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Els van de Burgt Studio

Festive Leaves and Berry Branch Gift Tags

December 8, 2015

Hi there! It’s Marsha here again with a minimal but stylish idea to decorate your seasonal gifts.

Busy season has kicked in and I’m on the look-out for easy to do handmade projects that take minimal effort.

I was looking at a magazine and saw these beautiful gift tags with fresh greenery attached to them. I loved the idea, it’s easy to do, but you can’t really prepare this in advance, as the fresh leaves and berries won’t keep until the holidays. Unless… you make them out of paper!

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: Festive Leaves and Berry Branch Gift Tags

The individual steps for these tags hardly take any time, so I think this is an excellent project you can do one step at a time, whenever you have a spare moment!

Here are the steps to create the tags:

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: Festive Leaves and Berry Branch Gift Tags

1. Die-cut as many leaves and berry branches as you think you’ll need out of watercolour paper.

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: Festive Leaves and Berry Branch Gift Tags

2. Colour the leaves and branches with watercolours. Leave the watercoloured die-cuts to dry completely.

Don’t have time to wait for paint to dry? Replace the watercolours with a colouring medium that is instantly dry, like alcohol markers, brush tip pens, or coloured pencils!

3. Die-cut as many tags as you think you’ll need out of your favourite cardstock.

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: Festive Leaves and Berry Branch Gift Tags

4. Add Glossy Accents and/or Puffy Paint to the berries. Leave to dry completely.

Don’t have time to wait for the accents to dry? Replace them with Glitter Dots or self-adhesive crystals. Or… just skip this step!

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: Festive Leaves and Berry Branch Gift Tags

5. Adhere the branches and leaves to the tags with small strips of washi tape.

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: Festive Leaves and Berry Branch Gift Tags

6. Add some twine to the tags and use the tags to decorate your gifts or your home!

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: Festive Leaves and Berry Branch Gift Tags

Happy crafting!



Elizabeth Craft Designs:
1074 Leaf & Berry Branches
1033 Leafy Branch
958 Tags & More 5 – Sunburst
758 Berry Branch
703 Triple Leaf Set

Watercolours (Winsor and Newton)
Bakers twine
Glossy Accents (Ranger)
Puffy Paint White (Tulip)

A Way With Words

Die Cut & Doodle

August 2, 2015


By Judi Kauffman

Thank you for inviting me to be today’s guest designer. My projects illustrate a super simple approach to cardmaking: Die Cut & Doodle! There are only three steps:

  1. Die cut any of Suzanne Cannon’s A Way with Words Collection words or greetings from solid color cardstock that you’ve backed with double-sided adhesive sheet.


  1. Position the word or words on a contrasting color top-fold card base. The card base can be a solid color (Happy Birthday), a cardstock rectangle on top of a patterned card base (Believe), or a card base topped with a die cut oval (Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas).
  1. Doodle around the words with a white opaque pen as shown or in any light opaque color(s) you prefer. Doodle on the lettering, too, as shown on the Season’s Greetings card shown below.


Don’t worry if your doodling isn’t perfect. The point of making marks is to have a good time, to create something that is clearly hand-done, that is evidence of a human brain at work. (Practice on scraps of cardstock if you don’t want to doodle on the card until you feel confident.

Don’t stop at the four dies shown – there are eight other options in the collection from which to choose.


*Do all of the die cutting at one time so you can make a big batch of cards and spend a long afternoon or evening (or weekend…) doodling patterns and designs.

*Create your own patterns and designs or search for them in books or online.

*Develop your own pattern “vocabulary” using your favorite marks and shapes. I love using lots of dots and small circles, as well as scallops or sharp zig zags, leaves and flowers, and abstract shapes. The more you doodle the more patterns you’ll develop and the easier and faster it will become. Though speed is not a goal, it’s nice to develop a rhythm.

*Position words at an angle or parallel to the top and bottom of the card base. Words can be arranged on one or more lines. Some of the dies have words that are connected (Happy Birthday, Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas) but the other nine consist of one or more words that can be arranged as you choose, and they can be mixed among the sets. For example: Best Friends; With Best Wishes.

*Use more than one color for the doodling.

*Add gems, peel-offs, or other small dimensional embellishments. (Keep the embellishments small so they enhance but don’t overwhelm the doodling.)



