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Through the Lens Scrapbook Page

January 26, 2016

Hi! It’s Marsha here today, sharing a scrapbook page I created with the new Els van de Burgt Studio ‘Through the Lens’ patterned paper!

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: Through the Lens Scrapbook Page

You’ve probably read that Els has shot all the images for these papers herself and some of these were even photographed in the Dutch city that I live in!

My page is about a different city though: Brussels in Belgium. On a beautiful sunny Saturday in September I took a train there to meet up with one of my online friends and she showed me the sights!

Steps to create this page:
1. Create a photo collage.

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A Way With Words

Candles, Candles, Candles

December 6, 2015

By Judi Kauffman

Thank you for inviting me to be today’s guest designer. I thought it would be fun to make cards with candles, and as always I wanted to play with unexpected colors and a lot of patterned elements – the candles themselves, along with background papers.

To me, candles always conjure up some kind of celebration, twinkling lights and good times. It was fun to decide which of Elizabeth Craft Designs’ candles to use for my projects. There are several options including dies and peel-offs. I chose Candles Peel-offs 2545 for my three cards because of all of the stripes and dots. I made a card for our goddaughter’s husband’s 40th birthday, one for their children for Chanukah, and one for a neighbor for Christmas.

There are a dozen candles on each sheet of Peel-Off Stickers, and of course with dies there is no limit to the number you can make.

Design Strategies and Instructions:

  1. Place candle peel-offs on smooth white cardstock; color with markers. Use fine point scissors to cut out the candles, taking special care around the flame and wick. Candle peel-offs come in black, gold, and silver – pick the color appropriate to the project. Option: Add a Glitter Dot peel-off to the base of each flame. (As shown, Orange/Silver dots used on birthday and Chanukah cards.)
  1. For the birthday card and Christmas card, die cut a large greeting from Shimmer Sheetz. Options: Lightly sand the Shimmer Sheetz before cutting, cut the greeting a second time from Adhesive Velvet in a darker color to use as a drop shadow as shown on the birthday card. A Metal Adaptor Plate is required for die cutting Shimmer Sheetz. Review Els van de Burgt’s video’s HERE and HERE if you are new to this technique.
  1. For the birthday card cut Shimmer Sheetz and Velvet Adhesive numbers for the age of the recipient. Option: Add Glitter Dots Peel-Off Stickers to the numbers. (As shown, use the same Orange/Silver dots as on the candles.)

  1. To complete the Chanukah card: Use the glittering technique and alcohol markers with a Ribbon Swirls Peel-Off Stickers strip. Choose colors that coordinate with the candles. Review Els van de Burgt’s video HERE if you are new to this technique. Cut the glittered strip into 3 pieces: 6 3/8”, 1”, and 5/8”. Use Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape to secure these pieces to Blue Velvet Adhesive sheet, leaving a 1/8” border on all sides of the first two pieces and a 1/8” border only on the long sides of the 5/8” piece. Center the menorah on a 4 1/4” x 7” piece of striped scrapbook paper in colors that coordinate with markers used to color the candles. Center the striped rectangle on a glittered cardstock top-fold card base, folded size – 5” x 7 3/4”.
  1. To complete the Christmas card: Color two holly berry/leaf clusters and one bow from the Christmas Ornaments 2 peel-off sheet. Cut around them, separating the berry trios from the pairs of leaves. Position the Red Iridescent die cut Shimmer Sheetz Merry Christmas on a 3 1/4” x 4 3/4″ piece of red cardstock. Use small pieces of Power Adhesive Tabs to hold the words in place. Tip: Cut Power Tabs with non-stick scissors. Mat to a piece of red glittered cardstock, leaving a 1/4” border on all sides. Center red rectangle on a top-fold card base made from diagonally striped paper, folded size – 5” x 7”. Add the holly, berries, and candles, positioned as shown in the project photo. Note: The berries are above the greeting, the leaves are tucked partially behind it.
  1. To complete the flat* birthday card: Center a 3” x 4” piece of glittered cardstock on a 4 3/4” x 5 1/2” piece of striped paper. Add a double border to the striped rectangle, leaving a scant 1/8” border on the darker color and a generous 1/8” border on the lighter color (the bottom layer). Arrange and adhere the die cut greeting and shadow, the numbers and shadow, and four candles, as shown in the project photo. *Flat cards are meant to be displayed on a Card Stand/Easel or hung on the wall. Use a side-fold card base instead if you prefer.



