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Pop it Ups Wednesday with Sandy – Bonjour

May 11, 2016

Bonjour my friends, it’s Sandy Diller here. We have a trip planned to Paris this summer so I wanted to share a little of my excitement with you by showing how I made this Eiffel Tower Pop Stand Card. Part of the fun of this card is that you can see the inside of the card through the window but you really don’t get the full effect until it is opened.

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Pop it Up Wednesday with Sandy – Some Bunny’s Birthday

April 6, 2016

Hi and welcome to another Pop it Ups Wednesday.  It’s Sandy Diller here today to share a fun little birthday card with you. I live in an active adult community where celebrations are an everyday occurrence – with birthdays being the most fun. We take great joy in making fun of our age, so I thought this card was just the ticket.

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Pop it Ups

A Rectangle Pull Card with a little Sparkle and a Cup of Joe!

February 19, 2016


It’s Kelly Booth here with a sparkly fun coffee card using new dies and a stencil from Karen Burniston!  I’m a big fan of coffee and am loving all the possibilities of the new Cup Pop Stand and the Stage it Stencils. I just can’t put them down….

Here is how the card looks when it’s closed and ready to be mailed:

Watermarked Photo 3 (2016-02-08-1037)(2)

And here it is when opened up:


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Pop it Ups

Pop it Ups Wednesday with Kelly – Happy Fall!

October 7, 2015

Hi it’s Kelly Booth I just love Jolly the Mouse by Karen Burniston and thought I would show you how I made this Rectangle Pull Card using fall leaves and some fun backgrounds!

Watermarked Photo 1 (2015-09-30-1220)(1)


Watermarked Photo 4 (2015-09-30-1221)

I don’t know about you but I love playing with different mediums and making colorful backgrounds. For this one I used a 4.25″ by 5″.25″ piece of Watercolor paper and scribbled different colors of Gelatos onto it. I then with my fingers I blended the colors.  Next I took a Stencil placed it over the background and with a baby wipe wiped away a little of the color in the negative space.

Below is the result.

I then used Susan’s Garden Fall Leaves and die cut each one twice creating my leaves for the card.

I used the Elizabeth Craft Designs/Susan’s Garden tool kit and worked in some veins in the leaves and shaped the leaves slightly and set them aside.

1. Start with a piece of Smooth Finish cardstock 7.5″ by 5″ scored in the center at 3 3/4″. Stamp both sides with a wood grain stamp using a gray or gray brown ink. Center the Rectangle Pull Card Die over the fold and run through your die cutting machine. Fold at score lines and shape the card.

2. Take some small pieces of light gray, pink, black and white and back them with ECD Double Sided Adhesive Tape. Create 2 Jolly’s using a dark gray for the shadow layer and light gray for his body.  I used black and white for his eyes, white for the whiskers, and pink for his nose and ears.  For his tail, hands and feet I used a beige adhesive velvet. ( The Jolly on the Front will not need hands and feet since they don’t show on the card)

3. Cut a large rectangle and a small rectangle by combining decorator dies from the Rectangle Accordion and the Rectangle Pull Card and using Smooth Finish cardstock.  Ink the large rectangle with a light blue ink so that it looks like sky and place it in the center of the front of the card. Cut away Jolly’s lower body and save the tail. Place Jolly about an inch from the bottom and position his tail to the right side of his body in the upward position.

4. To make Jolly look like he is in the ground start with a piece of medium gray card stock about 2″ by 4″ and die cut using the lower half of the larger rectangle die (used on the sky background). Run that piece back through the machine using the Outdoor Edges ground piece and adhere the wavy ground piece at the bottom of the sky rectangle so Jolly is peeking out of the ground.

5. Adhere the smaller rectangle on the left of the inside of the card.  From a scrap of white Smooth Finish cardstock cut the rectangle spinner, fold it and adhere inside the card. Put a little adhesive in the Spinner and attach the Whole Jolly!

6. Take a piece of orange water colored background backed with Adhesive and cut the Happy from the Happy birthday Pop It Up set and the Letters Fall from the ECD Alphabet Caps set.  Place the Happy on the front of the card above Jolly.  Place the FALL on the Left Inside on the small rectangle.

7. To finish the card place leaves at the bottom of the front randomly to cover Jolly’s Lower body and the ground a bit. Place Leaves  on the inside right of the card towards the bottom using adhesive. Place one Leaf under Jolly’s arm so it looks like he is holding it.  Cut one small label from the Fancy Label Accordion and place at top right of the inside of the card.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Accordion Rectangle (972)

Rectangle Pull Card (974)

Accordion Fancy Label (771)

Happy Birthday Pop Up (947)

Susan’s Garden – Woodland Leaves (1092)

Alphabet 1 – Caps (967)

Transparent Double Sided Tape – 64mm (508)

Transparent Double Sided Tape – 6mm (506)

Soft Finish Card Stock 81/2″ by 11″ 270 gr/100lb 10 pack (PSF102)

Other Supplies:

Gelatos, Stencil, Baby Wipes

Ink Light Blue and Gray Brown

Wood Grain Background stamp

Various Backgrounds Watercolored,Gelatos. Etc.

