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Double Pizza box

October 31, 2023

Hi, Marjolijn here. Today It’s my time to show you something I made. It’s a double pizza box, it can hold just a little more! And of course I made it in Halloween style!!!

I made the closure with a strip that I stamped on. Then tie a string around it and the spider keeps everything together.

The new Florals collection is so beautiful, I am in love with the pine cones! The berries were given a layer of glossy accents. With a little sisal in between it makes it just a little more alive. The lantern is not from E.C.D. but from my own collection. The text is made with the alphabet from the Art journal collection.

With a spider web in the top corner, no E.C.D either, and the mushrooms from Annette Green’s collection, it is really finished.

The box contains wonderful mood makers with a nice scent. And how did I turn it into a double box?

Well, that’s actually quite simple…

Die cut 2 boxes. I used a 12″ x 12″ sheet of cardstock.

For one box, cut the edge on the long side at the score line. Place double-sided tape on the long side of the other box. Unfortunately I don’t have the right size E.C.D. tape.

Punch a circle from one box for the view, this is of course an option because it is not necessary, without a window is also possible.

Remove the protective tape and apply some glue so that you can still slide a little.

Stick the box together, I cut off the flaps otherwise the box will be very thick in those places and you won’t need them.

Then you ink the box on the score lines both on the inside and on the outside. If you don’t like that, you can also omit this step.

Stick a piece of acetate on the inside.

And then you can decorate the box inside and out with design paper. I used the thin paper from Esther’s book for this, the thick paper is too thick, it won’t look nice.

By also giving the edges a layer of design paper you can hide the places where everything is put together.

The inside is fully decorated.

And the outside, you can decorate the box as you like. You can use it for all kinds of purposes, just like the small pizza box. Even to store larger die-cut parts if you like.

I hope you enjoyed today’s double pizza box project and will give it a try. Thanks for your visit πŸ™‚



Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Everyday Elements

Pumpkins garland

August 30, 2023

I suspect you know by now I love slingshots. Nice to make, to hang and to give as a gift. And sometimes you suddenly have inspiration to make even those nice garlands even more fun, like this one.

This one has lights in it. I now have a lot of those light garlands that you buy at the garden center around Christmas and I thought, how nice is it to make a garland for Halloween with pumpkins and lights in it. But then I thought, that’s also nice for fall, so no Halloween additions to this one, there will probably be another one, and Christmas and who knows what else but for now, Clear and Simple, just pumpkins with lights! I used these beautiful pumpkins from Annette’s Everyday Elements collection. They are currently only available at your local craft store, but very soon on the Elizabeth Craft Designs website as well.

This is how it hangs on my door in the hobby room. And at night the lights are on.

First I punched 20 pumpkins, 10 of each.

They are all colored with distress ink. NB!! 5 in the front and 5 in the back.

So beautiful right? Also nice to put in a bowl.

I glued the light in between with 2 pieces of foam tape.

Then some glue around it and the other pumpkin in mirror image stuck on it.

The edges received an extra layer of tea dye distress ink for the finish. And then the garland is ready.

It seems like quite a job, but I came up with this in the morning at 7 o’clock and at 11 o’clock my

pendulum was ready. And I also had to shower, get dressed and have breakfast of course, so with about 4 hours you also have such a nice garland with lights and you can of course vary endlessly with it.

Hopefully I have inspired you to make something fun for fall or Halloween .

Thank you for visiting,

With love,


Elizabeth Craft Designs products used:

2080 – Festive Harvest (available soon at Elizabeth Craft Designs)

Festive harvest Die set from Annette (Ik weet het nummer nog niet)

Other products used:

Distress ink various colors – carved pumpkin, crackling campfire, fossilized amber, mowed lawn, tea dye

lights from the garden center

Everyday Elements Joset Designs Planner Essentials

Get well soon garland

July 27, 2023

My best friend is in the hospital and the least I can do is send a card, right? But a garland is more fun and hopefully it will put a smile on her face. It is always difficult to photograph a garland so I put them in a circle.

