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Frosty The Snowman Ornament

December 7, 2015

Frosty Snowman 120715 1

Hello everyone it is Christine from Susan’s Design Team here to share my Christmas ornament project. This idea came to me when I came across these clear open face balls which brought back a childhood memory of our Dad bringing home a box of 6 ornaments that were half balls with a scene in each one. Those became my favorite ornaments and today I have the only 2 remaining ornaments from that set. I knew Susan’s CountryScapes Build a Snowman die set would be perfect for this project. Lets get started on our project.

  1.  Using a small foam brush and Kids Choice glue coat the inside of a clear open face ball completely and evenly and also put some around the rim of the opening.
  2.   Pour diamond dust into the ball and swirl around covering all the glue and dump out the excess. Dip rim in diamond dust coating the rim. Set aside to dry.Frosty Snowman 120715 2
  3. Cut 2 inch foam ball in half then cut the half into 4 even pieces. Take the first 2 pieces with dome side up coat with glue and sprinkle on diamond dust. Set aside to dry.
  4.  Using Susan’s CountryScapes Woods 4 Holiday Evergreens and Trimmings die set, cut 4 trees from green cardstock. Cut top 1-1/2″ from trees. Cut wooden skewers to 2″ from point end and wrap with green floral tape starting at top and wrap towards point leaving the last half inch exposed.  Run line of glue down the center of 1 tree lay skewer on the center leaving the exposed 1/2″ end as the tree trunk.  Place glue down the skewer and add second tree off setting just a little to give a fuller look. Repeat for the second tree. When dry, use your fingers to pinch up the limbs and add dimension.Frosty Snowman 120715 3 Frosty Snowman 120715 4 Frosty Snowman 120715 5 Frosty Snowman 120715 6
  5. Apply Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Clear Double Sided Adhesive to the front and back of Elizabeth Craft Designs’ 100lb white Soft Finish Cardstock, then die cut the snowman from Susan’s CountryScapes Build A Snowman die set.  Cut the hat, eyes and mouth from black cardstock with adhesive on front and back. Cut the nose from orange cardstock with adhesive on both sides. Using brown cardstock with adhesive just on the back, cut stick arms and 2 brooms. Using yellow cardstock with adhesive on the back, cut 2 sets of just the broom bristles. Cut the cat and bird using Susan’s CountryScapes – Country Critter 1 die set.  1 small holly leaf was cut free hand from green cardstock. Cut 2 scarves from printed paper and glue together.
  6.  Using Silk Microfine Glitter Cool Diamond, peel off the top layer of protective paper on the 3 pieces of snowman and sprinkle with glitter, the burnish it with your finger. Repeat with the hat, eyes and mouth using black glitter and orange for the nose.
  7.  Build your snowman on a scrap of black cardstock and then cut out using Elizabeth Craft Designs’ fine scissors. For the broom bristles using fine scissors cut the bristles into 1/2 or 1/3 glue onto the broom attach only on the top of the bristles and fluff the bristles with your fingers.
  8. Take the first piece of foam ball (will be the shorter pc), add glue to the front lower part of snowman and attach the snowman to the back side of ball pc (which is the cut side), making sure the bottom of the snowman is at the bottom of the ball hold in place until the glue holds. Glue the cat to front of the ball. Stick 2 trees into the top of next slice of foam ball. Take the two pieces dry fit inside ball and adjust height if needed. When satisfied with placement, glue together and add glue to bottom edges especially on the ends place in ball. Allow to dry.   Add the bow to the top. Elizabeth Craft Designs has a video on their YouTube channel on using the Silk Microfine Glitter seen here and Susan has a video for building the snowman seen here. The videos are so helpful!

I do hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial today and will be inspired to make your own ornaments. There are so many possibilities with Susan’s wonderful dies.  Enjoy!Until next time,

Happy Scrapping!


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies Used

1081 Susan’s Garden CountryScapes  – Build A Snowman
#989 Susan’s Garden CountryScapes – Country Critters 1

1093 Susan’s Garden CountryScapes – Holiday Evergreen & Trimmings

641 Silk Microfine Glitter – Cool Diamond

601 Silk Microfine Glitter – Basic Black

613 Silk Microfine Glitter – Orange

PSF102 100lb Soft Finish Cardstock

508 Double Sided Clear Adhesive

802 Fine Scissors

Other Supplies

Clear Open Ornament – (JoAnn Fabric)

2″ Smooth Foam Ball

Twinklets Diamond Dust

Kids Choice Glue

Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive

Floral Tape

Wooden Skewer

Close To My Heart Cardstock – New England Ivy, Black, Canary, Chocolate and Cranberry

Close To My Heart Background & Texture Paper




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  • Kathleen Adams December 7, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    Christine, that ornament is just so cute. I love it. I think it would be a great project to do with my grandchildren. We always have a craft weekend where I help them make presents for their parents and/or friends. Thanks for sharing this great idea!

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