Thank You for Stopping by today I hope your day is great!



Pop it Ups Wednesday with Helen – Rudy Pull Card

September 30, 2015

Hello again! Helen here with another Christmas card, this time using the Pop it Ups Rectangle Pull Card, featuring Rudy the Reindeer. I enjoy cutting Karen Burniston’s Character dies from patterned papers, to change things up a bit!

Helen Cryer - 1

Directions for making the card:

1. Cut some double-sided heavy weight patterned paper to 20cm x 13.5cm (8″ x 5.5″). Fold in half, line up the Rectangle Pull Card die over the fold, and die cut. Use dies from the Rectangle Pull Card and Rectangle Accordion die sets to cut a silver glitter cardstock rectangle and smaller patterned paper rectangle. Cut all the pieces of Rudy the Reindeer, including nose, antlers and hooves from Red and Beige Velvet Adhesive. Cut eight snowflakes from silver glitter cardstock (using dies from the Sleigh Gift Card Holder and Spiral Circle Pull Card sets), and a black ‘Merry Christmas’ from the Merry Christmas Pop Up set. Finally, cut the spinner from the Rectangle Pull Card.

Helen Cryer - 2

The Rudy the Reindeer die set which I used:


2. Adhere the glitter card stock and patterned paper rectangles to the front of the folded card base. Assemble Rudy the Reindeer as shown below, and stick him on the card front with adhesive foam pads for some extra dimension.

Helen Cryer - 4

3. Adhere the Rectangle Pull Card spinner in the position shown below, and glue on all the snowflakes also as shown below. Snip the ‘as’ from the ‘Christmas’ die cut, and glue on all the word parts as shown.

Helen Cryer - 5

And you are done! An easy Christmas card, with a little bit of shimmery snow fall when you open the card!

Elizabeth Craft Design Supplies:

Other Supplies:

  • Black and White Cardstock
  • Christmas Patterned Papers
  • Silver Glittered Cardstock
  • Tape Runner, Foam Pads and Glue Pen.
Pop it Ups

Pop It Ups Halloween

August 15, 2015

Hi friends!  It’s Fran Sabad here to get you thinking about a Pop It Ups Halloween.  This card will feature the Rectangular Pull Card die, Poppy the Owl and Props 1.

EDC front


1. Cut a piece of black card stock 5 1/2″ x 7 1/4″ and fold it in half to create your base.

2. Cut 2 pieces of Halloween paper 3 3/8″ x 5 1/4″ and adhere to the inside.

Step 01


3. Place your Rectangular Pull Card die, matching the alignment tab, and cut out.

Step 02

4. Die cut and assemble Poppy the Owl making him as cute or scary as you’d like. Die cut 2 All Seasons Trees from black card stock.  Cut two 2″ circles from white or vanilla.

5. Trim off most of the branches from the trees (do them at the same time so they match) and adhere one to the front of the card to create a branch.  Add the circle as the moon and place Poppy on the branch.

6. Make 5 “bats” from the bow tie die in Props 2. Die cut the bow ties and use a hand held punch to punch the bottom of the wings.  Karen also has a little tutorial on creating bats from Cocoa the Horse’s hair!


7. Match up the second branch to the inside left of your card. Adhere a moon to the spinner on the inside and decorate with bats and die cut words using Alphabet 1 or Peel Off stickers!

EDC Inside 01


The finished card is A2 size. Cute or scary, it’s fun!  Hugs, Fran

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies

Pop it Ups

Pop it Ups Rectangle Pull Card – Peek-a-Boo card with Brownie the Cow

July 18, 2015

Happy Saturday! It’s Karen Burniston here sharing one of the cards I taught a few months ago at the Collins Retailer Training Event. How now, pink cow! Is this where strawberry milk comes from?

The Rectangle Pull Card die set features a z-fold opening action, a tuck slot to keep the card closed (no accidental reveals!) and an optional spinner die to create movement inside the card. In fact, it’s such a popular die that it is currently out of stock on our website (whoops!) but that does not mean that you can’t find it in your local independent craft store or at another online retailer if you want to give this peek-a-boo card a try.


