adhesive foam pads (as positioned below), and two inside the card.


14. Finally, round off the corner with a corner punch.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Products:

(501) Double Sided Adhesive

(639) Cool Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter

(801) Fine Pointed Scissors

(2568) Flower Labels 1 Peel-Off Stickers

(2540) Bugs Peel-Off Stickers

(7010) Glitter Borders Peel-Off Stickers

(0106) Purple Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz

(0107) Green Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz

(768) Katie Label Pivot Card

(782) Agatha Edges

(796) Big Triple Leaf die

(717) Happy Birthday die

Other Products:

Peach Cardstock

White Cardstock

Purple Cardstock


Blue Patterned Paper

Green Patterned Paper

Adhesive Foam Pads

Glue tape runner

Rounded Corner Punch

Pop it Ups

Anniversary Wishes

June 26, 2014


Hello everyone, it’s Candy Spiegel here today!

My parents recently celebrated their wedding anniversary and I wanted to give them something special. After 44 years they have everything but I know they enjoy seeing my creations. That is why I decided to make them a very special anniversary card. I used the Katie Label Pivot Card, the Flower Label 1 Peel-off in Gold and some other fun Elizabeth Craft Designs products.

Here is how I created my card:

1. Cut patterned paper to 11″x4.25″ and score at 5.5″. Cut dark blue cardstock to 10.5″x3.75″ and score at 5.25″.

2. Place the Katie Label Pivot Card die at the score line of your blue cardstock and run it through your preferred die cutting machine. Do the same with your patterned paper but first place your blue cardstock on top of your patterned paper to see where you want your die cut.


3. Run your patterned paper through your die cutting machine to create the pivot.


4. Ink the edges of your die cut patterned paper. The patterned paper will be the inside of your card. Adhere your die cut blue cardstock to the outside.

5. Cut a piece of white cardstock large anough to fit 2 Flower Label Peel-offs, 6 flowers and 3 small leaves. Adhere Double-Sided Adhesive onto cardstock.

6. Remove the release sheet of the Double-Sided Adhesive and place your Peel-offs onto the adhesive using the transfer technique Els is showing HERE. Cover Peel-offs with Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter, polish and brush of the excess glitter.

7. Color Peel-offs with Copic or other alcohol markers.


8. Cut out your colored Peel-offs. Adhere “spare flowers” onto Flower labels using dimensional foam adhesive as shown in the picture below.


9. Adhere labels to card pivot and adhere extra tulip on the inside (bottom left). Decorate card front with extra Peel-offs.


10. Stamp and emboss sentiment. Round corners, ink and adhere to the inside of your card.
Add extra leaves.


11. Die cut 3 flowers out of yellow cardstock. Adhere to the inside of the card on the right.
Add Glitter Dots Peel-offs to flower centers.


I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial and feel inspired to create this card yourself.

Thank you for stopping by!



Elizabeth Craft Designs Products:

768 Katie Label Pivot Card

726 Balloons die (for yellow flowers)

2568 Flower Labels 1 Peel-offs 

7018 Glitter Dots Peel-offs

639 Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter

501 Double-Sided Adhesive


Other Supplies:

Patterned Paper


Dimensional Foam Adhesive

Copic Markers

Sentiment Stamp

Embossing Powder

Distress Ink


Pop it Ups

Happiness is like a butterfly

April 26, 2014

DSC_0319-1Hi, It’s Jackie Smith and today I would like to show you my favourite die called “Katie Label Pivot Card” designed by Karen Burniston for Elizabeth Craft Designs, along with another favourite  of mine; Peel-Offs using Tombow markers and Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter.

To create the card:

1. Create card base from double sided paper. Cut 6″x 12″, score at 6″ and fold in half.
(6″ Square card)

2. Die cut pivot using double sided card base. Watch Karen HERE showing you how to use the
Katie Label Pivot Card die.

3. Cut 2 pieces of blue paper (1 1/4″ x  5 3/4″) & (2 1/4″x 5 3/4″). Cut 2 pieces of paisley paper
(1″x 5 1/2″) & (2″ x 5 1/2″) and adhere over blue paper. Cut 2 pieces of dot paper (1 3/4″ x
2 1/2″ each) and adhere on either side of label as shown. Add checkered washi tape as shown.

4. Cut a piece of Blue Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz (2″ x 2 1/4″) and emboss (Embossing folder used: Butterflies by ECD). Sponge Azure StazOn ink on embossed Shimmer Sheetz as shown.

5. Place 2 water lilies, 2 butterflies and 1 ladybug Peel-Off on watercolor paper. Color with Tombow markers. Use Black and Transparent/Gold Glitter Dots to decorate butterflies and water lily.


6. Cut 4 pieces of checkered paper; 2 pieces (2 1/8″x 5 3/4″) and 2 pieces (1 3/4″x 5 3/4″).
Adhere as shown. Cut 4 pieces of dot paper; 2 pieces (1 3/4″x 2) and 2 pieces (1 1/8″x 1 3/4″).


7. Die cut 2 pieces of checkered paper using the largest label from the Katie Label Pivot die. Stamp sentiment on left hand using Citrine Pigment ink and emboss using  clear embossing powder.
On right side use Citrine Pigment ink and emboss using Pearlustre Aventurine embossing powder. Heat set. Cut sentiments out using the  second largest label from the Katie Label die. Sponge with Tumble Glass Distress ink by Tim Holtz.

8. Adhere 1 large and 2 small butterflies Peel-Offs onto Double Sided Adhesive and apply Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter. Color with Tombow markers. You can watch Els demoing this technique HERE. Place butterflies where shown.