Elizabeth Craft Designs –

2545 Candles Peel-Off Stickers (Black and Gold)

1271 Ribbon Swirls Peel-Off Stickers (Gold)

2536 Christmas Ornaments 2 Peel-Off Stickers (Black for Holly, Berries & Bow)

7018 Glitter Dots Peel-Off Stickers (Orange/Silver)

1054 Happy Birthday 

1056 Merry Christmas

SS0226 Red Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz

SS0109 Orange Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz

803 Metal Adaptor Plate (required for die cutting Shimmer Sheetz)

407 Blue Velvet Adhesive Sheet 

505 Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape 3mm

(Other options for candles – 732 Candles die set, 0355 Candles Peel-Off Stickers)

Other –

12” Whiteout Solitutude #19101229 (striped paper) – BoBunny

ProMarkers – Winsor & Newton

Sanding block

Fine point and non-stick scissors

Tombow Power Adhesive Tabs

Solid color, glittered, and diagonally striped cardstock

Christmas Gift Tags

December 3, 2015


Hi everyone,

It’s Frances Byrne here. It’s December and my Christmas Tree has been put up and decorated and it is time to start thinking about wrapping the presents to put under the tree, so when my Grandchildren come over they get all excited! Of course wrapping presents means I need some gift tags so I know who the present is for. Today I am sharing 5 gift tags I created using the Christmas Ornaments 2 Peel-Off Stickers and the Tags and More 1 – Lace die set.

I made made 5 gift tags as I wanted to use all the pieces from the Peel-Off Sticker sheet, but of course if you only want to make one that is easy enough to do.


Here’s how I created my gift tags:


  1.  Cut five pieces of red cardstock so they measure 3 1/4 inches x  5 1/2inches.
  • Using the tag edge from the Tags & More 1 – Lace die set place this as close as you can to one of the 3 1/4 inch edges of the card and run through die cutting machine.


  • Place the  decorative die from the Tags & More 1 – Lace die set onto the card so it lines up with the curve and hole created from the tag edge die and run through die cutting machine. Set aside.


2.  Creating  the Peel-Off Sticker images:

a.  Before reading the instructions below, you can see a video Els created using this technique here.

b.  Place a sheet of Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive onto cardstock that is big enough for your peel-offs and remove the release sheet.

c.  Be careful not to touch the adhesive or it will leave fingerprints in the glitter.

d.  From the Christmas Ornaments 2 Peel-Offs, place the ornaments, holly leaves and bows  onto the release sheet (sticky side up).

e. Place the cardstock that has Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive, sticky side down, on top of the peel-offs (In other words, place sticky onto sticky.)

f.  Use release sheet in handling the cardstock until you cover the adhesive with glitter so you don’t leave fingerprints on the exposed adhesive.

g.  Cover the adhesive with Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter, polish glitter with your finger and brush off the excess.

h.  Color your images as desired using alcohol-based markers on the glitter.

i.  Cut around all peel-off pieces.

j. Color white edges with a black permanent marker to give a more finished look.

k. Attach the ornaments to the top portion of the tags and then decorate the ornaments using either the holly pieces or bows (refer to photo at top of post)

* Coloring Tips for alcohol-based markers and glitter: Remember that when using alcohol-based markers, such as Copics, work quickly and don’t let the tip of the marker linger on the glittered surface. Too much alcohol ink can dissolve the adhesive and remove the glitter. It takes very little ink to color the surface of the glittered image so work with a light touch. To get the blended look, lay a line of color down along one edge of the section you want to color and then use your Blender pen to pull the color across the rest of the image. You may have to lay more color down to get deeper shading after you blend it out.

