Flowers For Mom

November 24, 2017

Hi Everyone! Angela Whelton here from Susan’s Garden Design Team. While I know this is the time of year when most people are working on getting Christmas cards completed, for me it’s the week that we commemorate my mom’s passing. It’s been a long time, 12 years already, but sometimes it doesn’t seem nearly that long ago. My mother loved wildflowers so for today’s card, I’ve chosen some of her favourites: Cosmos, Lilacs, and the new Black-Eyed Susan done in white so that it becomes a daisy, as suggested by Susan in one of her recent Facebook Live tutorials. (Susan streams on Facebook Live each week except over the holidays.) I’ve gathered the bouquet in the Victorian Teacup and Saucer.

Here’s how I put it together:

Step 1 – Create a 6 x 6 inch card base from cardstock in soft yellow or your preferred colour. Set aside.

Step 2 – Create a 5.5 x 5.5 inch panel from a sheet of parchment or coordinating paper. Adhere, centred, to the card base. Use adhesive ONLY in the center and toward the bottom where the cup will cover the glue! (If using coordinating patterned paper instead of translucent parchment, adhere as usual with tape or paper adhesive of choice.)

Step 3 – Die cut the teacup shape from 85lb White Soft Finish Cardstock. Cut a second cup from the same cardstock, backed with Clear Double Sided Adhesive prior to die cutting. From this second piece, carefully trim off the base, handle and rim of the cup. Set these pieces aside. Use the Flower Lace 2 die to cut the remaining adhesive-backed cup piece. (See photo.)

Adhere all of the extra pieces to the first die cut cup, returning them to the same spots so the finished cup looks like the cup in the project photo.

Using the large ball stylus gently “stir” the cup to give it a rounded shape. Use a small piece of foam tape to hold the shape.

Adhere cup and saucer toward the bottom of the parchment panel.

Step 4 – Die cut 3 Ladder Fern pieces. Colour with Copic Markers. Shape, using the leaf tool and a rubber mat. Highlight the veins with Bright Yellow Green PanPastel. Adhere to card front, bucking the stem ends into the cup as shown above..

Step 5 – Cut pieces for the Black-Eyed Susan from 85lb White Soft Finish cardstock. Leave the petals white to make a daisy. Use yellow Copic Markers to colour the centers, use green Copic Markers to colour the leaves and stem.

Shape flower using the small loop tool and molding mat. Shape the flower centers using a rounded toothpick on a rubber mat or eraser. Shape leaves using the leaf tool and mat. Highlight the veins with Light Yellow Green PanPastel.

Step 6 – Cut pieces to make two Cosmos from White Soft Finish Cardstock. Colour using PanPastels. Shape, using tool kit tools.

Step 7 – Assemble flowers directly onto card front. See photo for placement.

Step 8 – To make Lilacs, die cut the flower plate three times from 85lb White Soft Finish Cardstock. Cut the branch twice. Cut the leaves once. Colour pieces using Copic markers. Shape the flowers using the small ball tool on each of the little petals and then the center of each little floret. Use Kids Choice Glue to glue the two banch pieces, one on top of the other for added strength and dimension. Glue the flowers to the branch, Adhere to the card front, tucked behind the bouquet toward the top  left as shown.

Step 9 – Die cut ‘Remember’ from White Soft Finish Cardstock backed with Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape prior to cutting.

Step 10 – Position ‘Remember’ near the top, slightly overlapping from the parchment to the card front. Add a small dab of glue behind the Lilac where it extends above the parchment, too. This will help keep the top of the parchment in place. (See photo below.)

Step 11 – Glue the leaves from the flowers in place, tucked behind the Daisy and Cosmos and overlapping the Lilacs.

I’m glad to be able to share this card with you!



Elizabeth Craft Designs:


Copic Markers


Parchment paper

Foam tape


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  • Angela November 26, 2017 at 6:39 am

    Thank you Suzanne.

  • Quietfire November 24, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    This is very lovely!

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