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Joset Designs

Bzzz…. busy

July 31, 2023

Hi everyone! it is Thursday again so Sylvia is here for you on the blog. Have you seen the latest release from Joset, Bugs & Butterflies? It is a really fun release with lots of insects and an additional stampset as well. I made this fun card with it, so let’s grab your supplies and get started.

First: using white cardstock diecut the full page of PE 46 (day by day) set no 1913 and cut it straight in the middle. I used the bottom half that has the 9 windows and saved the other half for an other project.

Step 2 Diecut the corresponding mats (also in the same dieset) once in black, twice in yellow. We need a full yellow set for the inside of the windows and alternate the black and yellow ones on the outside of the windows.

Step 3: diecut the parts of the bee in black and yellow as shown in the photo, diecut the wings in vellum and use ink of your choice on the honey pot. Assemble the bee and the honeypot.

Step 4: layout your yellow mats that will go on the inside of the windows very close together, so that you can stamp on them. I wanted the dash line to continue on multiple rectangles, so I layed them very close to each other and stamped them all at once. Stamp the bees on another square or rectangle and a nice sentiment on another.

Step 5: Cut a piece of black cardstock of 12 x 6 inch and make a top fold for the base of the card. Glue the white window part on top, glue the stamped yellow mats on the inside, so that you can see them when you open a window. Glue the black and yellow mats alternately on the outside of the windows and adhere the honeypot on the largest black square.

Step 6: cut 2 banners from set 1329 (stitched fishtail banner), one in white, one in yellow and stamp them with a sentiment of your choice. Adhere them on the inside of the card, slightly shifted. Adhere the bee on top of them.

I hope you enjoyced my busy (buzzzzzzzy…) card. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, I’d be happy to help you.

Happy crafting!!


Soon to arrive:

2060 Bee

CS1329 bugs & kisses

Joset Designs

Have A Bee-utiful Day Interactive Card

September 6, 2022

Hi everyone, it’s Tina here. I have a fun DIY Interactive Card to share with you using the Stitched Rounded Squares and a piece you will need to make. To decorate the card I used the Honey Bear Dies, Adventure Edges Dies, Monster 2 for the flower. Below is the steps to create your own card.

Interactive Card In Action!

Step 1 – Diecut Stitched Rounded Square (the largest one) using Light Blue Cardstock for your background, White Cardstock for the clouds and Green Cardstock for the grass. Using a score tool (I’m using a Scor-Buddy) score the Blue Diecut on the right side 1/2″ and another at 1/2″. For the White and Green Diecut score on the left at 1/2″ and again at 1/2″. Fold on the score lines and match the folds to my card example.

Step 2 – Diecut Adventure Edges (clouds) using the White Diecut from Step 1. Use 3mm Clear Double Sided Adhesive and adhere the left side only to the Blue Diecut from Step 1. Diecut Adventure Edges (grass) using the Green Diecut from Step 1. Use 3mm Clear Doube Sided Adhesive and adhere the left side only to the Blue Diecut from Step 1.

Step 3 – Create a mechanism that will appear as if it is flying. You can skip this step if you want. Follow the below diagram and adhere to the inside of the grass (bring the open end of the grass to the left) and align it the crease. I will add a photo or video in a few days so be sure to come back. Once the mechanism is dry attach the flap on the right side. You can also attached the flap on the right side for the clouds using 3mm Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape. (I forgot to take the photos as I was assembling. I will have a tutorial coming shortly).

Step 4 – Diecut Honey Bear in various colors of cardstock. Assemble and adhere on top of the grass using Kid’s Choice Glue.

Step 5 – Diecut the green diecut again with the Adventure Edges (grass). Before adhering to the card Stamp any sentiment of your choice. I used the Bee Sentiments from an older release so this will apply to only people who have it in their stash. But any sentiment will do. Adhere to card front but leave about a 1/4″ without glue so you will be able to adhere the flowers.

Step 6 – Diecut Monster 2 (flowers) in various colors of cardstock. Assemble and adhere to card using Kid’s Choice Glue.

Step 7 – Diecut Honey Bear (bumblebee dies). Assemble and adhere 2 to the card front and the 3rd one to the inside flip mechcanism.

As I mentioned above I will come back and add some pictures to add the mechanism. Below is a link to all the products used. Thank you for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

Products Used:

Els van de Burgt Studio Joset Designs Krista Schneider Soft Finish Cardstock

Happy Birthday Card Using Feathered Friends and Honey Bear Stamps

May 8, 2017
Bird Card by Tina

Hi Everyone,

It’s Tina here for the Coloring Design Team. Today I am going to show you how much fun it is to mix Feathered Friends and Honey Bear Clear Stamps with stamped and die cut words for an original design. Below you will find the steps to replicate this card. Continue Reading

Die Cut Design Team Designer Challenge – May

May 2, 2017
Negative Die Cut Cards May Die Cut Designer Challenge

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our May Die Cut Design Team Designer Challenge. This time round we have a technique to share with you that uses dies in a different way.