3. Creating the Glittered Panel at Bottom of Tags:


  • Cut a piece of white card which is approx 3 1/2 inches x 6 inches. (TIP: I always cut my card slightly bigger than I need so I can trim down when the card is covered with glitter so any blemishes around the edges of the card can be removed.
  •  Lay a length of 10 mm Elizabeth’s Transparent Double Sided Tape diagonally onto the white card as per first photo above. Next lay a length of 3 mm Elizabeth’s Transparent Double Sided Tape next to the 10 mm piece so it is butted up close. Add an additional length of 3 mm Double Sided Tape next to the first piece. Then lay a piece of 6 mm Elizabeth’s Transparent Double Sided Tape next to the 3 mm piece. Continue placing the tape onto the card until it is completely covered. Trim excess tape off around the edges of the card. (TIP: You may want to remove some of the excess tape from the edges while you are laying out the tape to make it easier to lift off your work surface when finished cover completely with tape)
  •  Randomly remove the protective backing from the covered card and then every third piece of tape after that, being careful not to touch the adhesive you are uncovering. When you have removed the backing from the tape for the first color, cover the adhesive with Soft Green Silk Microfine Glitter. Brush off any excess glitter from the card, and polish the glitter on the card before continuing to the next step. (TIP: For Silk Microfine Glitter projects, Elizabeth Craft Designs recommends that you work with the lightest colors first, then the darker ones. This is not a rigid rule but usually produces the crispest and most accurate results. (Remember, if any of the glitter colors get mixed together during the process of polishing one color and then another, keep a separate jar for the random mixture and use it for interesting and unexpected textures.)
  •  Remove the protective backing from every third piece of tape next to the Soft Green pieces and this time cover with Forest Green Silk Microfine Glitter. Repeat steps as per above.
  •  Remove the remaining protective backing from the tape on the card and cover with True Red Silk Microfine Glitter.
  • Use black line peel-off stickers from the Borders Assortment Peel-Off sheet to embellish the glittered card. (TIP: Look at your glittered piece and if you have areas that may not have been glittered select these areas to cover with the peel-off lines.
  •  Cut this piece into 1 inch x 3 1/2 inch pieces.

4.  Using the Merry Christmas Stand Up Helper die, die cut this from dark green card so you have about 1/2 edge at the bottom, below the word.

  • Attach the sentiment to the back of the striped glittered piece created in step 3.
  • Attach strip to the bottom edge of tag so that the letter “S” from Christmas is lined up to the right hand side of the card.
  • Trim off any excess glittered strip from sides of tag.

5.   Add ribbon to top centre hole of tag (Note: the Tags and More 1 – Lace die set comes with various reinforcement decorative dies if you wish to add one to your tags.)



Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.


Elizabeth Craft Designs
Tags & More 1 – Lace (951)
Merry Christmas Stand Up Helper Word Die (939)
Christmas Ornaments 2 Peel Off Stickers (2536)
Red/Gold Glitter Dots Peel Off Stickers (7018)
Borders Assort Peel-Off Stickers (1167)
Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter (639)
True Red Silk Microfine Glitter (614)
Soft Green Silk Microfine Glitter (631)
Forest Green Silk Microfine Glitter (633)
Clear Double Sided Adhesive Sheet (502)
Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape – 3mm (505)
Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape – 6mm (506)
Clear Double Sided AdhesiveTape – 10mm (507)
 White Card
Red Card
Dark Green Card
Foam Tape
Green Ribbon
Pop it Ups

Pop it Ups Winter Wonderland Tunnel Card

November 7, 2015

shelly hickox pop it ups tunnel cardHappy Saturday, everyone! It’s Shelly Hickox here today, and I’m going to show you how, with a few snips and a lot of glitter, you can turn Karen Burniston’s new Gift Card Accordion die into a beautiful winter diorama card.

shelly hickox pop it ups winter tunnel cardHow gorgeous are those layers of trees and snow?! The beauty of this card is that it’s three dimensional, but folds completely flat for mailing. The recipient will be amazed at how complex it looks, but it’s actually incredibly simple. Let’s get started!

