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Summer Cheers

August 15, 2020
Cheers Mug

Hi there, Artlets!  I hope your summer is going well.  I have a fun project today that is so simple, you’ll be decorating everything that doesn’t stand still!  It’s as simple as cutting a small piece of craft vinyl and applying it to a glass or cup or mason jar mug. Decorate a whole bunch of mugs for the family summer BBQ!  We can all use a bit of bright fun this summer….

If you’re unfamiliar with craft vinyl, it is self-adhesive super thin plastic.  You can often get it in sampler packages of different colours and sometimes single small sheets if you’re just trying it for the first time.  Look for a vinyl that is permanent if you want it to stay on forever, or choose a temporary vinyl if you want to peel it off and have a different theme on your mugs next week! It comes in lots of colours.

Here is how you can party-up your mugs!


Wash your jar or mug so it’s nice and clean.  Dry it well.

Die cut Cheers from vinyl.  You are basically making a “sticker”!  

Remove the release paper carefully from the back of the design.  The design will more flexible as soon as the backing has been removed, so decide where you want the “sticker” in advance.  Simply lay the design down without stretching the design, then rub it down well.  Don’t forget to do the same with the “s”!

A handy helper that will make the transfer to glass a little safer and avoid stretching is to use transfer tape, or simply a piece of Removable Tape. 

Before you remove the release paper, apply the Removable Tape across the front of the “sticker”. 

Remove the release paper, then simply apply your “sticker” where you want it and carefully peel off the Removable Tape.  Burnish your “sticker” well on the glass. Do the same with the “s”.

That’s it!  You’re done!  Now invite some people over for some cold summer cheer! Ice cubes. You’ll need lots of ice cubes.

Happy creating, Suzanne

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:


Mason Jar Mug (I got mine at the dollar store) or other plain drinking cup or mug
Craft vinyl
Scotch Removable Tape

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