Our Challenge this month is ….. “Being Negative” – Normally when we use dies to cut we get a positive piece (the actual die cut) and a negative piece (the leftover piece or pieces that we often throw away). In many cases the negative pieces can also make interesting card components, and it is these pieces that are the focus of the Challenge cards. The Design Team can also incorporate the positive die cut piece if they wish.

Die Cut Design Team Designer Challenge – May

For our Challenge today we are giving away a Background Die Prize Pack that includes the Heart Background, Circles, Background, Chevron Background and Diamond Background to 3 winners. 

To enter, simply leave a comment on this blog post below and answer this question: What are some project ideas where you could use die cut scrap pieces when crafting?

We will select 3 lucky winners in a random drawing.

The winners will be announced on Friday, May 5, here on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog.

Now let’s take a look at the wonderful creations our talented Design Team have created for the Challenge this month. For more information about the cards, click on the designer’s name under each card to be taken to the designer’s blog post and will open up in a new window.

Continue Reading

Joset Designs

Just Bee-cause

June 26, 2016


It’s Jacky here. For my project today I have created a Stand Up Card using the new Dotted Scallop Circles and Ovals and Bead Strings 2 dies from Els Van de Burgt Studio. I have also used the Strawberries die set and clear stamps from Joset Designs.

Here’s how I created my card:

Step 1: Cut a piece of Olive Twist Soft Finish Cardstock measuring 5″ x 11″. Score at 3″ and 5-1/2″. Fold along score lines. Lightly score at 8-1/4″ but do not fold.

Step 2: Cut a piece of Celadon Green Soft Finish Cardstock of 2 ½” x 5″. Adhere the piece to the bottom of the card base.

Step 3: Using one of the Bead Strings 2 cut 3 bead strips in Olive Twist Soft Finish Cardstock backed with Clear Double Sided Adhesive prior to cutting.

Step 4: Die cut one Dotted Scallop Circle from White Soft Finish cardstock using the smallest Dotted Scallop Circle in the set. Use black ink to stamp ‘Just Bee-cause” onto the circle.

Step 5: Die cut one Stitched Oval from White Soft Finish Cardstock using the third largest die in the set.

Step 6: Die cut one Dotted Scallop Oval from Celadon Green Soft Finish Cardstock using the second largest die in the set.

Step 7: To create the Strawberries: Die cut one large solid strawberry and one small solid strawberry from Sunflower Soft Finish Cardstock. Die cut one large and one small strawberry stamen and one large and one small strawberry overlay from White Soft Finish Cardstock backed with Clear Double Sided Adhesive prior to cutting. Using a Mini Ink Blending Tool to apply the ink, color overlays with Barn Door; color stamens with Mowed Lawn Ink. (Clean the tool between colors.) When ink is dry, assemble strawberries and adhere to card front as shown.

Step 8: To create the leaves: Die cut two strawberry leaves from White Soft Finish Cardstock. Color the leaves with Mowed Lawn Ink applied with a Mini Ink Blending Tool. For best results, work on top of a non-stick craft mat (or the leftover backing of an adhesive sheet) and start making circular motions with the inked tool while it is on the mat, working toward the edge of the cardstock and then onto the shape (edge to center so the darkest ink is at the outer areas). Tip: Use light hand pressure. You can always add more ink as needed.


Step 9: To create the bees: Die cut two bee bodies from black and yellow Velvet Adhesive Sheets. Die cut wings from White Soft Finish Cardstock. The bee with the open wings will go on the bottom Celadon Green Color piece to create the Stand-up Helper card. Refer to the photo.

Step 10: Assemble card – Adhere the white Stitched Oval to the Green Dotted Scallop Oval.  Adhere the strawberries,  leaves and one bee to the white oval. Adhere the main Oval panel to the lower half of the front of the card. Use 3D tape to add dimension to the small strawberry.  Add Bead Strings accents. Add the second bee as explained in step 9.

I hope you enjoy this project and have a wonderful Sunday!



Elizabeth Craft Designs:

710- Bees

1173- Dotted Scallop Ovals

1172- Dotted Scallop Circle

1113- Stiched Ovals

1149- Strawberries

1169- Bead Strings 2

CS015- Clear Stamps- Bee Sentiments.

Inks: Black, Green, Red
Acrylic block for stamp
Die Cutting Machine
Foam Tape

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