IMG_49061. Begin by cutting a piece of 100 lb Soft Finish cardstock in half lengthwise, creating two 4.25″ x 11″ panels. Fold each panel in half. Place the folded panel on the Gift Card Accordion die, making sure you drop the folded edge below the cutting line on the die, so that the fold stays intact (you may want to tape it to hold it in place). Run the die and paper through your machine to cut. Repeat for other card. Cut out the center panels and cut off the tabs. Next, cut notches into the outer frame of one panel, and into the inner edges of the other, as shown.

IMG_49082. Use a sponge or inking tool to lightly color the panels on both sides.

IMG_49363. To give the card a bit more shimmer, stamp the two small snowflake dies from Karen Burniston’s Merry & Bright stamp set onto the card using embossing ink. Cover with sticky embossing powder and heat. Immediately cover with Warm Diamond glitter. Let cool and tap off excess. Assemble the card. For a more detailed tutorial, see my original post.

IMG_49324. Cover a sheet of white cardstock with double sided adhesive and die cut seven trees, being sure to cut with the release paper side up. Remove the release paper from the trees and cover with Warm Diamond glitter. Polish the glitter with your finger to completely adhere and bring out the sparkle.

IMG_49425. To create the snowbanks, cover another piece of cardstock with double sided adhesive and cut several pieces using the wavy die from the Outdoor Edges set. Cut to fit the area of the card you’re decorating. Remove the backing paper and cover with Warm Diamond glitter. Tip – for an easy way to adhere the panels, cover the outer edges with a bit of release paper before you apply glitter. Remove the release paper and stick onto your card.

IMG_49456. To make the stickers usable for the card, adhere them to cardstock and then trim carefully with detail scissors.

shelly hickox accordion tunnel cardTo complete the card, add the glittered tress and snow as desired and adhere the deer as shown. I also cut a few snowflakes from the excess adhesive-covered paper (never throw away those scraps!) using the snowflake die from the All Seasons Tree set and added them randomly to the card.

I hope you enjoyed my wintry card tutorial! I love the sparkling snow and glittery deer, and how gorgeous is that embossed frame?! I can think of so many different ways you could use this idea. I would be thrilled if you’re inspired to try one of your own. If you do, we’d love to have you share it on the new Elizabeth Craft Designs Family page on Facebook. People have been sharing some amazing cards!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful, creative weekend!



Supply List:

Other Supplies:

  • Blue Ink
  • Sticky Embossing Powder
  • Heat Gun
  • Scissors

Sleeping Hedgehog Shaker Card

October 15, 2015


Hi everyone,

It’s Frances Byrne here. Today I am sharing a Shaker Card I created using the Fitted Frames 3 Curvy Rectangles die and one of the sweet Daisy Hedgehog images from Elizabeth Craft Designs newest Designer Bianca Petroschi.

Here is how I created the card:


  1. Cut a piece of white card so it is 5 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches. Score along the the 8 1/2 inch side at 4 1/4 inches and fold card in half.
  • Cover the front of the card with floral designer paper which is 4 1/4 inches x 5 1/2 inches.
  • Cut a coordinating piece of designer paper which is 4 1/4 inches square. Adhere and centre this panel to the front of the card.

2. Cut a piece of Soft Finish Cardstock (100b) and also a piece of designer paper that matches the paper on the front of the card they are 2 1/4 inches x 3 1/2 inches.

  • Using black ink stamp the Sleeping Hedgehog from the Hedgehog Daisy All Seasons stamp set onto both pieces.
  • Color the image on the white card using the medium of choice ( I used Copic Markers)
  • From the designer paper image cut out the blanket and paper piece this over the image on the white card.

3. Cut a piece of pink card stock so it is 6 inches x 12 inches. Adhere Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape to the back of the card.

