A Way With Words Shimmer Sheetz

Rejoice Ornament

October 20, 2018

By Judi Kauffman

I enjoy making flat ornaments to mail as an alternative to greeting cards. They can go straight to the tree or hang in a window or on a doorknob. And now that it’s become something of a tradition for me, friends have come to expect them!

Suzanne Cannon’s new A Way With Words release includes a fabulous flourished candle die set that has separate pieces for a dimensional flame and dripping wax. The candle can stand alone on an ornament, but I thought the word ‘Rejoice’ added a nice bit of extra sparkle. And the lettering provides visual balance when tucked just beneath the candle – The letter ‘R’ almost touching the flourishes, but not quite.

Design Strategies:

Go for an almost tone-on-tone effect, with the word Rejoice, the candle flame, gems around the flame, and the edges of the ribbon providing a pop of sparkle and contrast.

Notice that the candle matches the largest circle. This pleased my eye, but you may want to go in a different direction.

Customize the Ornament:

Switch the palette, choose a different sentiment, omit the outer half-circles. Use scalloped circles instead of plain ones. Start with an oval or square instead of a circle. Add more gems or skip them altogether.. Add a tassel or a dangling charm. Most of all, have fun!


(Reminder: A metal adaptor plate or Big Shot machine with Precision Base Plate is REQUIRED for die cutting Shimmer Sheetz. Review Els van de Burgt’s YouTube tutorial if you are new to this technique.)

Step 1 – Die cut the flourished candle, wax drip and the word Rejoice from Velvet Adhesive Sheet in Light Blue.

Step 2 – Die cut a flame from Yellow Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz that has been altered with alcohol inks to produce a mottled effect. Back a piece of lightly sanded Fire Opal Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz with Clear Double Sided Adhesive Sheet and die cut the word Rejoice.

Step 3 – Die cut one 3.75” Stitched Circle and two 2.5” Stitched Circles from Turquoise Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz. Lightly sand to tone down the sparkle just a bit and reveal some of the silver core of the Gemstone SS. Die cut one 4.5” Fitted Circle from Light Blue Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz. Lightly sand to reveal the white core of the Iridescent SS.

Step 4 – Cut the small Turquoise circles in half. Adhere to the back of the Light Blue circle using snippets of Tombow Xtreme Adhesive Tabs.

Step 5 – Adhere the large Turquoise circle, centered, on top of the Light Blue one using Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape.

Step 6 – Remove the protective backing from the light blue candle and center the candle onto the Turquoise circle, allowing the top third of the candle to extend onto the Light Blue circle. Remove the protective backing from the light blue ‘Rejoice’ and center below the candle. Add the wax drip and the yellow flame, using Xtreme Adhesive Tabs for dimension. Remove the protective backing from the Fire Opal ‘Rejoice’ and adhere, offset, so the light blue word becomes a drop shadow.

Step 7 – Accent the ‘R’ in Rejoice with three small yellow-gold gems. Encircle the flame with seven more of the same color gems. Accent the bottom of the candle with a row of 7 small olive-green gems.


Step 8 – Add turquoise half-pearls to the half-circles at the right and left, a larger half-pearl on the bottom half-circle. Punch a .25” hole in the top half-circle and add a ribbon loop.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:

AWWW Flourished candle die set

AWWW Rejoice



Sanding block

Tombow Xtreme Adhesive Tabs

Non-stick scissors

Yellow-orange and olive-green gems

Turquoise half-pearls



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  • Quietfire October 22, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    This is absolutely gorgeous and will catch the light so beautifully! <3

  • Jean marmo October 20, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    So very pretty. Love all the layers

  • Connie Sue Larson October 20, 2018 at 8:50 am

    What an awesome idea. Love this ornament

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