This time I used the Small Doilies from Annette Green as a base, on which I glued a circle from the same set with a letter from the alphabet from Esther Glass.

I attached the flags with a tab from the pocket pages fillers for the sidekick.

Everything got a layer of tea dye distress ink and then a black edge.

It is always quite a bit of work to make such a garland, but it is also very fun to do and it makes everyone happy.

Look at this cutie, Joset’s ladybug with a blue jacket on, I absolutely love it!

I halved the doilies and gave them all a layer of distress ink, I used tea dye. Then they got an edge of black ink, I also edited the letters and the tabs. All flags are attached to the string with the tab.

I hope my girlfriend is better soon and that she can just give this pendulum a place at home.

Thanks again for your visit,



Elizabeth Craft Designs supplies used:

2018 Small Doilies

2005 Page pocket fillers sidekieck 02

1863 Letters&Numbers P.E. 37

2059 Ladybug

and the Joset stamp set that comes with the Bugs collection.

Planner Essentials Sidekick Essentials

Sidekick Planner Page

June 29, 2023

This time I made a page for my annual overview of 2023 in the sidekick planner. As a base I used the back cover of week 22 and a pocket page. That’s fun again.

On the left page I processed the photo film slide, which I hadn’t used for a long time. I glued it on 3 sides with 3 mm double-sided tape and left the left side open to slide another tag behind it. On the photo film slide I processed some stamps and glued them on as a tab. The week number is also stamped on it. On the tag behind it is a photo and on the back there is room for some extra journaling.

On the inside I processed 2 note sheets that were stamped with the “note piece” stamp set and edited with a stencil and oxide ink. One of the cute girls and a circle stamp finish it off.

I made the right page in a pocket page, I hadn’t used those for a while and they are so nice. Especially for some more photos that don’t need a lot of extras. I made the details on this page with the circle words and of course some garden tools are part of it. For the photo I took out the mini pages because it reflected quite a bit in the paperback. Despite all the super cool new products, I often go for the somewhat older die sets, they are also very nice and if you have them, use them. They are really too nice to leave in the closet.

Hopefully I’ve given you some inspiration.

With kind regards,


Elizabeth Craft Designs Products used:

CS213 Home&Nature

CS234 Memorable

CS253 Note pieces

CS260 On the road again

sidekick pocket pages

reinforcers miscellaneous

Stencil set 1

double-sided tape

Paper (wornwood) not available anymore but the new paper is also beautiful

Grungy wood

Paper flowers

Floral slimline card

May 29, 2023

For this blog post I have used the latest collections from the Floral collection and from Esther, the Planner collection, even the sidekick, so I am very happy with that because I am making my annual overview this year in my sidekick planner and what a super fun addition.

For this card I started making the flowers, they are so beautiful!!!

To make the flowers I watched some videos from Karen and I once did a make & take with Anita, with all those tips and the right tools it is easy to do. So my advice is, watch some videos and take your time, it’s fun to make these beautiful flowers and making beautiful things just takes some time.

This flower was designed by Joseph Nguyen.

Once I was done with the flowers I wanted to make a slim line card with them.

I made the base from DCP paper, folded in half lengthwise 8.75″x 3.75″

The edges are inked with Distress oxide ink Frayed Burlap and they have been given a Walnut stain edge.

I did the same with the design paper from Esther’s new reminiscence book.


and with the second layer, also from book 6, which I cut with the slimline background 1 Die from Joset.

It is in the Christmas set but is also very useful for regular cards, really a beautiful background.

A piece is torn on the left and the edges of the 1st layer are distressed, then they are stitched together with my sewingmachine.

A piece of pink lace has been glued to the base card behind the torn part.

You can see it a little better in this photo.

Then I gave everything a place until I was satisfied and everything is glued.

Of course I also had to add a sentiment, for that I used the new stamp set from the Florals collection and a Die from the window overlay set P.E.36 (see photo 1)

I loved working on this card, something different than usual.

In the past I also often made “vintage” cards, so a bit back in time.

Hopefully you have gained some inspiration.

