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October 24, 2022

During the Retreat last October 1st and 2nd, Esther and I gave a workshop with a very extensive page where you can process a lot of photos and journaling. In this blog post I want to show you that you can also do that in other ways. After a very pleasant trip with my daughter, I had a lot of pictures of the Safari Park in Hilvarenbeek. What a fun outing that is! Of course this had to be recorded in my planner. But how? So many photos! So I came up with another “Flap page”.

That way it will be in my planner soon. For this page I used Esther’s new collection “for the record”. A true hit is this collection!!!

With a whole tab page, file folders big and small, tabs, tickets Library pocket, too many to mention and so useful. Also for making cards or mini albums.

So the page is unfolded.

With filling.

And these tickets are all in it!

The backside. I could even put the map of the park in it!

The curved library pocket is in itself a super fun item to work with. Everything fits into your sidekick planner, except the tab page.

Also a well-filled tab page.

An overview of everything in this page.

How to make this page:

For this page I used planner essentials 5 to create an extended page.

I folded it to the width of a normal page.

I made 2 tab pages where I stuck 3 mm double-sided tape along the edges of the tabs. Then I cut them off. The holes edge and the other side.

On the front and back I glued a tab page on the flap.

The flap prevents everything you put in it from sticking together. The side and bottom are also glued together.

Now your page will look like this. You can now fill it with nice file folders, tabs and tickets and whatever you like. Hopefully some inspiration for you.

Thanks for your visit.

Until next post.



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