  • Cut the card  into pieces that measure 3 inches x 12 inches.
  • Using the Fitted Frames 3 Curvy Rectangles die cut six frames (Note: As we don’t need the outer frames from the die, we have cut down our card to the size needed and then placed the card so it is positioned on the centre of the die).
  • Carefully remove the curvy frame (Fourth frame from centre) and also the heart strings from the centre and set aside.


4. Cut a piece of acetate 2 1/4 inches x 3 1/2 inches. Remove the protective backing from one of the frames and adhere the acetate so it is under the frame. Set this piece aside.

  • Layer the remaining frames on top of each other. (Note: These frames are not symmetrical, so ensure that you have the curves matching prior to removing the protective backing from the back of each frame and layering up).
  • Adhere the stamped Sleeping Hedgehog image to the bottom of the layered frames.


5.  Adhere the stacked layered image to the centre of your card.

  • Add tiny beads or sequins to the inner portion of the stacked frames on the card.
  • Adhere the frame with acetate over the stacked frames so that the beads can not get out.

6. Adhere the heart strings we set aside earlier after die cutting the frames so that the ‘string’ that joins each heart is along the edge of the coordinating designer paper panel we attached in step 1. (See photo above for placement).

  • Add a Pink/Silver Glitter Dots Peel Off Sticker to the centre of each heart.


7. The inside of the card:

  • Take one of the frames which are left over when you cut all the frames for the shaker part of the card (the third frame from the centre) and attach this to the centre of the inside of the card.
  • Using scraps of pink card that have Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape adhered to the back, die cut two more of the heart strings from the centre of the Fitted Frames 3 Curvy Rectangles die. Attach these to the card as per photo above. Add Pink/Silver Glitter Dots Peel Off Stickers to the centre of each heart.

8.  Roughly trim around the sentiment Thinking of You from the Thinking of You Large Peel Off Stickers. Peel off any excess black peel-off sticker that may be around your image until you just have the sentiment as per photo above.

  •  Cut a piece of Transfer Sheet large enough to fit over the sentiment. Remove the protective backing and place the tacky side of the Transfer Sheet onto the word “Thinking”. Burnish with a bone folder or your fingers and carefully lift the Transfer Sheet checking to ensure that all of the pieces lift at once. You can see Els’ video using this technique HERE.
  •  Now move the Transfer Sheet with sentiment attached to it over to the card. When it is in the right spot, place it down onto the card and rub the front of the Transfer Sheet to release the pieces onto the card. Carefully lift the Transfer Sheet to check and make sure all of the sentiment pieces are now on the card. (Don’t remove the Transfer sheet until all pieces are in place). Repeat this process to place the words “of You” underneath the word “Thinking”.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:
1063 Fitted Frames 3 Curvy Rectangles
CS007 Hedgehog Daisy All Seasons
2580 Thinking of You Large Peel Off Stickers Black
7018 Glitter Dots Peel Off Stickers Pink/Silver
600 Transfer Sheet 
PSF102 Soft Finish Cardstock 8.5″ x 11″ 270gr/100lb 10 Pack
509 Transparent Double Sided Tape 152mm
Cardstock: White; Pink
Designer Paper: Kaisercraft Secret Garden 6 1/2″ Paper Pad
Black Ink
Els van de Burgt Studio

Happy Bee Tag Card

October 11, 2015

Hello everyone.

It’s Jackeline here.Today I am bringing you a project with some of my favorite dies from the Els van de Burgt Studio collection.


Here is how I created the card:

  • Cut a piece of black cardstock 8 1/2” x  7”. Score the card along the 8 1/2” side at 4 1/4” and fold.
  • Line up the main tag die from the Tags & More 7 – Vine at the top of the card front and die cut.
  • Cut a piece of your favorite pattern paper 4 1/4” x 5 3/8”. In this case I used a yellow pattern paper to match with the bees.
  • Adhere the yellow piece 1/4″ from the bottom using Double Sided Adhesive Tape.
  • Die cut one Accordion Oval panel from black cardstock. Remove the border and the small side tab, leaving just the oval piece.
  • Die cut one oval with stitches from water color paper using the largest decorative oval die and the oval with stitches die from the Accordion Oval Card set.
  • Back stitched oval with black oval. Adhere to card front on top of the yellow patterned paper piece.
  • Die cut bees bodies (5) from black and yellow velvet adhesive sheets. Die cut wings from White Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz.

