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Make A Wish

September 22, 2018

By Judi Kauffman

Blow out the candles and Make A Wish! This is the perfect card for birthday celebrations.

The Make A Wish die set includes the sentiment – all three words cut in one piece, plus separate stars to sprinkle on the card front or use on other projects. The background is embossed, sanded and woven Shimmer Sheetz, but if you’re in a hurry use embossed background with a simple tone-on-tone pattern instead.

If you like quirky color combinations stick with purple and green as shown or change it to suit your taste and that of the recipient! Just make sure there’s plenty of contrast between the words and stars (one color as shown or use two, your choice) and the background.

Step 1 – Back a piece of Amethyst Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz with Clear Double Sided Adhesive Sheet. Die cut Make A Wish and several stars (as many as you like!). REMEMBER: You MUST use a metal adaptor plate or Big Shot Machine with Precision Base Plate when die cutting SS. Review Els van de Burgt’s YouTube tutorial if you are new to this technique.

Step 2 – Choose an embossing folder with a small repeat pattern that has vertical rows. Emboss two 5 x 7 pieces of Shimmer Sheetz with the folder. Lightly sand the embossed side of one of the pieces, lightly sand the de-bossed side of the other piece, bringing out the white core color of the SS. (Shown: Rows of leaves, Shimmer Sheetz in Light Green Iridescent.) Tip: If using SS in a Gemstone color the sanding will reveal a silver core.


Step 3 – Cut one of the embossed pieces of SS into strips. Hand-cut the strips with scissors and leave the edges slightly wavy (as shown) or cut straight-edge strips with a craft knife or paper trimmer (not shown). Lay the second pieceof embossed SS onto a self-healing cutting mat and use a craft knife to cut vertical lines between the lines in the pattern, leaving it attached about an inch at the top and bottom, creating a ‘loom.’ (Second piece is not cut into separate strips!)

Step 4 – Weave the strips over and under for the first row, under and over for the second (like for any kind of paper weaving or a potholder). Adjust the strips. (The last one will be the most challenging to fit, just like any kind of weaving!) Use pieces of Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape on the BACK of the completed weaving to hold the pieces in position.

Step 5 – Trim the edges to create a nice crisp rectangle. Adhere to solid color cardstock, leaving a narrow border on all sides. Accent all strips that end on the FRONT of the weaving with matching brads.

Step 6 – Adhere to a piece of Rainbow Bark paper, leaving a half-inch border at top, right and left and a five-eighth-inch border at the bottom. Center the completed panel onto a white heavy cardstock side-fold card base, leaving a narrow band of white visible on all sides.

Step 7 – Position the sentiment at an angle. Add the stars, allowing at least one of them to extend over the border toward the bottom of the card. Refer to the project photo.



Elizabeth Craft Designs:



Sanding block

5 x 7 embossing folder with vertical repeat pattern (Leaves or other)

8 brads in color to coordinate with background (shown: Sage)

Cardstock in white and dark olive


Craft knife

Self-healing cutting mat


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  • Jean Marmo September 22, 2018 at 10:40 am

    Another beautiful card!

    • Judi kauffman September 22, 2018 at 1:55 pm

      Thank you, Jean!

  • BeverlyBL September 22, 2018 at 7:03 am

    I love your shimmer sheet background. Nice technique. Your card is great. I love that BIG Make A Wish die.

    • Judi Kauffman September 22, 2018 at 1:58 pm

      Thank you. And I totally agree about the size of the die – Suzanne’s biggest dies have always been my favorites. They can star on a card front and the thick and thin areas of the lettering (more prominent on larger words/dies) are clear evidence of a calligrapher’s hand at work!

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