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Christmas Wings

August 1, 2022

Hello everyone, it’s Els Schutte here today showing you how to create this elegant card using a combination of floral dies from Elizabeth Craft Designs.

  • My base card is 81/5 x 4 1/5 , then cut the foil cardstock at 41/4 x 8 1/4 and a white piece of 4 x 8
  • Take the 4 x 8 sheet and run it through an embossing folder and then glue them all on top of eachother the top one is on 3D foam.
  • Take all the dies and cut them out sveral times, see photo,it depends on many you want on your card!
  • Color all the shapes, I put novo drops where the berries are.
  • Shape all the leaves, Flowers, I put glossy accent on the holly leaves, and on the big red ones.
  • Glue down the ornament like a xmas ball and glue the bow on the bottom of it.
  • Glue the Holly leaves down
  • Glue the flowers together after shaping them put a center in it with prills and glue them on the card in a cluster.
  • Glue all the green behind the flowers and place the wings on the top.
  • Cut the branch with all the berries apart and place them random in the green, also add to pinecones.
  • Ad least I added some snow on it.
  • I hope you enjoyed the step by step tutorial and I do hope you will give it a try!!!


Elizabeth Craft Designs products used:

Other products used:

Wing die

Embossing folder

Glossy accent

Rose gold glitter cardstock





Inks….Green, yellow, red, brown, black


Frame with Orchids

July 1, 2022

In the Friday Live show with Els there was a question if we have a Floral die where we can make an Orchid with, so this is where I came up with…………and I promised to do a step by step blogpost so here it is!

I used the Florals dies nr: Florals 4 Florals 12 florals 18 Florals 16

So this was the example I made and the next one with the frame we are making!

We are making a double frame and on top I combine the orchids with some other flowers.

Cut everything you see here and cut 5 of each flower and 4 of the stamens

Take the bigger flowers and cut 2 petals off so you have 2 left on the top and 1 on the bottom.

Take the light Green Ink and ink the big flowers in the center, put Yellow on the tiny ones in the center.

Color the stamens Green.

Put your tweezer on the bottom and fold the petal around it.

Shape these flowers on the back, then turn them and press in the center.

Take the tiny flower and fold the top 2 petals inside up and the bottom one to the back, put tiny orange dots on them.

Now glue all the 3 flowers on top of each other see the photo.

make all 5 of them and put some yellow flocking powder in the center.

Glue the stamens together.

Glue the flowers on the stamens and put those extra knops on there aswell.

For extra I cut these flowers and leaves out , colored them and they go on the frame as well, I didn’t do this step by step because the frames Els did so you can check her live videos to see how to make a frame and then you can decorate it.

So I hope you liked this step by step tutorial for the orchids.

I used the next dies:

Florals 4 – 12 – 18 – 16 – 19 – 15 – Boxframe – ferns – Leaves

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Under The Sea

June 2, 2022

It’s me again, Els. It is already June and that means a new Month with new inspiration. This time I made a sea style card and below you will find the step by step instructions. I hope you have as much fun as I did making this card. Have fun creating!

Cut out the dies of white cardstock and the upper layers from silver cardstock. I didn’t used the fish and the binoculars.

Color the white cut-outs with Ink and glue the silver cardstock on top of them.

Cut a piece of white cardstock of 4″ x 8″ for a the card base and make a 21/4 inch hole in the center.

Glue the porthole over the hole on top the octopus with the helmet and below the shell and starfish.

Glue acetate behind the hole.

Put some rust paste on the porthole and the helmet and place some glossy accent drops on the acetate. Stamp some bubbles.

Put some glossy accent on the bubbles too and glue some prills down.

Stamp 2 Jellyfish on a light blue paper and stick it behind the porthole.

Take a piece of White Cardstock 41/4″ x 81/4″ and make a light construction where the Jelly fish are coming.

Then place the card back and adhere 3D foam behind that so the light has space enough.

Cut a fern and 5 flowers out of white cardstock and color them with Green and Blue ink, then shape them and put a blue stamen in the center hole.

Place the flowers as shown on the photo and then your card is finished! I hope you like the card and that you give it a try!

Elizabeth Craft Designs Products used:

Other products used:

Prills – Rusty paste – Fish stamps – Silver Cardstock – Circle die 21/4 inch – Inks – Glossy accent – white cardstock – Acetate – lights + battery


Blue Bells

May 1, 2022

Hi Everyone It’s Els here and it is my turn again to give you some inspiration, I made some Blue Bells, I love these flowers they fit perfectly on a Spring or Mothersday card………..Below you find the step by step instructions to make this card, You also can use it for a birthday card. Have fun creting this!