See you,

With love,


Elizabeth Craft Designs products used:

Other products used:

Basic DCP paper 200 grams is also possible

Planner Essentials

Shaker cards

April 26, 2023

Hello all,

Esther’s new collection has become super fun again, really a party to work with. This time I would like to show you 2 shaker cards. The new set from Ester contains a super nice yarn card, which I used as a basis. The paper is from my own collection. I did use some stamps here and there to give it some extra detail.

Isn’t she cute, that nice girl sitting here doing crafts. it reminds me so much of my own daughters. Beautiful memories of when they were little.

For the 2nd card I also used a lamp from the latest Art-journal collection, it’s that nice too!

Die cut 2 yarn cards from design paper of your choice and reinforcements, I used the various circles but you can of course use what you like. Make an opening in a card with the rectangular die from the set.

I stick strips of double-sided foam tape on black cardstock and then I punched out another yarn card with an opening in the middle, just like the card made of design paper.

You stick a piece of acetate on it, I just used the plastic from the packaging, that works fine. In the shaker you put some nice shaking material of your choice. Stick the card with the hole in it over the acetate, the other card on the back. If you also want to stamp on the inside, as with card 2, do that before sticking it on. Dress up your card with some nice details such as a twig or an extra stamp. Put a string through the hole and your tag or card is ready. Nice with a gift or just to send just like that.

Also very nice in your own planner of course. πŸ˜‹

See next time!

With love,


Elizabeth Craft Designs Products used:

Other Products used:

P.E. sidekick 12 scallop insert

P.E.sidekick Filefolderpage 2030

P.E. sidekick Yarncard with siccors 2028

P.E. 57 heart lover

CS 291 let’s stick together

CS 294 journal Phrases 1

CS301 craft studio 01

CS302 craft studio 02

reinforcements miscellaneous

Double-sided tape

Paper from our own stock

foam tape

Shaker material

Black card stock

White embossing powder

Paper flowers Planner Essentials

Stuff that matters

March 27, 2023

Hello everyone, Marjolijn here. For today’s blog post I made this box to store my tickets in. Just a cozy box on the table where I can grab a ticket if I need it. For the box I used the book box. Let me explain to you how I created this box.

I decorated this Book box with jute and incorporated an embroidery ring in which I incorporated a shaker. The sweet girl would also like to be a fairy but lacks the wings. That’s why she’s standing on a twig.

The box contains all sorts of treasures like tickets and other nice little things to process in my planners.

I made the shaker with the fuse from “we’r memerykeepers”. I cut 2 circles from a plastic cover with a round die slightly larger than the die from the craft lover set. I put the picture of the fairy in between and put some shaking material on it. Then I put the ring on it from the craftlover set and welded the circle closed with the fuse.

This way you can easily make a flat shaker without tape or foam and nothing will fall out. Doesn’t it look pretty?!

I hope my project today gave you some inspiration to make your own keep sake memory box using the beautiful Book box die from Elizabeth Craft Designs. I had so much fun creating mine and I love storing all sort of little things that I want keep in it.

Thank you for your visit!

With love,


Elizabeth Craft Designs supplies used:

Planner Essentials

Birthday card

February 28, 2023

Hello fellow E.C.D. craft lovers, Marjolijn here. This is my post for the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog.

I want to show you some birthday folders! In February I have quite a few birthdays in my family and circle of friends, so I really had to get to work! Because there are a lot of them I wanted to keep it a bit simple but nice and cheerful.

I made this 2 times but with a different background paper.

I made the base with the file folder and decorated it with nice tickets and stamps from Esther’s latest collection.

It’s so much fun to play with the stamps and the tickets. There is even a super nice set with typical Dutch stamps for enthusiasts!

When I had these cards ready I dropped my phone, it contains my photos of the making process so unfortunately I can’t show them. Fortunately I have a spare phone that Theo, my dear, has completely fixed for me and I can now do a lot again. Where would we be without our cell phones nowadays.

The map is not that difficult so you will probably figure it out.