Elizabeth Craft Designs –

1054 Happy Birthday
1049 Believe
1057 Season’s Greetings
1056 Merry Christmas
772 Accordion Oval Card (for white ovals)
503 Transparent Double Sided Tape Sheets

Other –

Gelly Roll Medium opaque ink pen in White (Sakura of America)
Popcorn pattern carcstock (Anna Griffin)
Solid color cardstock in White, Chocolate Brown, Red, Cordovan, and Chamois

Sprigs & Ornaments Holiday Cards

December 14, 2014

Sprigs & Ornaments Holiday Cards

By Judi Kauffman for Elizabeth Craft Designs




Judi Kauffman is back with some fun last-minute Season’s Greetings Cards.

Thank you for inviting me, Joset. I thought I had all the cards I would need for the holidays but the list kept getting longer, so I kept making more!

There are lots of ornament-shaped peel-offs and dies in the Elizabeth Craft Designs line-up so this is a project that can be easily customized. The supply list includes everything needed to duplicate the trio precisely as shown.

The key to making cards in a hurry is to keep them simple. You’ll need a standard size (A2) card base, an embossed Shimmer Sheetz square (3.75” x 3.75”) and one or more ornaments for each card. Use the new Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape to secure the embossed Shimmer Sheetz and foam squares under the ornaments for added dimension. That’s all there is to it.

The speediest ornaments require only an outline peel-off, a piece of un-altered Shimmer Sheetz, and a couple of minutes for fussy-cutting. Ornaments with a bit more detail, like the ones shown, add only about five to ten minutes per card.

  1. GOLD AND BLUE: The three ornaments on the card shown in the close-up below start with alcohol ink-altered Orange Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz. Add Christmas Ornament Round Peel-offs in Gold and lots of Blue/Gold Glitter Dots before fussy-cutting.


  1. SILK MICROFINE GLITTER: The ornament on the card shown in the close-up below was made by Els van de Burgt, using her signature “Glitter Inlay” technique. A single ornament is plenty when it’s a sparkly beauty like this one!


  1. PEEL-OFFS IN BLACK, GOLD, & SILVER: The trio of ornaments on the card shown in the close-up below was made by Els, using her signature “Sticker Inlay” technique. The outlines are Black and the open spaces are filled with the negative shapes from the same Peel-offs in Gold and Silver (leaving the outlines for other projects, like #1 above). Transparent/Silver Glitter Dots add sparkle.


More Options:

If time is short skip the alcohol inks, don’t sand the Shimmer Sheetz.

To add more detail and dimension, use the Sprig from the Sprig & Berries Die to cut extra branches.

For ornaments that can go from card to tree, tie a narrow ribbon loop through the top, use low tack tape to keep them in place until removed.

For ornaments that are going to stay put on the card front, use Glitter, Gold, Silver or Black Border Peel-offs to create the vertical lines instead of metallic braid.

For greetings, use rubber stamps or hand-lettering instead of a Peel-off.

Accent the corners of the embossed squares with brads.


Elizabeth Craft Designs –

Shimmer Sheetz (Choose your favorites or use the ones listed below)

SS0220 Peridot Gemstones for Sprig-embossed squares

SS0109 Orange Iridescent for ornaments with Blue/Gold Glitter Dots

E127 Sprig Embossing Folder

Ornament Dies and/or Peel-offs (Choose your favorites or use the ones listed below)

2573 Christmas Ornaments Round Peel-offs in Black, Gold, and Silver

762 Ornament Set 2 (Die for glittered ornament)

797 Flourish with Flowers (Die for floral pattern on glittered ornament)

Silk Microfine Glitter (Choose your favorites or use the colors listed below)

601 Basic Black, 603 Silver, 606 Antique Gold, 612 Saffron

7018 Glitter Dots Peel-offs in Blue/Gold and Transparent/Silver

2581 Season’s Greetings Large Peel-offs in Black

503 Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Sheets

Other –

Sanding block; Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks in Clover and Espresso, Tim Holtz Ink Applicator Tool (Ranger Industries); Eighth-inch brads in Antique Brass and Antique Nickel; Cardstock in Green (for card bases), Black (for Sticker Inlay ornaments), and White (for Glitter Inlay Ornament); Foam dots or tape; Big Shot or other cutting/embossing machine; Antique gold braid and chenille needle OR Border Peel-offs in any style (for the lines above the ornaments)


A Dazzling Little Christmas Card Set

November 29, 2014

Hi, It’s Kelly Booth here. I’m back with a little Christmas card set that is simple enough to duplicate and make several at once using some fun Elizabeth Craft Designs supplies.