  • Cut out several flowers from the Florals 10, I used the small and 1 size up, I used 8 big ones and 6 small ones, then color all the flowers with Blue Ink.
  • Take 2 stamens, fold them double and put a wire around it and twist it, pull this in to the hole of the flower
  • Fold the petals up
  • Bent the top of the petals back with a tweezer.
  • For the smaller flowers I cut the stamens very short. they stick out a bit.
  • Wrap flowertape around the wire.
  • Start on the top and place the flowers one by one on the wire with the flowertape.
  • Make 2 of them.
  • Cut the flowers from Florals 14 2x and color them green, then shape them.
  • Stamp the fairy with the Blue Bells and color the background. The Card is 51/2 – 71/2
  • I made a moon with a template and splatter some waterdrops on it.
  • Connect the stem with floraltape and glue them on your card. Put the leaves on the bottom.
  • Used Materials:
  • Elizabeth Craft Designs dies Florals 14 for the leaves, Florals 10 for the Blue bells
  • Other materials:
  • Fairy stamp, Inks, glitter, White and black marker, stamens, wire, floraltape, white and black cardstock, template moon.
  • I hope you liked the tutorial and give this card a try………….

Fantasy Flowers

Spring is in the Air

April 1, 2022

Hi Everyone, It’s Els here and it is my turn again to give you some inspiration. I made a spring card, you can use it for many occasions. Below you will find the step by step instructions, I hope you will give this card a try………

This is the card I made for you today, I hope you like it so let’s make it…………………

Cut out 10 of the big flowers, 5 of the middle ones and 5 of the leaves and 1 fern.

Color them with Ink in the color you like, this is how I did it.

Spray the flowers lightly with water on the front and shape them with a shaping tool from the outside to the centre, then turn them and press in the centre.

Now Glue 2 of the flowers on top of eachother and place stamens in the centre.

For the background I used alcohol inks on Yupo paper.

Cut a base card at 81/2 – 81/2 and fold it in half, then take the background and cut it in 3 different sizes and glue them down with a little bit of space in between.

First put on some leave gold on the card, Color some Cheesecloth and place a piece on the card, then start to build your flower cluster, start with the fern and then first all the big flowers, later you fill it up with leaves and the other flowers.

Now place the leaves and the other flowers.

To Finish your card you can place a butterfly and some nuvodrops. I hope you will give this card a try, you can also use it for Birthdays, and Mothersday offcourse.

Elizabeth Craft Designs products used:

Other products:

  • Yupo paper
  • Alcohol Ink
  • Stamens
  • Nuvodrops
  • Ink
  • Butterfly image
  • Cheesecloth
  • White cardstock basic card
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Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue…..

March 4, 2022

Hi Everyone, It’s Els here and my turn to give you some inspiration. This time I made a card you can use for many occasion, like Birthday, Thank you, Mother’s day etc…… Below you find the step for step instructions. Have fun creating this card!

  • Take the middle and the small flower die from the Florals 4 and cut them both 9 times , use the small leaf from the Florals 13 set and cut 10, also cut 10 small flowers from the Florals 10 set use the Soft Finish Cardstock.
  • Take the smallest flower from florals 4 and cut of 1 petal
  • Color the flowers as shown on the photo you can also give them other colors, I used a fineliner to make the black lines.
  • Spray the flowers on the front with water, not too wet and shape them then turn them over and press in the center.
  • Glue the small one on top of the big flower
  • Varnish the flowers with 3D Lacqer when dry put a yellow nuvodrop in the center.
  • Shape the leaves and the tiny flower and put stamens in the flower
  • Make a nice arrangement on any die you have
  • Glue the whole arrangement on a 6 x 6 card in the color that fits with you flowers.
  • As you can see on the first picture, I also made a broche. I used 1 pansy, 2 leaves and 2 tiny flowers from my leftovers. For extra green I cut 1x the fern die and cut it apart.
  • I used the 3D Lacquer on the whole broche.
  • I hope I gave you some inspiration to make a card like this and also for the broche you can do that with every flower you have.

Till next time!


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Other supplies:

3D Laquer-Stamens-Nuvo drops-Black fine liner-die-Cardstock-Gold cardstock-Inks

Cardmaking Fantasy Flowers Paper Flowers Soft Finish Cardstock

Welcome to your new home

February 1, 2022

Hello everyone, Els Schutte here with my first blog post on the Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog. I’m very excited to show you the card I made for today’s post. It’s a card that would be perfect for someone who just moved into their new home of with a slight modification just a card for any occasion. Let’s get started!

Welcome to your new home card

Cut Lacy Leaves, Florals 4, Ferns, and the Berry Branch out of the Soft Finish Cardstock, then colour them in soft pink and green Inks. Shape the flowers and leaves and glue the flowers together. Put some stamens in the centre and put laquer on the big knobs and pearl drops on the small Berry branch.

Cut a piece of Soft Finish Cardstock 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 and fold in half, this is your base card. Cut another piece of the same cardstock of 8 1/4 x 4 and put this piece on 3D foam blocks and place on top of your card. Cut the door with the die from the phone Booth set, use the parts from the window as bricks. Start with placing the leaves.

Place the flowers
Place some big knops
Ad some leaves

Cut the berry Branch apart and use them on different spots in the cluster. Use some green Ink to make a shadow on the bricks. Ad a string of pearls and bow and your card is done.

I Hope you will give this card a try, it’s a nice gift if you get new neighbours or someone gets a new Home.

Elisabeth Craft Design supplies used:

Other materials: Ribbon – Pearlstring, Green-Pink Ink – pearl drops and Laquer

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