One Last Firework Before The Winter

October 28, 2018


In Quebec, the beautiful colors of autumn have past leaving behind brown and grey shades. Some flurries have made their first appearance, reminding us that winter will soon drape its white coat around us until spring. Looking at the new collection of flowers from Susan’s Garden Notes, the astrantia (from the Greek word “asteri” meaning “Star”) caught my eyes and reminded me of fireworks. So let’s celebrate in hopes that those astrantias will give us a little bit of strength and courage for the winter to come!

Here are the steps to make this card.

Step 1: Card base

  • Cut a 13″ x 5″ piece of 100lb  White Soft Finish Cardstock, score at 6 ½ inch and fold in half..
  • Cut a 6 ½” x 5″ rectangle from light pink cardstock.
  • Cut a 6 ¼” x 4 ¾” rectangle from silver glittered cardstock.
  • Cut a 6″ x  4 ½” rectangle from lilac ModaScrap – Thinking About Polinesia Collection cardstock.
  • Using 6 mm Clear Double Sided Adhesive, adhere the rectangles, centered one on top of the other.

Step 2: The urn

  • Die cut the Garden Notes – Trevi Urn (1596) from White Soft Finish Cardstock (100 lb).
  • Die cut a second time from the same pink cardstock that was used for the card base.

  • On the back of the pink urn, with the molding pad, using medium and small ball stylus tools, emboss the lines as shown below.

  • Using Beacon Kids Choice Glue, adhere the pink urn on the white one.

  • Using a make-up sponge applicator, color the urn with Green Brocade Opal Magic Wax.

  • With foam adhesive squares and Beacon Kids Choice Glue, adhere the urn to the card base.

Step 3: The Hosta leaves 

  • Out of White Soft Finish Cardstock (100 lb), cut all the leaves in the Garden Notes – Hosta Leaves (1594) twice.
  • Using dark green ink markers, color both sides of each leaf.
  • With a make-up applicator, shade the centers of the leaves with the Yellow Ochre Tint PanPastel (270.8)
  • Shape on the Molding Pad using the Reverse Tweezers and the medium ball stylus from the Susan’s Garden 4 Pcs. All Metal Tool Set.
  • With foam adhesive squares and Beacon Kids Choice Glue, adhere the leaves so they appear to be coming out of the urn.

Step 4: The Astrantia flowers

  • Cut pieces for the astrantia flowers and leaves using the Garden Notes – Astrantia (1584) die set from 85lb White Soft Finish Cardstock as follows: Cut the two stamens shapes twice each from dark pink cardstock. Cut the stem from green cardstock twice. Cut the two leaf shapes once from green cardstock.

  • Watch Susan Tierney-Cockburn’s video tutorial here and refer to the photos below, too.
  • Using a makeup applicator, shade the tip of each petal with Bright Yellow Green Shade PanPastel (680.3).

  • On the Molding Pad, using the loop tool, shape the petals from the tip to the center.

  • With the reverse tweezers, pinch each petal.
  • Cup the center with the medium ball stylus.
  • With Beacon Kids Choice Glue, adhere the petals, offsetting them on the card.

  • With the Fine Pointed Scissors, cut each stamen in half.
  • Cup them with the small ball stylus and cup it again in Styrofoam or  packaging filler to allow it to take its shape.
  • With a light green marker, dot the little centers, than cup them on an eraser with a toothpick.
  • Glue the stamen on each flower and glue a small center to each stamen.

  • With the Leaf Pad and leaf tool, trace striations on each leaf. Turn over the leaves and use a make-up applicator to shade the striations with Bright Yellow Green PanPastel (680.5).
  • Shade the edges of the leaves with with green Distress Ink.
  • Adhere the leaves onto the card, tucking them below and around the flowers as shown.


There you go! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and come back soon!



Elizabeth Craft Designs:


Pink cardstock

Glittery Silver cardstock

Green cardstock

Art Alchemy – Opal Magic Wax, Green Brocade.

Foam adhesive squares

Copic Ink Markers

Distress ink


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  • Susan Tierney-Cockburn October 28, 2018 at 6:58 pm

    What a beautiful arrangement—I fell in love with the Astrantia when I first saw it in the U.K. back in May.

    • Diane Prince October 29, 2018 at 4:44 am

      Thank you Susan ! I have never seen one before, don’t know if they grow here but I sure love making them with your dies set 😉

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