Watermarked Photo(100)

I just love the way the Shimmer Sheetz and Silk Microfine Glitter sparkle. Find my step by step tutorial below.


1. Cut 4 pieces of white cardstock 4 1/4″ by 11″ and score all four at 5 1/2″ making 4 card bases  4 1/4″ by 5 1/2″.

2. Adhere a piece of double sided adhesive 5″ x 11″ to a piece of Blue Irridescent Shimmer Sheetz 5″ x 11″. Die cut 4 large circles using the large decorator circle die from the Ring Accordion Card set. Emboss each of them using the Snowflake Embossing Folder. Lightly sand the raised areas using a sanding block. Remove adhesive backing from each circle and place circles onto card bases.



3. Adhere two pieces of double sided adhesive 5 1/2″ by 8 1/2″ to two pieces of white cardstock the same size. Remove the top part of the adhesive backing and on one piece pour some Solar Gold Silk Microfine Glitter and polish with your fingers. Take the other piece and do the same but using Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter.

4. Using the ornament hanger and 2-inch circle dies from the Ring Accordion Card set, cut 4 of each from the Gold glittered cardstock. Adhere gold circles to embossed Shimmer Sheetz circles using small pieces of Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape. Adhere ornament caps using tape behind the cap, but not behind the hanging loop portion of the cap. (Refer to project photo, cap should be angled at the upper left of the ornament). Feed a small piece of gold cord through the hanging loop of the ornament, knot it, and let it dangle as shown.

5. Die cut 4 large snowflakes and 4 small snowflakes from Warm Diamond glittered cardstock. (Large snowflake die from Circle Spiral Pull Card set, small snowflake die from Circle Accordion Card set.). Using a few dots of a liquid glue, adhere snowflakes to ornaments, large first and then small at an angle over it. Refer to photo below. Add a Glitter Dot in Red/Gold to the center of each snowflake. Option: If you don’t have both sets of dies, use snowflakes in only one size from the set you have on hand.

Watermarked Photo(101)

6. Using the Gold Seasons Greetings Peel-Offs Place the sentiment at the bottom of each card.


I hope these help inspire you to make some sparkly Christmas cards!  Thank you for stopping by the Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog today.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

(757) Snowflakes

(769) Accordion Circle Card

(916) Spiral Circle Pull Card

(904) Ring Accordion

(SS0103) Blue Iridescent – 3 pack

(640) Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter

(638) Solar Gold Silk Microfine Glitter

(506) Transparent Double sided Tape – 5mm

(502) Transparent Double Sided Tape Sheet – 8.5″ x 11″ – 5 pack

(7018) Glitter Dots Red/Gold

 (2581) Seasons Greetings Large – Peel Offs – Gold

Other Supplies:

White cardstock

Die cutting Machine

Paper trimmer

Liquid Glue






A Plaid Tree

November 26, 2014


Hi, Candy here! I know you are preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but Christmas is right around the corner, so I thought I would share an idea for a special holiday card. This card began as an experiment. I wanted to use the new Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape to make plaid. I love how it turned out and it was much easier than it looks! Here’s how …

1. Cut ivory cardstock 4 x 5 1/4″ and 2 3/4 x 3 1/4″. Set smaller piece aside.

0012. Add strips of Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape 10mm across cardstock. Run the tape off the edges to keep the paper in place and ensure nice, clean edges.


3. Lift cardstock off of the table, turn over and snip off the excess tape. “WASTE NOT” TIP from Judi Kauffman: Save the scraps each time you trim tape at the sides of the cardstock. Place the scraps onto the slick side of a release sheet left over from another project. Use these misshapen scraps to hold layers together on future cards.


4. Peel backing off tape and add Silk Microfine Glitter. Polish with finger. (TIP: Start with your darkest color of glitter and then work toward your lightest color so you do not change the colors as you go.)


5. Add the next layer of tape and glitter. Continue to alternate sizes of tape and colors glitter until you are happy with the plaid.


