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November 18, 2020

That big cross by 2020, pffff, what a year this has been! I sincerely hope that for everyone the coming year things will get better. Maybe that’s why I’ve already created my 1st page for my planner for 2021.

With the new collection for the regular size planner I would almost forget that I also have the sidekick! And I like that format so much, just to schedule! So for next year I’m going to use my sidekick for making plans and my regular planner for memories.

For this page I used the beautiful paper of Esther’s Reminiscence, there are so many beautiful colors in it that it is useful for everything. For the page itself I used S.E. (Sidekick Essentials) 4. I also used S.E.1, S.E.3 and S.E.8 for the decoration.

Some details I edited with distress ink and glaze embossing powder in the color crackling campfire.

The decoration is also meant to be a bit playful, the little phone I added with the idea that I should call friends and family more often, to maintain the contact a bit more because I haven’t seen my family for almost a year now.

And the pawns, well, to also be a bit more playful/light-hearted to deal with the Corona rules, not to ignore them because that really can’t but occasionally someone may come to visit or I can visit them myself. I really miss the contacts with my friends and family. 

Let’s hope this year is over soon!

Actually, I want to say, life is good but you have to hang the garlands yourself. 

Maybe I should make that my life spell next year.

So the beginning in my planner for the new year has been made, good intentions? Hmmmm, I have to think about that. After all, I still have more than 6 weeks for that.

With love,

Marjolijn van Elsberg

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