The stamps on the tickets come from all kinds of sets from ECD and it takes a while to see if it fits and where you want them, sometimes I tape off a piece of a stamp so that I can still use them.

For example, at the tab that says “amazing day”. Just do what you like and it will always work out.

A post with some hiccups this time but I did it.

Thank you for your visit

With love,


Elizabeth Craft Designs materials used:

Planner Essentials


January 31, 2023

Hello everyone, Marjolijn here! Today I would like to show you a new calendar page for my birthday calendar. This time, of course, with a Valentine’s theme. Made with the beautiful paper from the 12″ x 12″ Get Creative paper pack, available now!!! For this page I used the top loading set, which is still great fun. On top of that I adhered the new hearts page from the “Get creative” set. I only adhered the page at the edges so that something can be behind it.

A separate calendar sheet fits perfectly in the pocket, which is quite handy because after a while you always have people who no longer need to be on your calendar, you only have to add a new sheet.

For the strips I covered the base strips with double sided tape before I die cut them. Pasted the layer with the cut-out text over it and then filled the text with glitter. It’s hard to see in the photos but it gives such a nice effect. I also did the same with the bottom of the date page, first punched out February, double sided tape behind it and then glitter over it. The kisses/mouths also got a layer of glitter.

A window label has been pasted in the bottom right corner, with a piece of foil in the window, just from a package. I love using things we would throw in the garbage otherwise, life is expensive enough πŸ˜‰ And that light with the heart in it, how nice is that! The label is pasted around the page so that a kind of pocket is created at the back. There are strips in here with a sweet kiss on top. The page with the hearts and the kisses are from Esther’s new collection, Planner Essentials 57 – Heart Lover.

With the tabs I adhered the month to the side again. I want to use the back of the calendar sheet to add a photo of one of the birthday people from that month.

Again that nice light and some tickets from the new “Get creative” set with Dutch sentiments, also a new stamp set from Esther. Very nice for lovers of Dutch sentiments.

I hope you enjoyed today’s project. Thank you for visiting.

With love,


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Paper “Get creative”

ECD Get creative set NEW

Planner essentials 56 – Tickets&tabs

Planner Essentials 57 – Heart Lover

Planner Essentials 22 Top Loading

Planner Essentials – Months

Planner Essentials 21 – Note pieces

SKU15 – Sentiment strips

1915 Large Numbers

1986 Alphabet tabs

1983 File folder set 2

Planner Essentials 20 Half heart page set

CS254 weekly thoughts

CS253 Note pieces

CS116 Months

CS289 I love you too

Silk Microfine Glitter {real red}

Joset Designs

I love you I love you I love you

January 23, 2023

Hello everyone, Jackie here. It’s my turn to bring you today’s inspiration and while love is still in the air I am sharing another love themed tutorial. As always you can use this design for a number of occasions.

Step One:

Start by creating a textured pattern onto a top folding A2 card blank. Use a small heart stencil and some textured paste keeping the background plain white.

Step Two:

Fix two indented rectangle dies together using some washi tape – this will die cut a frame. Die cut the frame twice into pink card then glue the two together before fixing to the card front.

Step Three:

Die cut the giraffe from white and black card as shown in the photo below. Ink the edges with yellow and pink ink. Switch out the giraffe spots for tiny hearts, I used the tiny heart from die set Mrs Claus 1991.

Die cut a handful of hearts then glue them randomly to the giraffe before trimming off any access. Add some shimmer to the heats, I have used a wink of stella pen but use whatever is in your stash.

Step Five:

Stamp out the sentiment on to a long strip of white card then trim to the desired length, add another thin strip of black card underneath at a slightly crooked angle.

Step Six:

Attach the sentiment in place using 1mm foam pads then add the giraffe to the centre using more foam pads. Finish off with a sprinkling of enamel dots and hearts.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope I have inspired you to have a go at this design, you can use which ever character you like. Happy crafting – Jackie x

Product used

Other product used

Versa Fine Black Ink

Mustard Seed Distress Ink

Spun Sugar Distress Ink

Textured Paste

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