It’s time to do the final details:

  • Apply “Happy Birthday” peel-off to the top corner of the yellow piece.
  • I used the decorator die from the Katie Label Accordion to die cut two corners from black velvet adhesive sheets. Adhere them in the black top portion of the tag card.
  • Adhere a black peel-off border at the top of the yellow pattern paper.
  • To finish off this beautiful card I added one of my special touches, a gorgeous black and white ribbon.

Thanks for stopping by today!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.



Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:
960 Tags& More 7 – Vine
772 Accordion Oval Card
903 Katie Label Accordion
710 Bees
2577 Black Happy Birthday Peel-off
1167 Black Border Peel-off
411 Velvet Adhesive Sampler Pack
SS 0102 White Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz
505 Transparent Double Sided Tape 3mm
WP903 Water Color Paper


Black cardstock

Yellow patterned paper

Balck and white ribbon


Owls In Silhouette

October 5, 2015

IMG_4547 Owls in silhouette 100515

Hello everyone,

It’s Christine Pooler here from Susan Tierney-Cockburn’s Design Team. For my post today I have chosen several of Susan’s CountryScapes dies to build a scene in silhouette. Susan’s CountryScapes dies gives you so many possibilities. I also used Elizabeth Craft Designs new Soft Finished Cardstock which is a great product. For the background I used a technique called “Northern Lights”.

1. Cut 1 piece of white cardstock 10″ X 7″ and score the 10″ side at 5″ and fold in half to form the card base.
2. Cut 1 piece of Elizabeth Craft Designs new Soft Finished 100 lb cardstock 5″ X 7″.

Northern Lights Technique:

a. Take the 5″ X 7″ piece of  Soft Finished cardstock and using a rubbing motion take a sponge and yellow ink apply the ink randomly across the cardstock.
b. Using the same rubbing motion and green ink apply ink just below the yellow ink.
c. Begin filling in some of the white spaces with turquoise ink.
d. Fill in remaining white spaces with purple ink slightly blending some of the colors.
e. Sponge dark blue ink randomly over a few areas of the previous colors. Leave some areas light/bright and other areas dark/shadowed.
f. Sponge black ink along the edges of the dark blue to help add depth.

3. Attach the completed piece to the card front using clear double sided adhesive.
4. Using black cardstock with double sided clear adhesive attached to the back (makes instant stickers) cut 3 trees from Susan’s CountryScapes – Backyard 3, cut 3 owls and several bats from Susan’s CountryScapes – Critters 4 and cut stonewall base and gate from Susan’s CountryScapes – New England Stonewall and Gate.
5. Now build your scene removing the protective covering from the adhesive and attaching pieces to your background starting with the trees and adding the wall and gate last.
6.  Cut a piece of white cardstock 5″ X 7″ and using your cutter and allowing a 1/2″ border on the right place your blade at 1/2″ and cut to 6-1/2″ turn cardstock allow 1/2″ border on right insert blade 1/2″ down and cut to 4-1/2″ then repeat on the remaining two sides and remove the center.  Attach frame over your card front using double sided clear adhesive.
7.  Place peel off stickers in your corners.

It is now time for you to get your creative juices flowing and create your own card.  I do hope you have enjoyed my post today.  With all of Susan’s CountryScape dies the possibilities are endless such as the sweet little snowman die that could make a great Christmas card.

Until next time – Happy scrapping!



