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Pumpkins garland

August 30, 2023

I suspect you know by now I love slingshots. Nice to make, to hang and to give as a gift. And sometimes you suddenly have inspiration to make even those nice garlands even more fun, like this one.

This one has lights in it. I now have a lot of those light garlands that you buy at the garden center around Christmas and I thought, how nice is it to make a garland for Halloween with pumpkins and lights in it. But then I thought, that’s also nice for fall, so no Halloween additions to this one, there will probably be another one, and Christmas and who knows what else but for now, Clear and Simple, just pumpkins with lights! I used these beautiful pumpkins from Annette’s Everyday Elements collection. They are currently only available at your local craft store, but very soon on the Elizabeth Craft Designs website as well.

This is how it hangs on my door in the hobby room. And at night the lights are on.

First I punched 20 pumpkins, 10 of each.

They are all colored with distress ink. NB!! 5 in the front and 5 in the back.

So beautiful right? Also nice to put in a bowl.

I glued the light in between with 2 pieces of foam tape.

Then some glue around it and the other pumpkin in mirror image stuck on it.

The edges received an extra layer of tea dye distress ink for the finish. And then the garland is ready.

It seems like quite a job, but I came up with this in the morning at 7 o’clock and at 11 o’clock my

pendulum was ready. And I also had to shower, get dressed and have breakfast of course, so with about 4 hours you also have such a nice garland with lights and you can of course vary endlessly with it.

Hopefully I have inspired you to make something fun for fall or Halloween .

Thank you for visiting,

With love,


Elizabeth Craft Designs products used:

2080 – Festive Harvest (available soon at Elizabeth Craft Designs)

Festive harvest Die set from Annette (Ik weet het nummer nog niet)

Other products used:

Distress ink various colors – carved pumpkin, crackling campfire, fossilized amber, mowed lawn, tea dye

lights from the garden center

Everyday Elements Joset Designs Planner Essentials

Get well soon garland

July 27, 2023

My best friend is in the hospital and the least I can do is send a card, right? But a garland is more fun and hopefully it will put a smile on her face. It is always difficult to photograph a garland so I put them in a circle.

This time I used the Small Doilies from Annette Green as a base, on which I glued a circle from the same set with a letter from the alphabet from Esther Glass.

I attached the flags with a tab from the pocket pages fillers for the sidekick.

Everything got a layer of tea dye distress ink and then a black edge.

It is always quite a bit of work to make such a garland, but it is also very fun to do and it makes everyone happy.

Look at this cutie, Joset’s ladybug with a blue jacket on, I absolutely love it!

I halved the doilies and gave them all a layer of distress ink, I used tea dye. Then they got an edge of black ink, I also edited the letters and the tabs. All flags are attached to the string with the tab.

I hope my girlfriend is better soon and that she can just give this pendulum a place at home.

Thanks again for your visit,



Elizabeth Craft Designs supplies used:

2018 Small Doilies

2005 Page pocket fillers sidekieck 02

1863 Letters&Numbers P.E. 37

2059 Ladybug

and the Joset stamp set that comes with the Bugs collection.

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