  1. Cut a piece of pink cardstock to 8.5” wide x 5.5” tall. (21.6cm x 14cm) and score in the middle for folding. Line up the Rectangle Pull Card die over the fold of the card with the top alignment nub touching the top edge of the cardstock and nesting in the small decorator rectangle to cut the window at the same time. Die cut. Fold according to the instructions on the packaging OR these video instructions: Introduction to Rectangle Pull Card (slide to 6:43)
  2. Add ECD Double-sided adhesive to the back of a piece of cream cardstock and die cut the following pieces to become stickers: Brownie the Cow’s snout, hooves and horns, Hay There’s stitched label, Rectangle Pull Card’s postage frame (cut two) and swirlydo, and Poppy the Owl’s heart. Add the postage frames to both sides of the window and the swirlydo and heart to the front of the card.
  3. From the floral patterned paper cut two pieces: 2.25” x 5.25” and 1” x 2.75”. (5.7cm x 13.3cm) and (2.5cm x 7cm). Adhere the larger piece to the right side of the card, leaving an equal amount of pink showing to the right, top and bottom of the strip. Add a 0.5” x 5.5” (1.3cm x 14cm) strip of cream cardstock over the seam, making sure not to cover the tuck slot in the card. Add the smaller strip of patterned paper horizontally on the card’s front. Die cut a stitched speech bubble from cream cardstock and add it to the front of the card. Refer to the photos for placement.
  4. From the small flowers patterned paper cut a Brownie the Cow detail layer and the “hay there” greeting.  From pink cardstock cut a Brownie the Cow shadow layer and the spinner from the Rectangle Pull Card. From light yellow cardstock die cut the hay stack and the cow’s bell. Emboss the haystack using an embossing sandwich before removing it from the die. Die cut a white pair of eyes.
  5. Assemble Brownie the Cow by attaching the detail layer to the shadow layer, adding the snout, eyes, horns and hooves, and using two strands of twine for the bow on the bell. Pierce holes and add black brads for pupils. Learn how to assemble Brownie in this video: Farm Character Assembly Video
  6. Add the spinner inside the card as shown in the photo below. Start by finding the three folds in the spinner and folding them all mountain style (you’re looking at the top of the mountain) Add double-sided adhesive tape to the outer panels, not crossing the fold lines. Add a small piece of double-sided adhesive tape up near the top of the spinner just to the left of the center fold as shown in the photo below. Peel up the liner on the right tape only, and adhere that panel of the spinner inside the card as shown below. The edge of the spinner should be placed directly in the fold of the card. The location should be roughly about even with the base of the tuck slot. Do not peel up the other tape liners yet!BrownieRPCSpinner
  7. Place Brownie over the spinner in approximately the angle shown below. Brownie’s tail and body should cover the tape at the center of the spinner, but not touch the tape at the end of the spinner. Notice Brownie’s ear is approximately vertical and lines up over the cream strip. Do not adhere Brownie to the tape yet, but hold Brownie’s left ear (on your right) while closing the card to check placement.BrownieRPCSpinnerAddCow1
  8. Close the card and check if Brownie is peering through the window at a pleasing angle. Make any minor adjustments to her location and then carefully open the card, peel up the liner on both pieces of tape, attach Brownie to the outer tape, and close the card to attach the inner tape to complete the spinner assembly.BrownieRPCSpinnerAddCow2
  9. Brownie will now spin up into a popped up position when the card opens.BrownieRPCSpinnerAddCow3
  10. Attach the haystack behind Brownie’s back hoof and tie a piece of crepe ribbon around the left side of the card. Add the two interior rectangles of the postage frames plus the stitched label to the inside of the card as shown. A personal greeting can be written in the stitched label. Avoid any embellishments in the area below Brownie and the haystack, as those can become catch points to impede movement. The finished card is 5.5” square (14cm square) and can be mailed in a 6×6 square envelope for extra postage.




Elizabeth Craft Designs Products:

974 Rectangle Pull Card die set by Karen Burniston

972 Rectangle Accordion die set by Karen Burniston (stitched speech bubble)

910 Poppy the Owl die set by Karen Burniston (heart)

1025 Hay There Pop Stand die set by Karen Burniston

1022 Brownie the Cow die set by Karen Burniston

Double Sided Adhesives 506 (6mm), 509 (152mm)

• Optional (but helpful): detail tweezers & scissors

Other Supplies:

• Bazzill Cardstocks: Lollipop Card Shoppe, Butter Mints Card Shoppe, any light yellow, any white

• The Twinery Baker’s Twine

• Creative Impressions Cream 3/4” Crepe Ribbon and black mini-brads

• Echo Park Jack and Jill papers – Jill Floral and Mini Flowers

• Die Cutting Machine & sandwich parts for cutting and embossing wafer-thin dies

Pull Card Video Tutorials:

Spiral Circle Pull Card
Introduction to Spiral Circle Pull Card (slide to 7:30)
Introduction to Rectangle Pull Card (slide to 6:43)
Rectangle Pull Card – Buster Plays Dead
Rectangle Pull Card – Rocky Doffs his Cap

Have a wonderful weekend and if you didn’t get a chance to check out this month’s Designer Challenge, you should definitely do so. The team took on a challenge of Homegrown Holidays using new dies and stamps from the Farm 2 and Merry & Bright collections and the creations are spectacular!

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