Elizabeth Craft Designs – 

PSF 102 Soft Finish Cardstock
1078 Susan’s CountryScapes Backyard 3
1082 Susan’s CountryScapes – Critters
1084 Susan’s Country/Scapes – New england Stone Wall & Gate
506 Double Sided Clear Adhesive 6mm
508 Double Sided Clear Adhesive 64mm
842 Corners and Borders Straight Peel Off Stickers

Other –

Close to My Heart white cardstock
Close to My Heart Inks


Pop it Ups Uncategorized

Ribbons & Jewels

September 13, 2015


Hello Everyone,

It’s Jackeline here. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. For today’s project I combined one of my favorite Jackie’s Dolls Peel-Offs with the new Ribbons & Jewels dies from the Els van de Burgt Studio Collection.

Let’s get started:

1.- Cut a piece of 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ from aqua cardstock. Score at 4 1/4″ and fold in half to create your card base.

2.- Die cut the Ribbons & Jewels strips from light green, dark green and purple cardstock. Tip: Apply Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape on the back of the cardstock before die cutting. Adhere die cuts to card front, alternating colors and designs as shown.

3.- Die cut one Accordion Oval panel from watercolor paper. Remove the border, leaving the oval piece. Adhere oval to card front.

4.- Apply Transparent Double Sided Tape to white cardstock. Transfer the outline of the Jackie’s Doll in Oval Peel-Off to the adhesive side, and using the glitter coloring technique, add Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter to peel-off and color with alcohol-based markers. Watch Els demonstrate this technique HERE. Cut around peel-off and adhere to card front on top of white oval.

5.- Decorate the Ribbons & Jewels strips with some Gold/Silver Glitter Dots. Adhere Congratulations Peel-offs around the Jackie’s Dolls in Oval Peel-off six times, spacing the word so it fits three times on each side as shown. *Tip: This Peel-off is very easy to manipulate so that it curves just the way you want it to!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Have a wonderful day!


Elizabeth Craft Designs

1070 Ribbons & Jewels dies
772 Accordion Oval Card die set
639 Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter
802 Fine Pointed Scissors
801 Fine Pointed Tweezers
502 Transparent Double Sided Tape Sheet – 8.5″ x 11″ – 5 pack
7018 Gold/Silver Glitter Dots
2557 Jackie’s Dolls in Oval in Black
343 Assorted Words in Black
WP903 4″ X 9″ Watercolor Paper – 10 pack


Purple, Aqua, White,Light and Dark green Cardstock.

Copics Markers.




A Way With Words

Merry Christmas

September 3, 2015



Hi everyone,

It’s Frances Byrne here. Today I am sharing a Christmas card that I created using the new Tags & More 9 – Sparkle die set along with one of the new A Way with Words sentiment dies from Quietfire Designs. The width of the Tags & More 9 – Sparkle die set is 4 1/4 inches and of course can be any length, so it is perfect to use for creating cards.

The layout of this card can be adapted for any occasion just by changing the colors, sentiment die and dies used to decorate the card.

Here’s how I created my card:

1. Creating the base card –

  • Cut a piece of red card 4 1/4 inches x 11 inches. Score the card along the 11 inch side at 5 1/2 inches (do not fold yet).


  • Line up the main tag die from the Tags & More 9 – Sparkle at the top of the red card stock so that the edges of the die will line up on the edge of the card and die cut.
  • Place the swirls decorative overlay die from the same die set at the top of the tag so that the rounded shape of the overlay lines up with the rounded shape of the tag and die cut.


  • Fold the card along the score line we created early to create a side folded A2 card as per the photo above.

2. Cut a piece of Gold Shimmer Sheetz large enough to cut the A Way with Words Merry Christmas sentiment die. Adhere Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape to the back of the Shimmer Sheetz and die cut the sentiment. Make sure to use the metal adaptor plate when die cutting Shimmer Sheetz.

  • Adhere the Gold Shimmer Sheetz Merry Christmas word to the front of the card. The flourish at the bottom of the sentiment should be as close to the bottom of the card as possible.