6. Trim the edges off the cardstock and center onto a premade card base (4 1/4 x 5 1/2″).

7. Cut out 5 Part Pine from green cardstock. Stack pieces together and adhere to small piece of ivory cardstock.

8. Distress and ink the edges of the ivory cardstock with the tree on it. Adhere to plaid.

9. Add Glitter Dots for tree ornaments and clip a star off of the Star Border to add to the top of the tree.

10. Add Season’s Greetings to the bottom of the card.



Elizabeth Craft Designs – 

507 Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape 10mm

506 Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape 6mm

505 Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape 3mm

629 Soft Teal Silk Microfine Glitter

633 Forest Green Silk Microfine Glitter

613 Orange Silk Microfine Glitter

609 Fire Opal Silk Microfine Glitter

755 5 Part Pine

7018 Glitter Dots in Red, Silver and Purple

7062 Silver/Gold Glitter Stars Border

2581 Season’s Greetings Large Peel-Off in Black

Other – 

Cardstock in Ivory and Green

Distress Tool

Distress Ink


Pop it Ups

Season’s Greetings

November 16, 2014

IMG_1434-1Hi Everyone, it’s Jackie Smith here with todays’s post. With Christmas around the corner,
I decided to make a winter scenic card using the Evergreen Pivot Card and Glitter Deer


1. Cut card base from brown cardstock 6″x 12″. Score and fold in half. Place Evergreen Pivot Card on the score line as in Karen Burniston’s video seen HERE.

2. Cut purple paper 6″x 12″. Score and fold in half. Repeat step one place the Evergreen Pivot Card on the score line and die cut. Cut out tree pivot portion. Adhere inside of your pivot card from step 1.

3. Cut 2 strips of green patterned paper 3/4″x 5 1/2″. Adhere to top of card. Add Transparent/
Gold Glitter Border Peel-Offs.


4. Cut snow (4 times) using Outdoor Edges die from White Velvet Adhesive sheets. Sponge 2 snow edges with Ultramarine blue PanPastel.

5. Cut 3 Christmas trees using companion dies from Green Metallic Shimmer Sheetz. Embossed with Bark Embossing Folder. Sponge embossed areas with black StazOn ink pad. Adhere using pop up dots. Cut 2 more Christmas trees using green patterned paper.


6. Adhere the 2 sponged snow edges from step 4 to the inside of the card as shown. Place 2 Deer Peel-Offs op top, one on the left and one on the right. Adhere the 2 green trees cut in step 5 as shown. Adhere the other 2 snow edges on top. Add Snowflake Peel-Offs with one Purple Glitters Dot in the center. Place holly stickers as shown.

IMG_1441-1 IMG_1438-1

7. For the front of the card, cut green patterned paper 6″x 6″. Place Evergreen Pivot Card on the edge of paper with the green side up. Die cut PopUp insert. Cut Evergreen Pivot insert completely using scissors. Adhere with Elizabeth’s Transparent Double Sided Tape. Add Transparent/Gold Glitter Border Peel-Offs.

8. Place tag sticker. Adhere using pop up dots. Cut Season’s Greetings from Black Velvet Adhesive Sheets. Lay on sticker. Adhere holly stickers and cardinal die cut as shown using pop up dots. Add Purple Glitter Dots Peel-Offs on berries.


Elizabeth Craft Designs – 

914 – Outdoor Edges

912 – Evergreen Pivot Card

945 – Season’s Greetings

E120 – Bark Embossing Folder

7076 –  Gold/Silver Glitter Deer Peel-Offs

8530 – Silver Snowflake Small Peel-Offs

7010 – Transparent/Gold Glitter Borders Peel-Offs

7018 – Purple Glitter Dot Peel-Offs

SS 0213 – Green Metallic Shimmer Sheetz

405 – White Velvet Adhesive Sheet

406 – Black Velvet Adhesive Sheet

506 – Elizabeth’s Transparent Double Sided- Tape 6mm

Other – 

Cardstock and patterned paper – Winter Song – Christine Adolph for Creative Imaginations, Early Esspresso – Stampin’Up

StazOn Jet Black – Tsukineko, Ultramarine Blue – PanPastel

Paper trimmer, Scor-it tool, Pop Up Dots




Wheelbarrow full of presents

November 3, 2014

Hello my crafty friends, it’s Raquel Mason here today. When you think of wheelbarrows, you may think of putting flowers in them as most people do, however I decided to fill mine with presents. Think of other holidays and what else could fill a wheelbarrow: pumpkins for Halloween or fall, eggs for Easter and so on. Let me show you how I filled my wheelbarrow.

ECD Wheelbarrow w presents

1.  Cut red cardstock at 5.5 x 8.5 for an A2 sized base card.

2.  Cut brown cardstock at 4 x 5.25 and adhere to front of base card.

3.  Cut wood grain pattern paper at 3.75 x 5 and adhere on top of brown cardstock from
step 2.

ECD Wheelbarrow  w presents pieces

4. Cut the following pieces shown above:

Using the Evergreen Pivot Card, die cut 3 presents from pattern paper, 1 bow in green, 1 in brown and 1 in white. Cut the smallest tree using the companion tree die included in the set. I embossed the tree using my embossing sandwich and while the die was still on top I sponged green ink over the open areas of the die.