9. Adhere all other Peel-Off images on card. Use pop dots where shown.

DSC_0324-2Supply List:

Elizabeth Craft Designs

768 Katie Label Pivot Card die

KB101 Butterflies Embossing Folder

SS0103 Blue Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz

sku 0362 Butterflies with Doodles black Peel-Off Sticker

sku 2528 Waterlilies black Peel-Off Sticker

sku 2341 Lady Bugs black Peel-Off Sticker

sku 0412 Big Butterflies black Peel-Off Sticker

sku 7018 Transparent/Gold Glitter Dots Peel-Off Sticker

sku 7018 Black Glitter Dots Peel-Of Sticker

639 Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter

WP903 Watercolor Paper

502 Double Sided Adhesive

Other Supplies

Paper – Authentique ‘Loyal’ Collection

Other- Tombow Markers – 368,491,093,228,068,422,N15, N00, Citrine Pigment Ink- Clearsnap, PEARLustre Aventurine EP -Stampendous, Clear Zing Embossing Powder- American Crafts, Azure StazOn ink pad- Tsukineko, Stamps – Clematis & Butterflies – Flourishes, Butterfly Dreams – JustRite, Paper Trimmer, Scor-it Board, pop dots, adhesive.



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Blog hopping with Tombow

April 20, 2014

Hello everyone,

Welcome to day three of the Elizabeth Craft Designs and Tombow Blog Hop. I am so happy to join the last day of the blog hop. I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful projects our Design Team created for you! If you are here from Karen Aicken then you’re in the right place. If not then you may want to start at the beginning of the hop at the Tombow Blog.

For my project I used one of our new Peel-offs combined with the Karen Burniston Katie Label Pivot Card die set that matches the Flower Labels peel-offs. For coloring I used the Tombow Dual Brush Pens. The colors of the pens are just beautiful and I love the technique of blending using the blender pen. I really enjoyed making this card. Please follow my instructions below. Oh and don’t forget to read about our blog hop prize at the end of this post!

Thank you for stopping by,



1. Place outline peel-offs onto watercolor paper. (Save the negative – you will be using these leftovers later in the project)
2. Using the Tombow Dual Brush Markers shown in the photo, layer the color in the leaves using the lightest marker first to fill the entire leaf. Then add the darker tones as shown in the photo. The base of the leaf and the areas where leaves overlap will be darkest, the tips will remain light. Use the blender pen to soften the colors and create the shading. Repeat for the flowers, again working light to dark, blending the colors with the blender pen. Add a soft background with color 020 and the blending pen.

Els 1

Els 2

3. Cut out the flower label and the individual flowers. Add tiny Glitter Dots to stamens.
(There are 4 sizes on the Glitter Dot Peel-offs sheet, use the smallest)


4. Die cut a pivot card with two layers cut at the same time: Outside layer = solid color cardstock 4.25″ x 11″ scored at the center. Inside layer = patterned paper 4″ x 10.75″ scored at the center and held in place with temporary tape so the score lines match. Die cut largest accessory piece label from patterned paper, die cut next largest label from 2 labels from solid color cardstock that matches Tombow 020 as closely as possible.
5. Die cut Happy Birthday from Black Velvet Adhesive Sheet.
6. Cut away the label shapes from the patterned paper and glue it to the inside of the card.
7. Glue the crocus label and one of the individual crocus flowers to the inside of the pivot card.
Glue the patterned and solid color labels to the left side of the pivot. Add Happy Birthday.


8. To decorate the outside of the card, glue a 1.75″ x 4.25″strip of dot pattern paper to the left and right sides of the outside of the card. Glue the two remaining colored crocus to the right side of the card (the front when the card is closed).


9. Remove the black background around the leftover peel-off sheet pieces as shown in the photo below. Use the Transfer Sheet to pick up the pieces, first the label, then the flowers (one at a time). Position the label pieces on the back of the pivot that has the colorful crocus on the front. Position two of the single crocuses at the bottom right of the inside of the card.


10. Add a fine line decorative peel-off to the edges of the patterned paper on the inside of the card and at the edge of the dot pattern strips on the outside of the  card.


Close-up of the front of the card when closed.


Close-up of the back of the card when closed.

11. Fold the card so it stands, with the frame as a valley fold and the pivot labels as a mountain fold. (Card folds flat for mailing)

Els 3


Elizabeth Craft Designs Products
768 Katie Label Pivot Card die
783 Happy Birthday die
WP903 Watercolor Paper
Flower Peel-offs (Available soon through Elizabeth Craft Designs)
1167 Borders Assorted Peel-offs black
7018 Glitter Dots Peel-offs Purple
sku 600 Transfer Sheet
Fine Pointed Scissors

Dual Brush Pens (Colors used: 020, 126, 133, 528, 676, 679, 685)
N00 Dual Brush Blender Pen
Xtreme Adhesive tape runner

Other – White cardstock, Pattern paper.

And here is our amazing blog hop prize:

Blog Hop_ECD_2[6]

It includes:

Elizabeth Craft Designs:
Selection of Peel-Off stickers
Watercolor Paper
Double Sided Adhesive Sheets
Congratulations die
Stand Up Helpers die set
Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter
406 Black Velvet Adhesive Sheet

Xtreme Adhesive
Dual Brush Pen Set, 10 Retro

In order to enter to win the prize, please comment on all the Design Team’s projects.
And if you like to see more wonderful projects in the future, make sure to “Like” us on Facebook! TombowUSA and Elizabeth Craft Designs.

The winner will be announced on Monday April 21st at 3:30 P.M. EST on the Tombow blog.


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