3.  From green card die cut three holly leaves using the Holly Leaves & Berries die set. Shade the edges of the leaves using Bright Yellow Green & Turquoise Pan Pastels from the Susan’s Garden PanPastel Flower Coloring Kit 2.

  • Attach a piece of Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape to the front of a piece of red card large enough to die cut the four berry cluster from the Holly Leaves & Berries die set. Remove the protective backing from the adhesive and cover with True Red Silk Microfine Glitter. Polish the glitter with your finger.
  • Attach the Holly Leaves & Berries to the top of the card as per photo.


4. The inside of the card:

  • Cut a strip of green card 2 inches x 4 1/4 inches. Attach to the right hand edge of the inside of the card, so that the green with show through the die cut swirls when the card is closed.
  • Adhere a Gold/Silver Glitter Border Peel-Off Sticker to the edge where the red and green card join.
  • Stamp the sentiments “Merry Christmas” and “and Happy New Year!” from the Merry & Bright Clear Stamp set using black ink to the red portion of the card.
  • Die cut two more holly leaves from green card using the Holly Leaves & Berries die set. Sponge the edges using the PanPastels as per the front of the card in step 3.
  • Attach a piece of Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape to the front of a piece of red card large enough to die cut the three berry cluster from the Holly Leaves & Berries die set. Remove the protective backing from the adhesive and cover with True Red Silk Microfine Glitter. Polish the glitter with your finger.
  • Adhere the Holly Leaves & Berries to the bottom of the inside of the card underneath the sentiment.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:
1056 Quietfire “Merry Christmas”
1077 Tags & More 9 – Sparkle
926 Holly Leaves & Berries
0212 Gold Metallic Shimmer Sheetz
509 Transparent Double Sided Tape 152mm
614 True Red Silk Microfine Glitter
30116 Susan’s Garden PanPastel Flower Coloring Kit 2
CS003 Merry & Bright Clear Stamp Set
7010 Gold/Silver Glitter Borders Peel-Off Stickers
Cardstock: white, red, green
Foam Tape
Scoring Tool
Black Ink
Pop it Ups

Z-Fold Butterfly Pivot

August 29, 2015

Hello my crafty friends! It’s Raquel Mason here today.  I want to show you how easy it is to make a smaller sized Z-Fold card.  The recipient will be surprised when they open the card to see the colorful butterflies pop out.  Let’s get started!

PIU Tri fold Butterfly Pivot

PIU Tri fold Butterfly Pivot open


1.  Cut white card stock at 4″ x 12″ and score at 4″ and 8″.  Place Butterfly Pivot die on the 8″ score line and die cut.

2.  Cut (2) pieces of white card stock at 1 7/8″.  Adhere both pieces to the back of the card, behind the butterfly opening.  Tip: this step is not required, adding card stock will just make the base more sturdy.  See bottom photo for placement.

3.  From scrap turquoise card stock, die cut the Butterfly Pivot and cut excess off so you only have the butterflies.  Adhere butterflies to base card.

4.  From pattern paper, die cut several butterflies using the companion dies included in the Butterfly Pivot card and Butterfly Accessories die.

  • Place the filigree butterfly die onto desired card stock and emboss using your embossing sandwich.  Doing this adds beautiful texture and interest to the butterflies.
  • Adhere one small butterfly to the center fold of the Butterfly Pivot.
  • Placing adhesive only on the bodies of the butterflies will allow the wings to have more dimension.
  • Add Glitter Dots to the bodies of the butterflies for a little bit of bling without added weight or bulkiness.

5.  Apply “Thinking of You” peel off to the top left corner of card.


PIU Tri fold Butterfly Pivot top view


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and feel inspired to try it out yourself.  What an amazingly beautiful card made using only 2 dies!

Happy Crafting,



Elizabeth Craft Designs:

767 Butterfly Pivot Card

773 Butterfly Accessories

7018 Glitter Dots

2580 Thinking of You Peel Off

Other Supplies:

Tempting Turquoise, Irresistibly Yours and pattern paper from Stampin’ Up!

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