From green cardstock, die cut 1 Holly Flourish. Sponge with green ink.

Using the Wheelbarrow die, die cut 1 in brown. Use a scrap piece to die cut just the wheel (1) in grey.

5.  Adhere the bows to the presents from step 4.

6.  Adhere the grey wheel to the wheelbarrow from step 4.

7.  Apply Silver border peel-offs around the edges of the card; add corner flourishes to two corners.

8.  Apply red glitter dots to the berries of the Holly Flourish and adhere to top left of card.

9.  Adhere presents & tree behind wheelbarrow so they are sticking up a little bit over the top edge.  Use foam tape to adhere wheelbarrow to card.

ECD Wheelbarrow w presents inside

10.  Die cut 1 Lorna Label from brown cardstock and adhere to inside of card.

11.  Apply Season’s Greetings Peel-Off sticker & corner flourish to the Lorna Label.  Use above photo for placement.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and feel inspired to try it out yourself.

Happy Crafting,



Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies –

933 Wheelbarrow

921 Holly Flourish

912 Evergreen Pivot Card

915 Lorna Label PopUp

2581 Season’s Greetings Large Peel-offs in Silver

1034 Corners and Borders Peel-offs in Silver

7018 Glitter Dots in Red/Gold

506 Transparant Double Sided Tape – 6mm

Other Supplies –

Cardstock and Patterned Paper – Stampin’ Up! and Ruby Rock-It

Old Olive Classic Ink – Stampin’ Up!

Foam Adhesive

Elizabeth Craft Designs October Designer Challenge – Tags & More

October 31, 2014

Hello everyone,

I hope by now you have seen the three wonderful new Elizabeth Craft Designs Tags & More die sets. Our design team and guest designers have already posted some amazing projects on our blog using these new dies. But we though you might like to see some more and that is why we decided on the theme Tags & More for this month’s Designer Challenge.

Because it is Halloween today, I would like to start with this lovely Halloween Tag card created by Mary Prasad. Mary used the basic (main) tag shape die from Tags & More Set 2 – Deco and the Lots of Pops to create her tag card. The first picture shows the tag card open, the second shows it closed. The two leaves are holding the card closed! What a great idea! Visit Mary’s blog for more info.



From Halloween we jump to Christmas with these two beautiful projects Kelly Booth created using Tags & More Set 1 – Lace. For the first tag Kelly created a band to hold folded money, a gift certificate or letter. The background is created using Silk Microfine Glitter and the Snowflake and Outdoor Edges dies. Kelly’s second project is a fun treat bag for candy decorated with the Christmas Ornament Round Peel-offs in Gold. See instructions and full supply list at Kelly’s blog.

Watermarked Photo(73)[1]

Watermarked Photo(77)

Raquel Mason made two Christmas tags featuring Dutch the Fox and Honey the Bear, two of the character dies by Karen Burniston. Love how Dutch turned into a reindeer and Honey into Santa. Raquel used the main tag shape die from Tags & More Set 3 – Leaves to create the tags.

Dutch Red Nose Reindeer

Honey Clause close up
The tag dies are so versatile, they can be used on flat cards like Frances Byrne did on her first project below. She also used the Season’s Greeting Stand Up Helper and the Five Part Pine. Love the color combination Red and Pink for a Christmas card. For her second project she created a tag card featuring the Cardinal Peel-off in Black. Check out Frances’ blog for more info.



The next two projects are from Debra Hensley who created a tag and a tag card. The Happy Birthday tag card opens from the side and has space inside to write a note. Debra used the Funky Cakes Peel-offs in Black and the Happy Birthday accessory die from the Happy Birthday Pop Up to decorate the front. Her second project is a beautiful fall Thank You tag. Make sure to visit Debra’s blog if you would like to know how to create the tag card and tag.

ECD DT Oct Tag 2a P1070142

ECD DT Oct Tag1a P1070130

Jackie Smith made a beautiful card and two separate tags to match the card. The tags can be added to the front. For the two separate tags she used Tags & More 1 – Lace and Tags & More 2 – Deco. She also created two extra tags for the inside of the card. Different ECD dies and peel-offs were used to decorate the card and tags. You can find more info and pictures on Jackie’s blog.



Candy Spiegel created this stunning mini album using Tags & More 1 – Lace. What a great idea! She used Dutch the Fox to decorate the front of the album and some Silver/ Gold Glitter Dots Peel-offs to accent the project. Find out how to create this lovely mini album on Candy’s blog.



The next project is from Rita Edwards who used Tags & More 1 – Lace and Tags & More 3 – Leaves to create these two beautiful lollipop bags, another great idea for using the dies. The hole in the tag secures the stick on the candy! Since you can make the tags as long as you want you can score at different lengths to create both short and tall lollipop holders. Love the coloring of the pumpkins.



Karen Aicken’s first project is a gift card pocket tag tied to the handle of a gift bag. She used Tags & More 3 – Leaves and the Happy Birthday Stand Up Helper. Love the masculine colors she chose. For her second project she created a beautiful bottle hanger to hang around the neck of a beverage bottle or bottle of gourmet olive oil. Two great ideas to adapt for any occasion – Christmas, birthdays, and more. See more on Karen’s blog


The last two projects are from Kelly Booth. The first is a tag on a card featuring Tags & More 3 – Leaves and the Rose die. All elements are cut from paper Kelly created herself. It is just stunning! The second is a cute gift box for candies or a small present (lipstick, jewelry!). The front of the box is decorated with peel-offs from the Lighthouses sheet.

Watermarked Photo(75)

Watermarked Photo(84)

We hope you enjoy all of the projects our talented team made and feel inspired to create them as well! Be sure to leave comments on the blogs – we love hearing from you.

We will be back with another challenge on November 30. See you then!


Lovely Ladies

October 14, 2014


Hi, Candy Spiegel here to share another creation using Elizabeth Craft Designs products.

I absolutely love this card I made, it came out exactly how I envisioned it the moment I saw these new Jackie’s Christmas Dolls Peel-Offs for the first time. I wanted these elegant ladies to remain soft and festive without the traditional bright red and greens so I let the paper choose my color palette.

Here’s how you can make one:

1. Cut four accordion panels using the Accordion Oval Card. Place all four panels in front our you with the long side tabs facing to the right. Adhere with a strong adhesive. Clip the tab off the right side of the last panel and the small tab around the oval.


2. Adhere Double-Sided Adhesive to white cardstock.

3. Peel off protective backing and turn it over on the table in front of you with the shiny side up. Peel off the three black ovals and three extra black hats from the sticker sheet and place stickers sticky side UP on protective backing. Pick up adhesive covered cardstock and turn it over onto stickers. Turn over so the cardstock is on the bottom and peel off protective backing. Stickers will now be right side up on top of adhesive.

4. Cover adhesive with Cool Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter. Shake off excess. Burnish with finger.

5. Color with alcohol-based markers.


6. Use the oval die (included with Accordion Oval Card Die Set) to cut out your three peel-off ovals. Cut one plain oval from pale green cardstock.

7. Fussy cut out hats.


8. Adhere ovals to card base as shown.


9. Place dimensional foam adhesive on the back of each hat and adhere to the ovals.


10. Use dots from the Silver Jackie’s Christmas Dolls in Oval Peel-Offs as buttons on the lady above.

ladies_Cand_Spiegel811. Add Glitter Dots in Silver to the ladies as shown above and below.


12. Add snowflakes from the Silver sheet to the green oval.


13. Use tweezers to add Glitter Dots in Silver to snowflakes.


14. Cut the Season’s Greetings Peel-Off off the sticker sheet and then cut the words apart. Peel off background on each. Cut a Transfer Sheet slightly larger than the Season’s Greetings Peel-Off. Place the Transfer Sheet over the word Season’s and burnish it with your finger. Carefully lift and place over green oval. Burnish again to adhere it in place. Repeat with the word Greetings.ladies_Cand_Spiegel9

15. Score and fold card panels and adhere tabs to the back side of each of the ovals.



Elizabeth Craft Designs:

2587 Jackie’s Christmas Dolls in Oval Peel-Offs in both Black and Silver

772 Accordion Oval Card

501 Double-Sided Adhesive

641 Silk Microfine Glitter Cool Diamond

7018 Glitter Dots in Silver

801 Fine Pointed Tweezers

600 Transfer Sheet

2581 Season’s Greetings Large Peel-Off

Other Supplies:

Paper and Cardstock: Stampin’ Up!

Copic Markers

Dimensional Foam Adhesive


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